Oh, My Aching Back!

Your Lower Back Pain Could Be Part of a Much Bigger Problem

From getting out of bed in the morning to dancing the midnight tango, our lower back muscles are involved in almost every activity we do. Considering their vital importance, we neglect them at our own risk. Providing support for the spine and strength for the abdomen, we use them every time we walk, run, climb stairs, bend over, twist, or even during marathon planning sessions in the conference room.

When they’re not in good working order, your body tells you in the form of lower back pain. But that’s just the beginning.

“Back pain is just the beginning. Paired with weak abs, a chain reaction gets under way.”

Paired with weak abs, a chain reaction gets under way, tightening your hip flexors, curving the lower back, and creating an unhealthy postural condition called swayback, or in medical speak, lordosis. This puts pressure on the spine that, if left unattended, eventually leads to disc degeneration. Longer term, atrophied lower back muscles also weaken the pelvic floor muscle that controls the bladder, causing incontinence.

It’s not a pretty picture. Fortunately, your best line of defense is ready and waiting for you at Welcyon—the Back Extension Machine. When performed correctly, these exercises activate and strengthen all the muscles of the lower back. Done in concert with other core strengthening exercises, this routine can prevent or reverse lordosis, improving your posture, eliminating back pain, and keeping your stride youthful and balanced.

Your coach will work with you to make sure you are positioned correctly, and the machine is set just right. Hint: pay attention to subtleties—where you place your feet and arms during this exercise matters—a lot! But once you’ve got it dialed—it’s yours for life. Before you know it, you’ll be saying goodbye to back pain and hello to a stronger core and healthier living.

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