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Success Stories

Member Janie W. using Welcyon's Smart Equipment


Building Strength for the Job
"Since I joined [Welcyon], I am 153% above from when I started here, so that says an awful lot."
Janie W.

Janie on Welcyon's smart equipment

Preventing Injury on the Job

Janie has a passion for stone carving, and has been doing it for many years. However, stone carving requires a great deal of strength, and Janie has found that in recent years, maintaining strength between jobs has become more difficult.

“Once I started a new project, it would take a while to get my firm arm muscles back again.”

“I've always had a strong back. I've never had it ‘go out' on me… but in recent years, if I was between projects, sometimes I got a little flabby and my muscles didn't stay strong,” explains Janie. “Once I started a new project, it would take a while to get my firm arm muscles back again.”

“The great thing about working out at Welcyon is that I'm maintaining strength between jobs, so hopefully I can avoid some injuries similar to those I've had in the past, like lifting a grinder over my head a little too high, which resulted in a shoulder injury that took months and months to properly heal.”

Importance of Back Strength

Although having an active and physically demanding job helps keep Janie in good shape, her workouts at Welcyon provide the further benefit of building strength to work in strange or uncomfortable positions, or climb scaffolding to get to where she needs to work.

“If there is a position that is too difficult for me, my only options are don't do that type of a project, or figure out a way to elevate it so I'm standing all the time… and I don't always have the luxury of that sort of an arrangement. Sometimes, I'm outside of a building, or sitting on the ground… I'm in very strange positions getting inscriptions carved and doing other work.”

“Since I joined [Welcyon], I am 153% above from when I started here, so that says an awful lot,” Janie says with a smile.

One of Janie’s strongest features is her back. “That's really important because for a lot of my work, I'm bending over for extended periods of time with a hammer and a chisel working on something. If I don't have my back strength, I'm cooked.”

Anybody is Welcome

Janie was quick to notice that one of the many features that sets Welcyon apart is the welcoming environment.

“It's a good place to go to. It's not too big and nobody cares what you wear—it doesn't matter if you're a sports fashion model,” explains Janie, noting that some people come in right after work with tennis shoes, while others are fully equipped with their workout gear.

“The important thing is you get on the machines, do your strength exercises, and do your cardio—as much as you feel that you're up to—and know that not everybody's at the same level.”

And of course, Janie is right. There are a wide range of ages and abilities at Welcyon, all are welcome, and can participate, no matter what their fitness level, thanks to Welcyon's smart equipment. Numerous members have been referred to Welcyon by their doctor to use the smart equipment to help recover and regain strength after surgery.

She Found a Better Fit

Janie is very happy with the results she's seen from her time at Welcyon, and she doesn't plan on losing momentum.

“I plan on staying a member for a long, long, long time,” she says, adding, “I just wish there were one closer to my parents house, so they could work out there… because it would help them a lot, too.”

“I plan on staying a member for a long, long, long time.”, says Janie.

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