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Welcyon News & Healthy Tips

Sitting More Deadly than Obesity

You might want to sit down for this. On second thought, stand up! Research shows that “being sedentary may be twice as deadly as being obese.” The good news is that doing as little as 20 minutes of brisk walking a day can significantly decrease the chances of an early death. This is true whether you’re normal weight, overweight or obese.

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Turn Back the Clock with Exercise

The New York Times

Exercising keeps us young! Though this isn’t headline news to most Welcyon members, yet another study shows that people who stay physically active can slow—or even reverse—the impact of aging. The Journal of Physiology, a British publication, reports that older adults who regularly engage in vigorous exercise are stronger, have better bone density, reflexes, metabolic and memory function than their sedentary peers. In fact, many members of the study group enjoy the same level of fitness as healthy young adults. Read the rest of the story in the New York Times.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Five Tips for Getting Fit and Healthy in 2015

In the wake of all the holiday feasting and toasting, it’s tempting to crank the heat, sink into the couch and binge on Netflix until spring. While hibernating the winter away might be appealing, atrophy can lead to a host of health problems—this is especially true as we age. You’ll feel a whole lot better if you trade in the corn chips and the remote for healthy eating and a vigorous workout routine. Here are a five tips to get you on track to a healthier, fitter New Year.

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Bust the Blues with Winter Workouts

A Guide for Staying Healthy, Happy and Fit During the Winter Months

With the snow flying and the mercury plunging, it’s time to build a little heat with a winter workout program! From boosting your energy to beating the blues, winter exercise creates year-round benefits. Check out our guide for practical tips on making the most of your indoor and outdoor workouts during the cold months.

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Holiday Feasting Survival Guide

We’ve all been through the holidays enough times to know every tip about preventing extra pounds during the season. Even so, it never seems to get easier. So here are five tips that will help you stay on track through the holidays—and throughout the year.

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Healthy Holiday Recipes

Think healthy meals and the holidays are poles apart? Think again! We’ve got a trove of delicious, nutritious recipes that will satisfy your palette and give you a head start on a New Year of wholesome eating. Even better, when you join the club, a certified dietitian will help you develop a personalized nutrition program—at no cost to you.

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Beating diabetes, how Welcyon can help you

Diabetes is a serious disease affecting more than 29 million people in America. The good news is that you can manage, or entirely eliminate diabetes through aerobic exercise, strength training and nutrition—the pillars of the Welcyon program.

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Welcyon, Fitness After 50, Expands With Three New Franchise Deals

EDINA, Minn. – Welcyon, Fitness After 50, a Minneapolis-based chain of health clubs specially designed for adults over 50, has signed three separate franchise deals to open three clubs in Burnsville, Minnesota; Boise, Idaho; and Las Vegas, Nevada, expanding the system to seven locations.

These latest agreements are part of the brand’s aggressive growth strategy to bring its innovative approach to redefining aging in America to more cities across the country. To date, Welcyon has four clubs open throughout the Midwest and is seeking to open at least 10 additional locations nationwide over the next 12 months.

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Staying Strong—and Growing Stronger—After 50

These days, hitting 50 is no cause for easing into the slow lane. In fact, it’s time to kick the accelerator and get on down the highway. Welcyon members know the next leg of their journey requires strength, stamina, and a tankful of good attitude. Thanks to our safe, friendly, scientifically designed workout environment, scores of aging Boomers are getting the support—and muscle—they need to turn the Golden Years into a Gold Rush of health, fitness and vitality. Now, with our new Strength Analysis, we’ve got the stats to prove that fitness after 50 isn’t a dream—it’s the new reality for a growing number of Americans.

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Holiday Feasting and Fitness Survival Guide

The holidays are soon to be upon us and when they arrive, chances are they’re going to do their best to wreak havoc with the healthy habits we’ve worked so hard all year to cultivate. Our diets will change. Our workout routines will change. And our mindsets will change.

Healthy eating will become a distant memory and social obligations will supersede personal promises. We’ll eat more and exercise less for the sake of attending holiday parties and pageants, and partaking in family feasts and religious rituals. But is it really worth sacrificing a year’s worth of hard work for one month of indulgence?

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