Boomer power

"It is time to witness how the Boomers and their parents—together the largest, richest and fastest-growing segment of the overall population—are changing the way society responds to their expectations, needs, desires and dreams."

—Colin Milner, CEO of International Council on Active Aging

Grow With Us

Welcyon believes that comprehensive education and training are a necessity to having a successful franchise. This means both classroom instruction as well as practical performance of skills.

Orientation program

Welcyon will provide an extensive week-long orientation for the new franchisee, which will encompass all business aspects, fitness protocols and programs, sales and marketing, leadership skills, and customer service. This takes place in the corporate training center in Edina, Minnesota prior to opening a franchise. The franchisee will also experience a week-long practicum within the corporate Welcyon club.

Ongoing training

To demonstrate our commitment to innovation and quality management, Welcyon will update franchisees with the latest research and best practices in the areas of aging and fitness.

As Welcyon grows, you can expect additional web-based training and regional meetings.


Welcyon will provide pre-opening programs and materials to help market your franchise. The company will also offer ongoing marketing campaigns, ads, newsletter items, and presentations for speaking engagements. National marketing campaigns will be developed as Welcyon continues to grow.

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