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Welcyon News

A newsletter for members, family and friends of Welcyon.

Inspiration Alert! 80-year-old Welcyon member does 60 push-ups a day

March 2014

It’s easy to get tired just watching Don Raymond wrap up his regular workouts at Welcyon. That’s because his personal regimen includes 60 (yes, 60) push-ups. Oh, and did we mention that Don is 80-years-old? Just a few years back, exercise wasn’t even on Don’s radar until he was treated for coronary artery disease. “Following surgery, I was so weak and winded that I would have to sit down after just one trip around my driveway. I knew I needed to try Welcyon,” he says.

Don joined the Edina club in 2011 and has now logged more than 345 visits. His leg strength on various pieces of equipment has improved by 200 percent. He’s also made significant gains—more than 300 percent—on the shrug machine. “I’ve always liked that the strength equipment uses a stable platform and I don’t have to wrestle with free weights,” he notes.

Don’s progress fueled him to try push-ups—and last October he impressed everyone by completing 80 of them to celebrate his 80th birthday. “I started off slowly. At first, I could only do 5 of them and I had to use my knees. From there I just kept building and now I do many of my pushups with one leg in the air,” Don says proudly.

“I’d be here all day if I could get away with it because it’s just such a great program,” says Don, referring to his frequent visits to Welcyon, “but my wife probably wouldn’t like that.” 


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