San Antonio, TX


​14855 Blanco Road, Unit 300
San Antonio, TX 78216
At Blanco & Bitters, near The Melting Pot

Mon-Fri: 7:00am–8:00pm
Sat: 7:00am–5:00pm
Sun: Closed

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Meet the Owners - San Antonio, TX

About Kevin & Janet Nicholas

Why did you decide to open a Welcyon, Fitness After 50, health club?

My wife Janet and I chose Welcyon because of all the business opportunities we explored, it seemed the most meaningful and personally rewarding. The idea of helping people lead more active, healthier, and potentially longer lives is very inspiring. These days, most of us can’t afford to slow down when we hit our 50s and 60s. We’re working longer, for one thing, and we’ve got to stay in peak form—mentally and physically. We also want to enjoy ourselves and have strength and energy for the activities we love. Whether you want to run a 10K, bike long distances, or just keep up with your grandkids on the playground, it takes strength and energy. And in the long run, if we take care of ourselves, we’ll stay healthier and independent longer. That’s what Welcyon is offering people, and that’s why we’re so excited to be a part of it.

What roots do you have in this area?

We’re relatively new to San Antonio. We spent most of our lives in Kansas, and only moved to Texas in 2013. But we’ve been building community since we arrived, and have made many connections. We’re seeing a lot of enthusiasm about Welcyon. The typical reaction is—it’s about time!

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What excites you most about opening your club?

I work out myself, and it’s something I really enjoy. I get a lot of benefit from it. This is an opportunity to help others do the same thing. While learning about Welcyon, we had the chance to meet with some members and hear their stories. It was so very impressive and inspiring. People’s lives are changing here. Owning this club is going to be a rewarding experience.

What type of an experience should members expect?

This is not your typical gym. For one thing, we’re smaller and much more welcoming than those big box gyms. You won’t be just another number here. We’ll work with you—one-on-one—to create a personalized exercise plan for you, show you how to use all the equipment, and keep guiding and motivating you to reach your goals. With our scientifically developed training protocols, you’re going to get stronger—fast. Our smart equipment actually measures your progress. You’ll get healthier and feel more energized, too.

You’ll really love our environment, too. Our lounge area has comfortable leather chairs and a soothing water wall surrounded by plants. It’s just a great place to hang out and relax before or after your workout. If you’re feeling social, there are table and chairs where you can have a cup of coffee and chat with other members.

Of course, your complete health picture is about more than just working out. So throughout the year, we’ll be offering workshops on a whole range of topics. Experts from the medical and health community will talk about everything from nutrition and brain fitness to cardio health and stress reduction. Basically, our club is a place where you can come to build a better life.

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Who is likely to join your club?

People will come here for all kinds of reasons, but they’ll have a couple important things in common. First, they’ve decided to make better health a priority. Some of them are in pretty good shape already, and want to build on it. Others are dealing with a range of issues, from low energy and weight gain to chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. They’ll quickly learn that strength training is the best way to tackle these problems head on, and that Welcyon’s approach is the best fit for them.

The other factor is environmental. Our typical member doesn’t like big gyms. They feel lost and out of place among the muscle shirts and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and pounding music. They want a quieter, friendlier place where the staff takes the time to get to know them, listen to their issues and concerns, and develop a training program that’s personalized for them.

Our club is a little island of health and wellness in the middle of a very busy world. Most people only come here for a couple times a week, but the feeling of renewal they get here ripples through their lives. It’s amazing what happens when we start taking better care of ourselves. It’s really the way we’re supposed to be.

What’s your background?

Before Texas, I lived in Kansas my entire life. After graduating from high school in 1981, I went right into the family business—trucking for the oil and gas industry. After doing field management for 10 years, I ran the company for another 10 before buying it from my Dad. Seven and a half years later, I sold it to a corporation. In 2013, they moved me down to Texas to manage one of their companies. Around that time, Janet and I started feeling the need to explore something different. We both wanted a profession where we could make a positive impact on people’s lives. That’s why Welcyon made so much sense.

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A little more about Kevin

When we’re not at the club, we enjoy spending some down time in the pool and in the yard. Janet and I have a pair of Harleys, and go riding together. It’s a great way to unwind. We each have two kids from separate marriages, and they’ve all grown and settled in Kansas. Staci, who’s 31, runs our old trucking company with her husband. Kira, also, 31, works for an employment agency. My son, Scott, 28, is with a communications company. And Logan, 25, works for Walmart and serves in the National Guard.

Kevin & Janet Nicholas
Welcyon, Fitness After 50
San Antonio, TX
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