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Introducing Small Group Cardio Classes!

Add variety to your workout and take your conditioning to a higher level with our new Small Group Cardio classes.

Led by a fitness coach and utilizing the cardio equipment in our club, our classes are based on the biggest exercise trend of recent years, “High Intensity Interval Training,” or HIIT.

What’s the buzz about HIIT?

Once the training of choice for elite athletes, “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT) is now a common way for people of all shapes and sizes to get better and faster results from shorter workouts. As the name suggests, HIIT is based on working hard for brief intervals, then slowing down for a short time to recover. For example, you may speed up or go “all out” for two minutes, take a few minutes to recover, and repeat the cycle several times.

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Studies show that incorporating these hard/easy cycles into your cardio training helps you reap greater benefit in less time. A 30-minute HIIT class, for instance, could be as or more effective than spending 50 minutes on a machine at a steady pace.

Not only is HIIT an ideal way to spice up your workout routine, it can dramatically improve your health. For example, studies show that HIIT helps you:

  • Burn more calories, reduce body fat and lose weight
  • Improve strength, muscle tone, speed and athletic performance
  • Increase energy, stamina and endurance
  • Strengthen your heart health and cardiovascular system
  • Better manage your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar

In short, experts agree that HIIT is an effective way to get fitter, leaner and stronger. It allows you to more fully enjoy life’s pleasures, like a night of dancing, a long hike in your favorite park, an active on-the-go vacation and a stronger golf game (followed by another round the next day!)

Plus, the repeatedly changing pace and intensity of the workout makes HIIT more fun and energizing than traditional aerobic exercise.

For a clear and excellent overview of HIIT, check out this New York Times article.

Yes, but is it safe?

For healthy people, and for those with medical conditions who have been cleared for exercise by their doctor, HIIT is as suitable as traditional aerobic exercise. In fact, studies have shown that even people with chronic heart failure and/or cardiovascular disease are able to participate with no complications.

Nonetheless, we always recommend that you consult your doctor whenever starting a new physical activity.

About the classes

Each class lasts about 30 minutes. You choose which cardio machine to exercise on – a stand-up elliptical or recumbent bike, for instance. A fitness coach instructs, signaling when to speed up and slow down and offering tips along the way.

Class size is limited, which allows the coach to give you plenty of individual attention. And the small group environment fosters teamwork and camaraderie. Background music adds to the energy and motivation.

As long as you’ve been cleared by a doctor for exercise, your fitness condition does not matter. Each participant works within his or her own capacity; this is not a race or competition.

Download Your Class Primer

If you’re planning to take a class, download a Class Primer to get a better sense of what to expect and how to prepare.

What members are saying

  • “It pushed me to do more than I’d ever do alone – yet it wasn’t overly strenuous. I’d definitely add a class a week to my workout routine.”
  • “I worked harder, more intensely, and got more out of the workout, in less time. In fact, I got so into it, the time just flew by.”
  • “The group dynamics keep you energized and pushed me to work harder. There was a feeling of teamwork amongst the group.”
  • “This is definitely different than my normal routine. It was nice to have the coaching instead of staring at the TV on the wall.”

Enrollment and cost

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Each Welcyon club may have a slightly different class and fee schedule. To inquire about your club’s calendar and fees, use the form below. In addition, your club’s class schedule is available by going to our locations page, choosing your club, and on your club page clicking the blue tab on the lower left titled “Events and Classes.”

Free workshops are held periodically so that you can sample a workout before enrolling. Ask your club for its workshop schedule.

Some key points about our attendance policy in order to provide you and your fellow members the best customer service:

  • You can sign up for any class you wish unless all slots have been filled
  • If you must cancel, give at least 24 hours’ notice to avoid being charged for the class

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