The Welcyon Method

A majority of Welcyon members have no significant health issues and belong to experience the benefits of Welcyon’s high-quality fitness program. However, some members may be dealing with health issues, which may be managed more effectively because they exercise at Welcyon. Since the incidence of disease increases with age, and Welcyon is designed for those over 50, the Welcyon exercise protocols are in keeping with specific recommendations from respected organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association. Here is a partial list of health issues considered when the Welcyon program was created: hypertension, arthritis, joint replacements, diabetes, heart disease, neurological problems (such as Parkinson’s Disease),  and osteoporosis.

Welcyon does not provide medical or physical therapy services. However, some members are engaged in, or have recently completed, specific rehabilitation programs provided elsewhere. For these members, Welcyon offers communication with health care professionals as specifically directed by members. This is to ensure their workouts are safe and address the unique health issues and needs of these members.

To maximize safety exercise results, Welcyon features the following:




After physical therapy

If you have recently received medical care for a health issue, following your direction, Welcyon will communicate with your health care provider(s) to enable you to continue to build on your progress. Learn more.

Weakness and joint replacements

Have you had a total hip or total knee replacement? You may be at risk of not being able to effectively perform activities of daily living. For example, one year after completing rehabilitation for total knee replacement, 75% of patients reported difficulty going up and down stairs. Welcyon is designed so members like these may substantially increase their strength and function.