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2550 Anthem Village Dr.
Henderson, NV 89052

(Between S. Eastern Ave. and Reunion Dr.)

Coming this spring!

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Meet the Owner

Meet Dr. Mark Severino and Suzanne Severino

Why did you decide to open a Welcyon health club?

Mark: I’m a doctor in the last phase of my career. As my practice slowed down, I began looking for meaningful work where I could continue helping people with their health.

As we age, working out and maintaining muscle is vitally important to overall health. Welcyon is dedicated to helping people age actively with good health, so they can enjoy their lives; and that really fits with our healthcare upbringing.

Suzanne: I was a personal trainer before my medical career, so starting a fitness center was appealing. Welcyon seemed like a perfect fit because it’s more like a wellness center than a fitness center.

What excites you most about opening your club?

Suzanne: I’m excited to help people get in shape through diet, education and consistent training. I’m 60 years old and I do cross fit and lifting. Age isn’t a limiting factor, I don’t do what the 20 year olds do, but I still go and do it. Our members can, too! Welcyon is about aging gracefully and enjoying your life!

This isn’t just about putting muscle on your bones. It’s about being able to squat down and see what’s in the back of your cabinets—or put dishes on the top shelf again. Functional fitness is the foundation of a better, fitter, more active life.

Mark: I think of this business as an extension of my medical career. So many older couples are independent and don’t live with their families. They need to get along for themselves. They have to be fitter and stronger just to function. Welcyon is one of the few places dedicated to helping people achieve active, healthy aging.

What kind of experience should members expect?

Suzanne: When our members come in, they will be greeted by name and treated like family. We want to know our members and help them feel at home. It’s the key to their success—and ours! When you join, you’ll be guided through three workouts by a trained professional who has designed a program for your needs, your body, and your goals. After that, your coach will always be available for support, guidance and motivation.

Mark: As a physician, I am very impressed with Welcyon’s holistic approach to wellness. They know that to achieve lasting benefits, you need to pair good training with good nutrition. That’s why all our members are paired with a registered dietician who creates a healthy meal plan.

Suzanne: We’ll round out the good-health program by hosting workshops with outside experts on topics like nutrition, sleep and meditation. It’s a great way to amplify the benefits of all your hard work at the club.

Mark: The sense of community that Welcyon provides its members is one of the unique aspects of the club. Features like the lounge area give members a place to meet and socialize. It has a fireplace, large-screen TV, a soothing water wall, and comfortable leather seats. Whether you want to share a coffee with your workout partners, or just spend a while quietly relaxing after your workout, it’s a wonderful space. We’ll also have a calendar of social events that will give members a chance to connect with each other.

Suzanne: Welcyon clubs are getting rave reviews from members in every community where they open. We’re very excited that we’ll be able to deliver that same quality of service and satisfaction in our home town

Who is likely to join your club?

Mark: Our club is designed for anyone over the age of 50 who wants—and needs—to make their health a priority. Whether you’re already in good shape and want to maintain it, or haven’t been near a gym in years, we can help you set goals and start seeing results quickly.

Suzanne: Welcyon attracts a lot of people who aren’t fans of those big-box gyms. They’re turned off by the size, lack of personal service, and overall intimidation factor. They feel out of place in a sea of Spandex and muscle shirts. They want a health club where people know their name, know their needs, and support them in reaching their goals. We’re a small club too. It feels much more like a spa than a gym. We like to think of ourselves as a healthful oasis where people can grow strong and rejuvenate.

Mark: We’re local, too—right here in Henderson. You don’t need to drive across the map to reach us. Because we’re in your community, it’s easier to keep your commitment to fitness.

What roots do you have in the area?

Mark: We have family here. Also, between the two of us, Suzanne and I have a lot of connections with this community. I’m a doctor, and she’s a trainer. People know us.

Suzanne: This is our second time living here, but our roots are pretty deep. Mark was in med school the first time around, and he had a lot of exposure there. When we returned, so many people reached out to us. It’s almost like we never left.

What’s your background?

Mark: I’ve worked in medicine for over 20 years and am currently serving as medical director and reproductive endocrinologist at Red Rock Fertility in Las Vegas. Dealing with infertility, we got involved in the most intimate part of people’s lives. Our personalities help a lot because we know how to talk to people. We’ll be able to create a comforting, supportive atmosphere at our club that motivates members to succeed in their goals.

Suzanne: Until recently, I was an embryologist working alongside Mark at Red Rock Fertility. Before my career in healthcare, I ran a personal-training studio. Earlier, I worked in some of the bigger box gyms, so I’m pretty well grounded in the fitness field. Being involved in healthcare for so long lets us put a different twist on running a health club. As healthcare workers, Mark and I have been trained to focus on the issues surrounding aging. So we will be very active in helping our members work through their limitations—safely and effectively.

A little more about Mark and Suzanne

Mark: Suzanne and I have been married for 38 years, and have four children—all grown and leading lives of their own. When I’m not at the clinic or the club, I love getting airborne in my Cessna 182.

Suzanne: Earlier in my career, I taught high school biology! That was a great grounding for my careers in health, fitness and medicine. In my off hours, I enjoy strength training, cross-fit, cardio and cooking.