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Welcyon News & Healthy Tips

You’re Never Too Old to Compete!

Not so long ago, the number-one athletic activity for folks over 50 was bench warming. These days, droves of older athletes are storming the playing field to reclaim their sports. Check out this story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune to learn how health clubs like Welcyon are helping people from 50 to 80 get back in the game and stay there. Read more.

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Summer Thriller: Garlic Shrimp with Peas

Cooking light doesn’t have to mean going light on taste! This saucy summer sizzler tosses shrimp, peas and garlic in a flavorful seafood broth enlivened with cilantro, parsley, and a spicy pinch of red chile. At just 157 calories a serving, it’s a satisfying addition to your picnic-table lineup.

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Las Vegas Welcyon Now Open!

Welcyon has opened its seventh location in Henderson, a thriving suburb of Las Vegas. Dr. Mark Severino and his wife Suzanne have hired a talented coaching team, and built out their club with a modern, spa-like design. In the days leading up to their grand opening, Mark and Suzanne have been busy leading tours and signing up Founding Members.

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Dad and Daughter Snip Old Age in the Bud

When Bill Pallasch hit his 80s, the master gardener feared it might be time to hang up his shears. Then he joined Welcyon. Only a few months later, he was hauling, mulching and digging with renewed stamina and strength. Deeply inspired by his success, Bill’s 60-year-old daughter joined Welcyon, too. Learn how the father-daughter duo renewed their health—and family bond—while working out.

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12 Brainy Recipes for Summer Fun

Ah, summertime! Barbecues, baseball, and brain food! Yes, that’s right—brain food! Stay sharp and alert for every sunny moment this season with fruits, veggies and meats that feed your mind. We found 12 picnic-perfect recipes loaded with protein, antioxidants, and brain-healthy fats. Wholesome and delicious, they’ll light up your neurons like the 4th of July!

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5 Tips for Staying Strong All Summer

With the warm weather coming on, you might be tempted to skip your workouts. While taking it easy might be fun for a week or two, you’ll eventually pay for it with big muscle loss. The good news is that training as little as once a week will maintain the strength you worked so hard to gain. This month, Coach Mark offers five tips for staying motivated and strong during the long, lazy summer.

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Gravity’s Last Stand

If your back aches and your joints feel stiff, you’re not alone. Aches, pains and inflexibility are common complaints for adults over 50. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This week, Coach Mark shares five simple stretches you can use to alleviate pain, regain flexibility and extend range of motion on everything from your golf swing to your dance-floor boogie.

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Studies Show Strength Training Prevents Age-Related Decline

For aging adults, strength training can make the difference between a life of frailty, pain and decline, and decades of health and vitality. While that’s not news to Welcyon members, it’s making big news in the Wall Street Journal. Check out this inspiring story about how adults over 50 are using strength training to overcome health challenges and gain a new lease on life. And remember, you can do the same at Welcyon!

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Introducing Coach Mark—Welcyon’s Fitness Guru

This week, Mark Richards joins our lineup with a new blog about fitness. An expert in athletic training, and physical and occupational therapy, Mark is the mastermind behind Welcyon’s strength-building program. He developed the protocols that help members double their strength within a year. He also trains our coaching staff and provides ongoing guidance for developing new classes and activities.

Just in time for spring, Mark’s first blog, Cardio Training in the Zone, shows you an easy way to use target-heart-rate training to improve cardiac health, and get abundant energy for all the activities you love. If you can breathe, you can follow his simple guidelines. No apps, devices or math required! ​

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Turn Your Walk into a Workout

As a form of exercise, walking has long played second-fiddle to running. Now, with a boost from intense, interval-style workouts, walking has become a great way to improve aerobic fitness and leg strength while lowering blood pressure. And it’s much easier on the body than running. Read more in the New York Times.

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