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Fitness Over 50

The best health club for adults over 50.

We're not 22, or even 32, anymore, so why work out the same way? At Welcyon, Fitness After 50, we've designed a new kind of health club, with a better way to help you get fit. Working with us, you'll be measurably stronger in weeks, with more energy and endurance to enjoy activities you may not have done in years. We're nothing like a traditional gym. In fact, many members had never belonged to a health club before joining Welcyon. Here's what makes us a better fit:

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Get twice as strong within a year!

On average our members improve their strength by 50% within three months, and double their strength within a year. This means if you can barely lift a 20-pound bag now, you could be lifting 30-pounds within weeks, and 40-pounds comfortably within a year. Not to mention your ability to lose weight, rely less on medications and outlast your grandkids on the playground.

Make good health your priority!

If what you want is support, motivation and a structured, easy way to make fitness and healthier living part of your life, Welcyon is what you've been looking for. Come in for a tour and cup of coffee, we'd love to tell you more. For the Welcyon nearest you, visit our locations page.

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Claims of increased strength are based on an analysis of 716 members who exercised for two years. Results will vary based on each individual's level of participation. Wellness claims are based on evidence in health and exercise science literature.
Franchises that receive federal assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration by law, may not discriminate, prohibit, or deny services to any individual who seeks membership at the franchisee's facility.