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Fitness Tips

Staying Strong—and Growing Stronger—After 50

These days, hitting 50 is no cause for easing into the slow lane. In fact, it’s time to kick the accelerator and get on down the highway. Welcyon members know the next leg of their journey requires strength, stamina, and a tankful of good attitude. Thanks to our safe, friendly, scientifically designed workout environment, scores of aging Boomers are getting the support—and muscle—they need to turn the Golden Years into a Gold Rush of health, fitness and vitality. Now, with our new Strength Analysis, we’ve got the stats to prove that fitness after 50 isn’t a dream—it’s the new reality for a growing number of Americans.

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Holiday Feasting and Fitness Survival Guide

The holidays are soon to be upon us and when they arrive, chances are they’re going to do their best to wreak havoc with the healthy habits we’ve worked so hard all year to cultivate. Our diets will change. Our workout routines will change. And our mindsets will change.

Healthy eating will become a distant memory and social obligations will supersede personal promises. We’ll eat more and exercise less for the sake of attending holiday parties and pageants, and partaking in family feasts and religious rituals. But is it really worth sacrificing a year’s worth of hard work for one month of indulgence?

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7 Strength-training Tips from Harvard that You Already Know

In June of 2014, Harvard Medical School’s website published seven tips for safe and successful strength-training. As a Welcyon member, you already know every single one of them. So consider this a refresher course on how to get the most out of your strength-training workout. Isn’t it great to know that you’re every bit as savvy about strength-training as the experts at Harvard?!

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