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What is Franchising?

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One-of-a-kind health club for baby boomers

Timely, trailblazing & rewarding – own a business that improves the health of baby boomers & is redefining aging in America!


A concept right for the times

Welcyon, Fitness After 50, franchises health clubs designed for adults over 50 – a baby boomer concept that puts you at the cutting edge of demographic and healthcare trends.

Well planned and distinctly branded, our model makes you a fresh, innovative face in the thriving $22-billion health club industry and a frontrunner in the emerging field of active aging. What Curves® did for women's only clubs and Anytime Fitness® for 24/7 convenience clubs, together you and we can do for the fitness after 50 category.

A market ripe for a new idea

Some 100 million Americans – one in three – are 50 and older, and the market is growing by two million a year. In the greater Palm Springs area, the numbers are more compelling: about 40% of the 450,000 residents are 50 or over.

In pursuit of longer, healthier lives, boomers are the fastest-growing group of health club members in this country. But many find traditional gyms overcrowded, overwhelming and underserviced, making the market ripe for a new idea. That's where you as a Welcyon, Fitness After 50, franchisee can be a game changer.

Here's our concept: Offer boomers a better experience and healthier results. Include more of what they want and need, like hands-on supervision, interactive user-friendly equipment, effective workouts and a welcoming environment. And back it with turnkey support to ensure your success.

A gym unlike any other

As a Welcyon franchisee, you bring to the Coachella Valley a different kind of gym. The footprint is small and inviting, the ambiance warm and non-intimidating, and the highly structured workout program effective and reinvigorating. In fact, many members double their strength within months of joining.

Accentuating your unique approach, members exercise on safe, air-driven equipment usually found only in high-end wellness centers. Powered by smart card technology, these machines greet members by name, count reps and adjust future workouts based on performance to ensure continual health improvement.

Specially trained fitness coaches offer instruction and support along the way, while a registered dietitian customizes meal plans and provides ongoing counsel.

A social area allows members to connect with friends and attend wellness and other events that nurture a sense of community.

In short, you bring to Palm Springs a modern-day "Cheers" – a gym and social gathering place that blends high tech and high touch to carve a niche no one else is filling.

7 reasons to be a Welcyon franchisee

Be part of a movement

Our vision is to redefine how America ages by improving the health and vitality of at least one million members nationwide, including the Coachella Valley. Joining us in this movement allows you to positively impact your community while bringing purpose and passion beyond profit to your bottom line.

Imagine yourself a trailblazer in a proven industry. Owner of a business on the cutting edge of today's most powerful lifestyle and demographic trends. Blessed with the personal satisfaction that comes from making a healthy difference in the lives of your customers.

If these possibilities speak to you, seize the opportunity and schedule a private presentation with George Henry, our Vice President of Franchise Development, during his visit to Palm Springs Feb. 5-7.

For more information or to schedule your session, call 952.873.7917 or fill out the form to the left on this page.