Balance Your Workouts

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Your workout program consists of strength and cardiovascular training as well as stretching and balance exercises. Keep a balanced approach to your fitness by including all four components in your weekly workouts. We’ll show you how.

Stretch after every workout to stay limber and improve your posture. Take a turn on the Balance Clock at least twice a week to keep your legs strong and reflexes sharp. And don’t overlook the importance of cardio exercise two to three times weekly for a stronger heart, more stamina, and better weight control.

To get the most from your cardio workouts:

Interval sessions combine intense effort followed by brief recovery periods. This approach can help you burn more calories, lose weight and body fat faster, improve strength and muscle tone, and control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Plus, it adds variety to your routine. Ask a coach to put you through a session, you’ll be glad you did!

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