New Year’s Resolutions: Five Tips for Getting Fit and Healthy in 2015

In the wake of all the holiday feasting and toasting, it’s tempting to crank the heat, sink into the couch and binge on Netflix until spring. While hibernating the winter away might be appealing, atrophy can lead to a host of health problems—this is especially true as we age. You’ll feel a whole lot better if you trade in the corn chips and the remote for healthy eating and a vigorous workout routine. Here are a five tips to get you on track to a healthier, fitter New Year.

1. Stoke the furnace with strength-training

Strength training is at the core of Welcyon’s fitness program. While this is a no-brainer to most of our club members, it’s good to remember that strength-training is most vital for adults over 50 who want to continue enjoying activities and hobbies from years past. You’ll get strong, beat fatigue and rev your metabolism to burn calories long after the workout is over. Experts agree that the best results are achieved by strength training two or three times a week. Need a refresher? Schedule a complimentary progress review session with one of our coaches.

2. Don’t overlook stretching and balance

As we get into our 50s and beyond, it’s even more important to include stretching and balance exercises in our routine. As age increases, bodies don’t start up or wind down as quickly. To avoid muscle sprains and other nagging injuries, improve performance on the golf course and tennis court, and handle activities like hauling grocery bags and moving furniture with ease and confidence, stretching and doing balance exercises regularly add to your quality of life. Ask a coach to review the five essential stretches we recommend as well as balance-clock drills that strengthen your legs and quicken your reflexes.

3. Get help learning to eat healthy

It’s easy to say eat more spinach and less cookies, but the fact is most people don’t know where to start when it comes to devising a healthy diet – or how to sustain healthy eating habits beyond a couple of weeks. All Welcyon members get access to a registered dietician who creates easy-to-follow meal plans tailored to your goals and dietary restrictions. They also provide motivation and education along the way. Not sure how to get paired with a dietitian for year-round support? Ask us next time you’re at the club.

4. Recruit a workout buddy

You’re more likely to stick with an exercise program if you work out regularly with a friend. This helps keep each of you accountable and motivated – you’re likely to look forward to hitting the gym on a regular basis. Free week passes are available to share with family, friends and neighbors. If they eventually join, we’ll reward you with your choice of a free bonus month or $50 VISA® gift card – either for you or the person you referred.

5. Keep learning and connecting

How do you learn to exercise more effectively, eat right, get more and better sleep, keep your brain sharp and so on? Welcyon puts on a regular series of complimentary wellness seminars and workshops to address topics like these and provide information that can help you live healthier. Check out the Events page on your local Welcyon site to learn more and register for upcoming workshops in the New Year.

Fitness is a Way of Life

Remember, cultivating a healthy lifestyle takes time, and spans a lifetime! So go easy on yourself if you got off-track over the last couple of months (or years). It’s never too late to renew your commitment and start working toward your goals. If you train consistently, you’ll see measurable results within only a few months, and be able to meet all the New Year’s challenges and opportunities with more strength, vigor and vitality.

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