Exercise needs

Welcyon provides meaningful exercise interventions to address the primary needs of aging adults; cardiovascular decline, muscle weakness, poor posture, and imbalance.

Welcyon equipment

Our exercise equipment provides stable exercise platforms that are easy on joints. Most of our aerobic machines are recumbent and our strength machines use air resistance to minimize sudden shifts in resistance loads. Our special Smart Card technology automatically sets strength machine exercise resistance loads and progresses when exercise thresholds are achieved. Take a tour of our equipment.

Evidence-Based Exercise

It is well known that exercise is the closest thing to a “magic bullet” to maintain health or mitigate the effects of many diseases. Unfortunately, countless Americans are physically inactive and lose the physical capacity to age successfully. There is also a lack of health clubs and fitness centers designed specifically for the needs of aging adults, including those with health issues. Welcyon helps fill that void by offering the right atmosphere, the right equipment, the right exercise protocols, and the right supervision to help aging adults safely and substantially improve their physical condition, which improves overall health.

Welcyon Fitness After 50 recognizes that the incidence of disease increases with age, and ailments such as hypertension, sarcopenia, arthritis, and imbalance are very common in this population. Therefore, our exercise protocols include many considerations put forth by respected health and fitness organizations, both to improve safety and to generate meaningful exercise results. 

A sample of evidence-based guidelines:

Exercise and Hypertension

Progression Models in Resistance Training for Healthy Adults

Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults

Proven Results

See the Welcyon difference. Welcyon gets real results because of the unique fusion of culture and evidence-based exercise. Above is a progress report showing “John’s” strength increases following 3 months of exercise at Welcyon. John, who has heart and renal disease, is featured in “Case Stories” on the right side of this web page. The green bars show his strength (in pounds) for various muscle groups at the time of his initial exercise sessions and the blue bars his strength levels 3 months later. Welcyon provides regular progress reports to members to objectify their improvements.

Ask the experts

"As a physician, the scientific research was compelling that fitness helps you feel better and live longer, but I had my doubts it would really work for me...until Welcyon. It was amazing, how after a few months, aches and pains lifted, energy improved and all those activities in life that we used to take for granted, became easier with improved strength and stamina. I am a true believer in Welcyon, Fitness After 50."

-Tim Crimmins, M.D.

Case stories

Exercising at Welcyon has helped Betty lower her blood pressure and cholesterol. She was able to drop three blood pressure medications. "It's encouraging to know that working out at Welcyon is making me healthier."


John came to Welcyon after completing rehabilitation for quadruple bypass surgery. “I worked hard at it for about six months and I actually gained a great deal of strength. I don’t think I was any stronger when I was 30…and that was just after working out three times a week at Welcyon.”