Strength is your key to lasting health. We’ll help you rebuild muscle – fast!

Guaranteed Stronger in 30 Days or Your Money Back

Feeling weak? Tiring easily? Gaining weight? It’s not lost youth – it’s lost muscle!

Rebuilding muscle helps you shed pounds, enjoy better health and have lots more energy for work and play. Our safe supervised strength training gets you there fast! In fact, Welcyon members on average double their strength in a year, and you can too!

Our Guarantee

Being strong is the best way to turn back your biological clock and age with health and vitality. And we guarantee we can help you get measurably stronger in 30 days—or we’ll refund your money.

Get Started Now!

Three Ways We’ll Help You

  1. A Welcyon fitness coach will review your health history and customize a strength-building program based on your goals and health status
  2. Your coach will work with you one-on-one for your first three sessions, ensuring you’ve learned to exercise safely and effectively
  3. 30 days after your first workout, a coach will meet with you to review progress and modify your program if necessary

Three Things You Must Do

  1. Visit Welcyon a minimum of twice weekly for your strength-training sessions, and attend your 30-day progress review
  2. Perform the exercises as instructed, doing the recommended number of repetitions at the correct level of intensity
  3. Ask for help whenever needed! A coach will always be on duty to instruct, guide and motivate

Please be aware that our guarantee is void if workouts are missed due to illness, travel or other unforeseen causes. The only way to improve is to do your program on a regular basis.

Measuring Success

Our computerized equipment makes it easy to measure and track your performance. At your 30-day check-in, we’ll show you precisely how your strength compares then to what it was at the start of your fourth workout (those first three are just to get you used to your new routine). You’ll be proud of your progress—and excited to know you’ll get even stronger and healthier as time goes on.

Turn back your clock, turn up your joy for living – at the best health club for adults 50-plus.

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