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Member Success Stories

Heart Felt Good Health

Welcyon Member David E.

Three days before Thanksgiving, David’s heart stopped 13 times. After a few days in the hospital, he was home in time for turkey. But on Christmas morning, he went into cardiac arrest again. This time he emerged from the cardiac unit with a pacemaker, and a brand new attitude. He knew it was time to make some serious changes. See how two years of workouts at Welcyon have helped him shed 25 pounds, shed inches from his waist, and gain a whole lot of new strength and energy for life.

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Doubling Up on Fitness

Johnson Twins

We all know that working out with a friend is a great motivator. But what about working out with your twin? Double fun or double jeopardy? Ask twin brothers Rod and Ron Johnson. The pair belong to Welcyon, and encourage each other to work out three or four times a week. The only catch is Rod’s club is in Boise, ID, and Ron’s is in Lakewood, CO. Yet despite the mountains and plains between them, they remain closer than many siblings who live in the same town. You might say, this is a case of distance making the heart grow stronger.

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Gearing Up for Her Second Half of Life

For many of us, the hardest part of joining a health club is—well—joining a health club. In a fitness landscape dominated by impossibly toned and flexible 20-somethings, just showing up at the gym can be stressful and intimidating. But, one day after being left breathless from carting her luggage across airports, Michelle knew it was time for a change.

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Shedding Weight & Feeling Great

Welcyon Member Curt B

As a hard-working IT professional, Curt sat in front of a computer at least eight hours a day. And though he kept his employer’s networks up and humming, his own system was headed for a crash. Learn how Welcyon helped him build strength, gain energy, and lose 30 pounds.

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Serving Up Strength for Volleyball

At 73, Sally has held her own on the volleyball court for over 36 years. But despite staying active, she gained weight over time, and developed type 2 diabetes. Within six months of joining Welcyon, she gained strength, shed pounds, and watched her blood sugar tumble.

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Mike Lost 20 Pounds and a World of Stress

Mike's Welcyon Testimonial

Mike had no problem staying in shape during his military career, but after retiring at age 50 he lost motivation and strength. Find out how a personal tragedy led him to Welcyon, and a path of fitness and healing beyond grief.

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Dad and Daughter Snip Old Age in the Bud

When Bill Pallasch hit his 80s, the master gardener feared it might be time to hang up his shears. Then he joined Welcyon. Only a few months later, he was hauling, mulching and digging with renewed stamina and strength. Deeply inspired by his success, Bill’s 60-year-old daughter joined Welcyon, too. Learn how the father-daughter duo renewed their health—and family bond—while working out.

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