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Healthy Eating For a Healthier Life

Unlike most gyms, we include weight loss and nutrition counseling in your membership because it takes a combination of regular exercise and sensible eating to get into your best shape. Our Healthy Eating Program pairs you with a dietitian who creates your nutrition and meal plan and offers ongoing counseling – at no extra charge!

How the program works

You work one-on-one with your own registered dietitian (RD) via phone appointments from the comfort of your home. Email can also be used for regular communication.  Based on your goals and health needs, your RD creates a personalized nutrition and meal plan, carefully reviews it with you, then provides ongoing counseling to monitor your progress and coach you to make smart food choices.

Our program is ideal if you’re looking to:

When you consider that an RD’s hourly fee can easily exceed $40, it’s easy to appreciate how the service makes nutrition counseling affordable – in addition to being accessible and effective.

Benefits of working with a registered dietitian

RDs are highly educated healthcare professionals who give you advice on nutrition, food and healthy eating habits, including how to make smart food choices and plan healthy meals you’ll enjoy.

The RDs in Welcyon’s Healthy Eating Program are invested in helping you meet your health goals. They are positive, caring, friendly and non-judgmental. They provide education, support, counseling, accountability and motivation. Their role includes creating your personalized meal plan, collecting and sharing recipes appropriate for your needs and goals, and advising you on your lifestyle and dietary restrictions. Simply put – they help you modify your eating habits in a way that works for you.

Successful weight loss

A new study shows weight-loss participants involved in a program staffed with the same dietitians you’ll work with at Welcyon achieved significant results. On average, they lost 12% of their body weight over a nine-month period.

If eating healthier and smarter has been on your mind, we offer you a convenient and affordable way to get started. Visit or call the Welcyon location nearest you for more information.

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