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Welcyon News

A newsletter for members, family and friends of Welcyon.

What We Can Learn from Bob

January 2013

The latest Bobism: "Going to Welcyon is like going to the bank. It's an investment for now and for the future."


Fitness Coach Bob Nyberg is known for his wise words, but this message is especially important because it's based on experience. In October, Bob underwent total hip replacement surgery on his left side. To prepare, he continued his regular strength and cardio exercise routine at Welcyon. He remembers walking into his pre-op meeting and encountering other patients who didn't exercise. "I saw some people and I thought, 'How are they going to do this? They really haven't prepared.'"


Bob is the first to admit that it was a challenging surgery and says it's been a process. At the same time, he credits regular workouts at Welcyon for speeding up and easing his recovery. "It's like I always say, 'Exercise doesn't lie. If you put in the time, you'll see the benefits.'"


It won't be long before Bob ditches his cane and steps back onto the standing elliptical. He's already trading barbs with members and kidding around as usual. Some might even call him a wise guy. And when you consider all of his sage advice, it's easy to agree.


Suzy's Corner: Why Welcamp

January 2013

It’s official:  the first Welcamp, Fitness Where You Live is open in Pleasant Seasons Assisted Living in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Welcamp is the campus model of Welcyon. The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new club in mid-December.


It won't be long before Welcamp, Fitness Where You Live begins to change lives. Developing a senior campus model has always been part of the Welcyon plan. Many of our team members have worked in long-term care and have seen residents become weaker and lose their independence. We knew that we could make a difference by helping them get stronger.

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Franchise News

October 2012

Welcyon Sioux Falls Opens

It's official: Welcyon's first franchise is up and running in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Owners Jesse and Cori Reisch held their grand opening in early September. A big crowd, including members of the Chamber of Commerce, gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Company owner, Suzy Boerboom and Director of Franchise Support, Marilyn Birkelo helped with member orientations and workouts.


Welcyon to Expand in the Twin Cities

We are thrilled to announce that Brian and Diane Raehsler have signed an agreement to open three Welcyon franchises in the east metro area. Woodbury will be the first location and the plan is to open the club in January.


Inspiration: Member Success Stories

May 2012

Tom Widmark

Tom is no stranger to pain. The 64-year-old Vietnam veteran has lived through two cancer diagnoses, a bone marrow transplant and joint replacement surgery on both hips and shoulders. He says taking charge of his health is the secret to getting through it. That’s part of the reason why he comes to Welcyon. “You can’t quit. You’ve got to keep on moving. Even when I’m in pain, I keep moving,” says Tom. And moving at Welcyon has made a big difference. “After just two weeks, I had a noticeable improvement in my joint pain. About 50% of the pain had dissipated. I didn’t expect big changes—and certainly not that quickly.” Tom says he’s also noticed a jolt in his energy and even walks with a bounce in his step.


Inspiration: Member Success Stories

May 2012

Marge Olberg

Marge Olberg makes exercise fun. One minute she’s shouting out answers to Jeopardy on the standing elliptical, the next she’s throwing strikes in Wii Bowling. Marge, who works out regularly with her significant other, Dave Murphy, has really embraced the social aspect of Welcyon. “I’ve made friends here. You really get to know each other. It’s easy to strike up a conversation.” She shares recipes and even whips up treats for the fitness coaches.


Marge, 63, joined Welcyon a little over a year ago and is proud of her results. She has more energy and has lost weight. Marge says Welcyon is different than other gyms because it’s more welcoming and personalized. According to Marge, it’s a great value too. “By coming to Welcyon, I can increase my strength, endurance and overall health in a friendly environment at a great price.”

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