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Success Stories


Finding Her Fit
"Since joining, overall I've progressed 168%, and my upper body strength has improved over 250%. To me, it's dramatic progress from just coming in and doing my exercises."
Lisa B.

Losing Strength, Finding Hope

Lisa proclaims that before she joined Welcyon, she was very out of shape for a number of years. One day, however, Lisa came to the realization she had to do something about it.

“I knew the moment had come when I tried carrying my sewing machine down a few steps from my front porch and it was difficult to do… It was an old, steel machine that probably weighed 40 pounds, and I just didn't have the strength to move it,” she recalls.

Before finding Welcyon, Lisa tried several other gyms, where she always felt intimidated. “People were too busy in their spandex being very fit, and I was not fit,” explains Lisa. “If I asked someone who worked there, they were lovely. But if I asked another member, they'd give me a hurried explanation that didn't help.

However, Lisa found hope when looking through a Minnesota Monthly several years ago, and reading a short article about Welcyon, Fitness After 50.

The Welcome to Welcyon

I love coming to a place where the people are so friendly

“When I first saw the Welcyon article, I thought ‘Oh, I should call them!'” shares Lisa. However, her assumption that Welcyon would be out of her budget kept her from scheduling a tour.

“When I discovered there was a promo for a free week, I came in and wound up having three trainers for the first three hours I was at the club, which was amazing,” shares Lisa.

Although it wasn't initially what attracted Lisa to Welcyon, the welcoming environment had her hooked.

“Everyone has been so friendly,” she says. “If I've overheard members in a conversation and decide to join in, they're very welcoming. People introduce themselves. They're good about being kind, and looking out for each other… I love coming to a place where the people are so friendly.”

Incredible Improvements

I had more definition, which I didn't have before.

Lisa has seen some incredible improvements while at Welcyon.

Lisa isn't just feeling the difference Welcyon has made; she is seeing it, too. “I discovered when I was trying on summer clothes for my trip to Mexico in early February that I had more definition, which I didn't have before.”

Smart, Incremental Changes

Lisa attributes a portion of her success to Welcyon's smart equipment that uses air-compressed adjustments to continuously challenge her body with small, incremental resistance increases. The smart equipment works along with the smart card, which tracks her workouts, remembering the weight, sets, and repetitions last used for each machine, as well as the member's seat settings.

I never have to remember what setting a seat needs to be, what my weights need to be, or anything.

“The smart card is one of the most important things to me,” tells Lisa. “I never have to remember what setting a seat needs to be, what my weights need to be, or anything.” Lisa found this to be a relief after past gyms gave her just a sheet of paper to track her progress. “A tracking sheet doesn't always help. I couldn't remember what the different machines were called since they didn't have names on them!”

Lisa is excited to expand her Welcyon horizons by incorporating Cardio Classes and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Classes into her fitness regimen in the near future.

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Until then, she continues to enjoy the smart equipment and welcoming environment that makes Welcyon the best health club for fitness after 50.

Note: Your results may vary.

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