A sense of belonging

“I feel like I belong here. It’s just a whole different feeling than other gyms. I feel like it’s a very good fit for me.”

—Eileen, 64

Welcyon’s Philosophy

Welcyon is passionate about active aging and the ability to be strong. It is our mission to provide a welcoming and personalized fitness environment where people 50 and over can achieve their best health. Our company is committed to changing America by improving the health and vitality of at least one million adults. Above all else, Welcyon is dedicated to serving customers. It starts with making our fitness coaches feel special so they can in turn pass on that same level of service and commitment to our members. It is our goal to make sure every member receives the guidance and encouragement needed to succeed. The company is built on the values of honesty, teamwork, integrity, and servant leadership. Welcyon is committed to innovation and strives for excellence on a daily basis.


Welcyon stands on the education and experience of physical therapist, Mark Richards, M.P.T., along with knowledge and skill of healthcare executives and registered nurses. All of the exercise protocols are based on the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines. Click here for more on the company history and to learn more about the founders.

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