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Welcyon Health Club - Henderson, NV

Fit After 50 in Henderson? Heck yeah!

Welcome to Welcyon, Fitness After 50 - the best health club for adults over 50 in Henderson, Nevada, and surrounding suburbs!

We're Mark and Suzanne Severino, owners of the Henderson club, which is conveniently located in Anthem Village between South Eastern Avenue and Reunion Drive.

These days, turning 50 isn't about slowing down, it's about revving up for the next phase of life! That's why you'll embrace Welcyon (pronounced well-see-on). We're a new kind of health club with a better way to help you get fit. Working with us, you'll be measurably stronger in just 30 days. You'll have more energy and staying power to enjoy your favorite activities and everyday life.

We're nothing like a traditional gym. Here's what makes us a better fit:

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We'll Help You Achieve Years of Healthy Active Aging

The two of us come from the medical field. Mark is a doctor with a thriving practice in reproductive medicine, and I'm a former embryologist and personal trainer.

Mark and I share a passion for helping people get healthy, and strongly believe that functional fitness is the foundation of a better, fitter, more active life—especially as we age. So in that way, this club is very much an extension of our medical careers!

We are so excited to educate our members and help them get in shape through consistent training. Every day, we help them work through their limitations—safely and effectively—and achieve goals they might not have believed possible! Age isn't a limiting factor. Welcyon is about aging gracefully and enjoying your life!

If what you want is support, motivation and a structured, easy way to make fitness and healthier living part of your life, Welcyon is what you've been looking for.

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We'd love to show you around the club. Please visit for a tour and cup of coffee.

Welcyon Henderson Health Club Owners

Yours in health, Suzanne and Mark Severino Club Owners Welcyon, Fitness After 50 - Henderson, Nevada Email the club now Call the club now - 702.389.3919

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