We'd be happy to answer any additional questions. Feel free to call or simply stop by the fitness center for help.

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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions from potential members:

Q: I’ve never worked out before and I’m not very strong. Will I be physically able to do the exercises?

A: It’s never too late. Welcyon has members on both ends of the spectrum: the physically fit to the very de-conditioned. Our fitness centers have equipment that can be set as low as one pound. With our orientation and ongoing supervision, Welcyon caters to every fitness level.

Q: How intense are the workouts?

A: It all depends on your fitness level and your personal fitness goals. Welcyon has members who work out in their street clothes and follow a moderate level of intensity. The clubs have others who work up a good sweat and take advantage of our shower and complimentary towels.

Q: When it comes to exercise, how will I know what to do?

A: It all begins with a one-on-one orientation where your customized workout is determined by one of our specially trained fitness coaches. Our coaches are always on hand to provide additional supervision and guidance. It’s kind of like having a personal trainer but not having to pay for it.

Q: I’m a diabetic and wonder if this program would help me?

A: Research has shown that exercise enables the body to better utilize insulin, improve circulation, decrease body weight, and help decrease the risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease.

Q: I have undergone knee replacement as well as a previous hip replacement. Is it safe for me to work out at Welcyon?

A: Welcyon was designed with those with a wide-range of health issues in mind, including those with joint replacements. Our machines provide aerobic and strength exercises in a manner that is easy on joints, and offer gradual increases in exercise intensity, exactly what those with hip and knee replacements require. Also, you have the option of having our staff talk with your medical professional(s) to discuss your specific exercise needs. Learn more.

Q: What does Welcyon cost and are their opportunities for insurance reimbursement?

A: Welcyon invites you to contact us to learn more about our pricing and promotions. Our company has agreements with Blue Cross, Health Partners, U Care, and Preferred One where the member is reimbursed for part of the membership fee each month if they attend a specified number of times.

Q: Is there a place where I can relax and have a cup of coffee?

Welcyon is a warm and welcoming place that has a social area where members can have a cup of coffee with a friend, play games, attend book club or educational classes, and make new friends. Everyone wants to get stronger, but exercise at Welcyon is also about having fun.

Q: Do you have a separate space to put my personal items?

A: Welcyon offers complimentary secure lockers to hold your belongings.