5 Tips for Staying Strong All Summer

Spring at last! The sun’s shining and the golf course is calling—or the garden, beach or bike trails. With summer coming on, you’ll want to be outside every chance you get. Finally, all the hard work you’ve put in at Welcyon will pay off with a big dividend of fun!

Just remember, the renewed power in your tennis stroke, epic miles on the bike, and near effortless, ache-free chores are rooted in the strength training and cardio you do at the club. So don’t mothball your Welcyon smart card with the winter sweaters! Hitting the strength and cardio circuits as little as once a week helps maintain muscle tone and aerobic fitness. That means you’ll have abundant energy, and get a lot more enjoyment from summer activities.

Consider this compelling study. Two groups of men—average age 69—did three months of strength training, and gained substantial muscle. After that, one group dropped to training only once a week. The second group stopped training entirely. Guess who came out on top?

That’s right—the men who continued training once a week maintained all their muscle strength. The men who didn’t, had big losses in strength and muscle size. Moral of the story? Make Welcyon a part of your summer routine!

“Don’t mothball your Welcyon smart card with the winter sweaters! Hitting the strength and cardio circuits as little as once a week helps maintain muscle tone and aerobic fitness.”

Here are five proven tips for staying motivated.

1. Schedule the time

Never underestimate the motivational power of a well-tended calendar! Jotting the date and time of your workout gives it equal footing with the concert date, social gathering, or doctor’s appointment. Write it down and make it real!

2. Get your gear out

Take your workout clothes out of the drawer and plant them in plain sight! Visual reminders are a great way to keep your commitment front-and-center in the brain.

3. Set new goals

Summer is a great time to focus your training efforts on new goals. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to run a 5K in June. Or maybe you need more strength for that walking tour of Rome this July. Whatever the objective, your coach can help you develop a new strength and cardio routine to meet it.

4. Spice it up with cardio exercise

Cardio exercise strengthens the heart, boosts fat-burning metabolism, and primes you to take on a world of outdoor activities. Whether you do it in the club, on your bike or with a walk around the lake, it’s a great way increase energy and improve health. For better results, do some interval training. This story from the New York Times shows you how to turn your next walk into a heart-healthy workout.

5. Invite a friend to work out with you

Socialize while you exercise! Buddying up with a friend is a great way to stay committed and inspired. People who work out together are more likely to stick with their routines—even when the sunshine’s calling! If your friend’s not already a member, this is a great time to join. The clubs are offering fantastic summer deals

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Whether you’re planning a global walking tour or just taking the time to tend your garden, sticking with your workout routine will pay off in everything you do all summer—and for many summers to come. Enjoy the sunshine—and see you at the club!

About Coach Mark

Physical Therapist, MS and Developer of Welcyon Fitness Program

An expert in athletic training, and physical and occupational therapy, Mark Richards is the mastermind behind Welcyon’s strength-building program. He developed the protocols that help members double their strength within a year. He also trains our coaching staff and provides ongoing guidance for developing new classes and activities.

Have a question about fitness ? If your question is selected, he will answer it in an upcoming blog. Remember, you should always consult your personal trainer, fitness coach or physician regarding specific issues, symptoms or conditions.

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