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Wellness In a Welcoming Environment

Our Name

Welcyon (pronounced well-see-on) is derived from combining two ideas: wellness, along with the Ancient Greek mythology about the halcyon bird, which had the power to calm rough ocean waters so she could nest. Like those calm waters, halcyon has come to mean a sense of comfort, joy and newborn energy.

The concept of Welcyon reflects these elements. “We considered many names but this one stuck out,” said co-founder Suzy Boerboom. “We thought, ‘that’s exactly what our clubs will do: get people fit in a joyful, supportive environment that will leave them renewed and energized.’”

The Welcyon logo was designed to embody these elements. The red bird hints at the fresh energy and sense of wellbeing our members enjoy as a result of our life-changing one-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching. The blue in the word Welcyon stands for the welcoming, non-intimidating environment (like the calm waters) that makes these results possible.

Experience Welcyon

To see how we’ve turned metaphor into reality, we invite you to tour one of our clubs. Small, friendly and inviting, our space is nothing like a traditional gym. You’re sure to leave re-energized and ready to attack life with new vim and vigor.

To find a club near you, check Welcyon’s locations page.

Own a Welcyon

If you’re looking to own your own business, you may be interested to learn that Entrepreneur Magazine included us on its list of “innovative franchise opportunities.” We just might be the way to add purpose beyond profit to your professional life. Learn more about our franchising opportunities and get in touch with one of our consultants by visiting Welcyon’s franchising website.

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