Exercise for Arthritis: Defying Logic

One half of adults 65 and older have been told by their doctor they have arthritis. Arthritis causes joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, and can lead to disability. In fact, roughly 25% of all older adults have some degree of limitation in their ability to perform daily living activities because of arthritis. The most common types of arthritis are:

Regardless of the type of arthritis, it’s logical to think that if one has a painful joint, exercise and activity should be limited, if not avoided altogether. Contrary to that logic, very extensive research shows just the opposite; those with arthritis who exercise have less pain and better function compared to those with arthritis who are not physically active. Why is that so? Exercise provides arthritis joints with these key benefits:

Welcyon provides just the right forms of exercise to help those with arthritis. Combining low-impact exercise with customized exercise protocols can lead to less pain and better function!

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