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Welcyon News

A newsletter for members, family and friends of Welcyon.

Be fit: Stay strong all summer long

April 2014

Dreaming of summer? For those of us living in cold and snow for a good part of the year, we understandably want to be outside enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer! Yes, go golfing and hit your golf ball longer, work on your landscaping, ride your bike farther than you have in years with less effort. But don't neglect what helped you improve your ability to function better – strength training and cardio exercise.

Simply being active may help you maintain what you developed through your exercise efforts during the long cold months. Unfortunately, staying active just isn’t enough. Most recreational and work activities do not provide the physical challenges necessary to improve your physical condition. Welcyon is designed to provide you with time-efficient, optimal, targeted, and safe exercise to meet your body's comprehensive needs on a year-round basis.

If you reduce the frequency of your in-club training during the summer months, realize that continued exercise - even once a week, can still provide great value. A research study published in 2002 compared two groups of men with an average age of 69 years old who had all increased muscle strength from 12 weeks of strength training. After the 12 weeks, one group of men performed just one strength workout per week and were able to maintain their muscle strength. On the flip side, the other group stopped performing strength training, simply going about their normal lifestyles and experienced significant losses in strength and muscle size.

Summers are busy with trips, events and going to the cabin. The good news is that continued exercise, even if it’s only once a week, can still provide great value.

We look forward to seeing you in the club all summer, even if not as often!!!


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