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Welcyon Health Cub – San Antonio, TX

Fit After 50 in San Antonio? Heck yeah!

Welcome to Welcyon, Fitness After 50 – the best health club for adults over 50 in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding area.

We’re Kevin and Janet Nicholas, club owners, with an introduction to our club, which is conveniently located at Blanco and Bitters, near The Melting Pot.

These days, turning 50 isn’t about slowing down, it’s about revving up for the next phase of life! That’s why you’ll love Welcyon (pronounced well-see-on). We’re a new kind of health club with a better way to help you get fit. Working with us, you’ll be measurably stronger in just 30 days. You’ll have more energy and staying power to enjoy your favorite activities and everyday life.

We’re nothing like a traditional gym. Here’s what makes us a better fit:

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Before Texas, we lived in Kansas our entire lives. Right out of high school in 1981, I went into my Dad’s trucking business and eventually bought it. A few years ago, Janet and I sold the business and came down to Texas. We wanted to start a business where we could make a positive impact on people’s lives. We work out ourselves and get a lot of benefit from it, so helping others achieve their own fitness goals was very appealing. That’s why Welcyon is such a good fit for us.

Our club is a little island of health and wellness in the middle of a very busy world. Most people only come here for a couple times a week, but the feeling of renewal they get here ripples through their lives. It’s amazing what happens when we start taking better care of ourselves. It’s really the way we’re supposed to be.

We’d love you stop by, have a cup of coffee, and check our personalized approach to fitness. We’ll show you around the club, talk about your goals, and get you started on looking and feeling your healthiest in years.

Yours in health,
Kevin & Janet Nicholas
Club Owners
Welcyon, Fitness After 50 – San Antonio, Texas
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