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Losing function

One year post rehab therapy, 75% of total knee replacement patients report difficulty negotiating stairs.

Get results

We have members who now have the strength and range of motion to climb stairs, get in and out of a car, and take long strides following a hip and knee replacement surgery. Hear their stories.

Welcyon’s After Rehab Program

The Welcyon After Rehab Program is designed for those who have completed physical therapy and are ready to move on to a maintenance exercise program. As part of the After Rehab Program, Welcyon will communicate with your physician or therapist on a weekly basis to ensure the workout is safe and addresses your specific needs. Instruction is based on the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.




Continuing the work of medical professionals

Welcyon is a place where you know your patients, once discharged, can safely and effectively continue to build upon the progress you have made with them. Learn more.