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The Mpls. St. Paul Magazine has named Welcyon, Fitness After 50, one of the top places to work out in the Twin Cities.

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Experience how Welcyon can help you lose weight, build strength, improve balance and mobility, and gain new energy.

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First month FREE
Fit After 50: Fantastic foods to help you flourish
Coming soon: Weight loss and nutrition counseling
Earn a free year this holiday season!


First month FREE

Have you made, or are thinking of making, a New Year’s resolution to get fit and live a healthier life? We can help! Get your first month FREE in January and experience a better way to get fit with Welcyon. You’ll enjoy lots of supports and healthier results, starting that very first week, when a specially trained fitness coach will conduct your health history review, then put you on a personalized workout program that addresses your current condition and where you want to be in three months. 

What’s more, your first three workouts are one-on-one with your coach, so that you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to exercise safely, correctly and for visible results. 
As a member you also will benefit from:

Call 952.888.4408 or  for more details.

Fit After 50: Fantastic foods to help you flourish

A healthy diet can change your life, even after age 50

Start now, with this free primer on eating well. No fad diets or trendy tips, just practical pointers to rediscover your youthful vitality, including:

Special Bonus: How to get a personalized nutrition plan and year-round counseling from a registered dietitian at no extra cost as a Welcyon member.

Presenter Rebecca Lindberg, MPH, RDN

A respected dietitian and consultant, Rebecca has 20+ years of experience in nutrition, health promotion and wellness. She is known for her practical yet innovative nutrition solutions.


Date: Thursday, January 30
Time: 5:30 pm
Presenter: Rebecca Lindberg, MPH, RDN
RSVP Now: Call 952.888.4408 or

Coming soon: Weight loss and nutrition counseling

Starting January 1, you will have the option to benefit from our new Healthy Eating Program, a personalized weight loss and nutrition counseling service staffed by Registered Dietitians (RD).

The program pairs you with an RD, who works with you one-on-one to:

Sessions are done conveniently and confidentially by phone up to twice monthly from the comfort of your home.  In between, you can email your RD as often as you’d like.

This program is perfect if you’re looking to:

In fact, a recent study showed that weight-loss participants in a program staffed by the same RDs who will work with us achieved terrific results: 90% lost at least 5% of their total body weight!

Our Healthy Eating Program will be standard in all new memberships sold beginning Jan. 1, 2014, for a monthly price of $59 ($54 for same household). As a current member, you have the option to upgrade to this new membership at the $59 price, which includes all the fitness programming and support, plus wellness workshops and other special events you enjoy today. 

To be clear: You can continue with your current membership at the price you pay today and not upgrade to this new membership. But, if eating healthier and smarter has been on your mind, this is a convenient and affordable way to finally get started. For more details:

Earn a free year this holiday season!

Before you know it, your friends, family and neighbors will be talking about joining a gym to start the new year right. Well, here’s a chance to help them and yourself: Refer them to Welcyon!

Not only might you gain a workout buddy, you also earn free bonus time on your membership.  Every calendar year, you get a free month for each of your first three referrals who commit to a 12-month agreement, and a free YEAR with your fourth referral.

With 2013 winding down, there’s still time to get to four referrals and set yourself up for a free year’s extension on your membership!

Thanks for spreading the word about Welcyon. Questions? Please ask us next time you’re at the club, or call us at 952.888.4408  or . 

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