Welcyon Strength Exercise: The Energizer Bunny® Secret

Hopefully you’ve realized that doing strength exercise the ‘Welcyon way’ makes your muscles stronger. Perhaps you’ve also experienced that because muscles throughout your body are stronger, it’s easier for you to do activities of daily living; things like carrying groceries, going up and down stairs, lifting a bag of freshly mowed grass.

Stronger muscles are the most obvious benefit of doing regular, good quality, strength exercise. However, you might be surprised that there’s a second wonderful benefit from you doing all of those repetitions on the Welcyon strength machines…

The Secret Benefit of Strength Exercise

Ask people what the number one benefit of “lifting weights” is and almost everyone answers with something like, “It makes your muscles bigger and stronger.” While that’s certainly true, research has shown that doing strength exercise also improves muscle endurance.

That means that performing strength exercise at Welcyon makes it easier for you to do things that take a bit of time, like house-cleaning, grocery shopping, or playing a round of golf. How is that so? To understand why, we need to go over a few simple things about muscles.

Why Does It Impact Endurance?

Muscles have the same basic design as a metal cable. A cable is made from a multitude of fine wires all oriented in the same direction and wrapped together into a big bundle. In muscle, imagine the fibers as the fine wires. When you contract a muscle to move a body part, the muscle fibers work together, creating tension to either shorten the length of the muscle or control it as it lengthens. This shortening and lengthening happens with every repetition you do on a Welcyon strength machine. Now, let’s look at another detail. Generally, there are two types of muscle fibers, and they’re called Type I and Type II (pretty creative naming, huh?). The Type II fibers are bigger, faster, and more powerful than Type I fibers, but Type II fibers tire quickly. On the other hand, Type I fibers are smaller, slower, and less powerful than the Type II fibers. But Type I fibers are very slow to fatigue and are able to keep on working for long periods of time, kind of like the Energizer Bunny®.

You might think that exercising with heavy resistance on each Welcyon strength machine for just a minute or two would exercise only the Type II fibers. However, exercising the ‘Welcyon way’ is hard enough so that the Type I fibers have to ‘chip-in’ to help the Type II fibers do the work. Therefore, the Type I fibers are also exercised and their condition is improved, as well. And again, a key feature of Type I fibers is their ability to work for long periods of time.

So yes, keep exercising on the Welcyon strength machines to make your muscles stronger. But also enjoy the knowledge that, like the Energizer Bunny®, you’re better able to ‘keep on keepin’ on’. And, pound your drum while you’re at it!

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