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Welcyon News

A newsletter for members, family and friends of Welcyon.

Inspiration: Member Success Stories

July 2013

A year and a half ago, David decided to make a serious commitment to exercising. He was overweight and didn’t have much luck sticking with other health clubs. “In so many decisions in life, you just get a feeling that now is the time.” And apparently Welcyon was the place. Since joining the Edina club, 59-year-old David has dropped 30 pounds and exercises regularly 4 days a week. According to David, “I didn’t want to go to a health club with a lot of buff people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I didn’t want that intimidation or atmosphere. I was serious about doing the right thing and wanted someplace where I could get a great workout without all the silliness. Welcyon is no nonsense, fun and pleasant—kind of a neat combination.”



Inspiration: Member Success Stories

July 2013

Lois may work for REI, but she never misses the chance to tell customers about Welcyon. In fact, she always carries club flyers and passes them out whenever the opportunity presents itself. Lois, 74, joined Welcyon back in December and was impressed with all of the individual attention. “They treated me like the Queen of Sheba. I have some limitations and the fitness coaches really listened to me and made me feel comfortable,” Lois says. She has osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and says she now stands straighter, is stronger and has more energy. “When I first joined, I had to make time for Welcyon. Now, I like Welcyon so much that it’s the priority and I make time for other things.” 



Suzy's Corner: Just What the Doctor Ordered

July 2013

Nobody likes going to the doctor, but it's a lot better leaving with high praise and kudos than bad news and a list of what you're doing wrong. I'm happy to report that a lot of Welcyon members are both surprising and impressing their doctors with their amazing results.


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Inspiration: Member Success Stories

April 2013

Loyal Younggren

Skydiving may be in the future for 87-year-old Loyal Younggren, a regular fixture at the Bloomington club. A friend jumped out of a plane and gave Loyal the idea of taking the plunge for his 90th birthday. “If I feel as good as I do now, I’m going to consider it,” says Loyal. Right now, Loyal is focused on improving his golf game. He says he’s gained a significant amount of strength at Welcyon, which means more stamina and longer drives on the golf course. “Coming to Welcyon has made all the difference in the world. I have definitely improved my strength and energy, without a doubt. It’s the type of program I need.”



Inspiration: Member Success Stories

April 2013

Shaughn Adkins

Shaughn Adkins is the first to admit that she’s stubborn. So when her doctor told her she was pre-diabetic a year ago, she was determined to change the diagnosis. “I found my blood work appalling. My doctor wanted to put me on a bunch of medications and I said ‘no.’ I decided that it was my job to do something about it.” She joined Welcyon Edina and also revamped her diet. Shaughn’s cholesterol went from 260 to 157. Her blood sugar was 116 and now it’s in the low 80’s. And she’s also lost more than 30 pounds. According to Shaughn, “If you want to take charge of your life and your health then come to Welcyon.”


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