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Strength Training After 50

Rebuild muscle and get stronger, fast!

Unless you’ve been fairly active through your adult life, chances are you’ve lost at least 20% of your strength by the time you hit 50. And it only worsens from there.

In fact, it’s this loss of muscle that causes many of us to gain weight, get weaker and tire more easily as we get older.

The good news is this dramatic loss can be slowed and even reversed with regular strength training – and we can prove it: The average Welcyon, Fitness After 50, member doubles in strength within a year, according to analysis conducted over a two-year period.

Yes, we understand the idea of strength training can be intimidating with images like body builders and barbells. That’s just not us.

For starters, our “smart” computerized equipment uses air resistance instead of clunky weight stacks. This means less chance of injury and easy-to-do exercises that enable quick strength gains.

In addition, the equipment is pre-programmed with your workout, enabling each machine to greet you by name, set your resistance, count your reps and gradually make your workouts more challenging as you progress. No guesswork, no complicated contraptions to operate.

Most importantly, our coaches work one-on-one with you to develop a safe customized plan based on your fitness level and goals. We get you started, teach you proper form and make sure you feel comfortable with our equipment. And a coach is always ready to help every time you show up for a workout.

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Claims of increased strength are based on an analysis of 716 members who exercised for two years. Results will vary based on each individual’s level of participation. Wellness claims are based on evidence in health and exercise science literature.
Franchises that receive federal assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration by law, may not discriminate, prohibit, or deny services to any individual who seeks membership at the franchisee’s facility.