Welcyon, Fitness After 50, Set to Open Club in Lakewood

Alternative to Big Gyms Offers Personalized Coaching, Safe Equipment and Friendly Environment

Late this fall, many of Lakewood's 20,000 people over age 50 will have a place of their own to exercise and grow measurably stronger within weeks - Welcyon, Fitness After 50.

As a health club designed specifically for those 50 or older, Welcyon promises a better experience and healthier results than traditional gyms. Specially trained coaches, safer user-friendly equipment and personalized workout plans are all delivered in a smaller, comfortable setting that contrasts with oversized, overcrowded, under-staffed big-box gyms.

Local resident Daniel Mason will open the club at 3140 South Wadsworth Blvd., in the Shops at Eastman mall. As part of his pre-opening promotion, Mason announced that the first 50 members can join for $1 plus two free months, with a guarantee that their monthly rates will never increase.

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Welcyon's success in other regions is characterized by the amazing strength gains achieved by members. In fact, Welcyon guarantees that members who follow their training program will be measurably stronger in only 30 days. A study shows that on average Welcyon members increase strength by 50% within three months and double their strength within a year. This is significant because studies show that adults typically lose 20% or more of their strength by age 50, making them more vulnerable to weight gain, fatigue and a variety of illnesses. According to healthy aging experts, building strength is key to a healthier, active life and turning back your biological clock.

“Our personalized approach to fitness is redefining how America ages and will no doubt be welcomed in Lakewood,” said Tom Boerboom, Welcyon's co-founder and CEO.

Boerboom cites the Denver area as one of the fastest growing 50-plus population centers in the U.S. and, while baby boomers want to live healthier, traditional gyms don't offer the direction, support and sense of community they are looking for at this stage in their lives. “Welcyon changes that by providing a place that's a better fit, a place where one-on-one coaching and the most user-friendly equipment available can get you stronger, leaner, re-energized and feeling the best you have in years,” he added.

At Welcyon, members are paired with a fitness coach and work from a specially tailored exercise roadmap for better health.

Workouts are guided on unique, strength-training equipment that uses air instead of weight stacks to create resistance, build strength and minimize the risk of injury. The equipment is also powered by Smart Card technology that pre-programs each member's prescribed workout into every machine. Each machine greets the member by name, sets the resistance, counts reps and adjusts the workouts, making them progressively more challenging as the member improves.

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“People have a perception of what a gym looks like,” said club owner Mason. “To them, it's a big, loud place full of people in tight leotards and muscles bulging from their tank shirts. Welcyon is way outside that paradigm. It's a place where safe, supervised exercise can help you feel younger and live longer.”

Welcyon clubs also feature an area for social activities and wellness workshops covering such topics as healthy eating, brain fitness and better sleep.

“This is more than a business to me—it's a chance to make a difference in people's lives.” Mason said. “My role is to support every person who walks in the door. Together with my coaches, I'll help them fully utilize the workout program, achieve their goals, and lead fitter, healthier, more active lives.”

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Claims of increased strength are based on an analysis of 716 members who exercised for two years. Results will vary based on each individual's level of participation. Wellness claims are based on evidence in health and exercise science literature.
Franchises that receive federal assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration by law, may not discriminate, prohibit, or deny services to any individual who seeks membership at the franchisee's facility.