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Welcyon News

A newsletter for members, family and friends of Welcyon.

ICAA Awards

January 2012

Welcyon recently received a special honor at the International Council on Active Aging Conference in Orlando. The ICAA recognized several businesses for excellent marketing materials, advertising and websites. Welcyon received a Merit Award for our advertising campaign “Be” and another Merit Award for our website.


They Were Right!

May 2011

I’m not sure from whom you heard it first, your mother, your grandmother, your grade school teacher; maybe all of them told you emphatically, “Sit up straight! Don’t slouch!” Now an occasional slouch is just fine. What they were hoping to prevent is a habit of slouching that could lead to bad posture. And, it turns out they were right.

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Weight Loss in the New Year!

February 2011

If you’re like most, losing weight is a New Year’s resolution you’d like to realize. The great news is that the Welcyon exercise protocols are perfectly designed to help you accomplish that goal.

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Take your Vitamin (D)

February 2011

New research is linking vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) to lowering the risk of everything from cancer to the common cold. Several studies have found an association between higher blood levels of vitamin D and a reduced risk of breast and colon cancers. Research also shows that people with low levels of vitamin D are 25% more likely to develop an upper respiratory infection. And a major heart study found that people with a moderate to severe vitamin D deficiency had about a 60% increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Current recommendations are 400-600 IUs daily for those 50 and over, but note that those recommendations are in the process of being revised.


Social Connection

February 2011

Volumes of research show that people with a strong social support are healthier and live longer. Here at Welcyon, we believe mental health is just as important as physical health. We want you to be happy. To encourage social interaction we have special areas in our clubs where you can share a cup of coffee, play cards, work on puzzles or just sit and chat. It’s a casual and comfortable environment that is conducive to making friends. It’s all about belonging to something—and in our case, it’s Belong to Strong.

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