The Best Health Club for Adults Over 50

A Better Way to Train Over 50

Fitness A Better Way

No spandex or muscle shirts here.

We get it, gyms can be intimidating. You’ll find that Welcyon, Fitness After 50, is a fresh alternative to those overcrowded and overwhelming big box centers.

We’re the health club equivalent of a modern-day “Cheers” – a place where staff knows your name and fellow members are a lot like you, adults over 50 who prefer a comfortable club away from the spandex, muscle shirts and head-banging music.

The Welcyon experience begins with that warm greeting you get upon your arrival. It culminates with the guidance and support that’s always available as you workout. And it continues afterwards in our social lounge, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace, catch up on the latest news headlines or connect with friends.

If you’re turned off by traditional gyms and looking for a new kind of health club that combines leaner and stronger with warm and friendly - Welcyon is what you’ve been waiting for. Contact us to join or for more information.
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