"The staff is so friendly and interested in all of us.
The exercise and weight machines are all new and well maintained.
Everyone at Welcyon is my friend even if I cannot remember their names.
We have other activities besides exercising, Wii Bowling, jigsaw puzzles, adult coloring, puzzle, books, newspaper, table games, coffee, conversation and discussions. 

So much sunshine a light from large windown.

Surrounded by happy people!"



"Eight years ago I was passing by "Welcyon" and saw the "over 50" exercise. 

I realize that was for me. I joined and it was the best decision in my life. Not only it has been good for mt health, but also for my social life. I love coming here as much as I can. Thank you "Welcyon""



"We have been enthusiastic members of Welcyon for 9 years. Before retiring, we would each make our way to evening workouts three times a week. The HUR air resistance machines and the friendliness of the members and staff made each visit rewarding; our bodies gained strength, and we gained friends. This 3 times a week routine continues into our retirement at the Edina club, where new free classes like ‘Body 360’, and ‘Balance’ have expanded our exercise options. Wii bowling, and Wii tennis give us variety in activities and there’s always a picture puzzle to share with a social group. Come join us and see what Welcyon can do for you physically and mentally. Welcyon really can mean ‘Fitness for Life’."



"I really like that my weight lifting regimen is pre programed at Welcyon. This personalized program keeps track of my progress in weight lifting and trainers help me to achieve my goals."



"Welcyon provides a great atmosphere to exercise.
Personable and friendly staff and a place with a local and community feel.
So much more enjoyable than the big gyms I previously attended."



“Although I’m retired, I’m super busy as a writer and frequent caregiver for my grandchildren. But I carve out time for workouts and dance classes at Welcyon — they’re fun and keep me feeling fit and healthy!” 



"We have been going to Welcyon for almost 10 years now.   I (Steve) joined the Bloomington Welcyon in February 2011 after my wife (Ann) told me it looked like a good place to help me recover from back surgery.  I was soon a regular at Welcyon and did indeed get stronger.  Ann joined about a year later.  We have been Welcyon regulars ever since.

Welcyon has allowed us both to increase our strength and stamina.  This has helped us in our recent past travels and with more that are planned as we enter retirement.

The Welcyon staff, instructions, programs and exercise equipment have helped to fulfill our strength and conditioning goals while providing fun social interaction."



"A great place for exercise.

It is very welcoming and casual. You can workout as hard as you want with all the muscle groups and cardio.
And easily see your progress."



“I strive to be as healthy as I can be so exercise is an important part of my life and Welcyon makes it easy and fun with its friendly staff,  great instructors and excellent equipment.

I’m always so grateful for Welcyon!”



"Welcyon has been a good place to exercise. It is also an important addition to my life.
The employees and the clients who exercise here are very personable and helpful for me.

I have been coming here since 2013 and plan on coming here thru 2023!!"


R. L.

"I like Welcyon for several reasons:

The environment is peaceful informal, and friendly; the coaches are always available + helpful; members are like me - over 50 - with a variety of shapes, sizes and goals, the equipment meets my needs and I can push myself as hard (or easy) as I want, with no pressure or competition from others; the classes are fun and relevant, andscheduled at convenient times; opportunities for socializing and participating in other activities is a great place for staying healthy - physically and emotionally!"



"I like the small size of Welcyon where I can park by the door and always have the machines available. It is easy enough to exercise at Welcyon that I will actually do it regularly.

The regular exercise has strengthened my body to the point that previous problems have been corrected. It is also easy because one can insert smart card for the appropriate level of intensity with the ability to increase as necessary this builds and maintains strength."



"My Mom is a member of the Bloomington club and sent me this in an email: "I've been working on the toe-raiser machine and I can now raise my toes higher than anyone else in my ballet class." My Mom is 84. Thank you for taking such good care of her!"



"Welcyon has helped me so much in the last 8 years.  I feel   healthier  and enjoy every time I come to exercise. I was very happy when Ed and Adrianna decided to take over Welcyon.  It would have been hard to find some place else that was as perfect for me.  At other clubs I was always afraid I would get injured from the machines but at Welcyon I am confident that won’t happen and I definitely am stronger.  I especially look forward to the balance classes.  
My balance has improved and Andrea makes it a lot of fun.  All of the staff are great!"



"I recently retired and joined Welcyon the first week of not working. It has been so much better than I even hoped for. 
I go every day that I can and feel so positive about becoming healthier. The staff is so supportive and professional and committed to each customer´s success. Everyone is friendly and laid back which is different than any gym experience I have ever had. Everyone has their own goal and purpose in exercise and is all supported."



"My doctor recommended weight - bearing exercises - so that is my priority here.

I love how the machines automatically load the weight level for me.

It is quick, easy and fun."



"I like coming to Welcyon because of the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. 
People of all levels can workout here comfortably without feeling any pressure. 
The staff is friendly and helpful."



"Thank you staff, you are terrific! We are truly enjoying our membership. The center is so comfortable, and we like to sit and chat over coffee and puzzles when we are finished with our workouts. Today, we made friendship connections that networked into assistance for us and others! See you in two days for another quip with Bob, matchmaking session with Angie, or whatever new adventure comes our way! Tom and Cindy"



"Love the Hurr strength training equipment. The staff at Welcyon is fantastic - it is great to work out in such a fun environment."



"We have been members of Welcyon for a little over six months and we cannot say enough about how much we love it!

The equipment is easy to use and still offers a challenge to those of us over the age of 50.

The Welcyon community is very welcoming, cordial and friendly. We can without a doubt that we would recommended Welcyon to any of those out there looking for an athletic facility whose focus is for those 50 years and older."



"Since I began going to Welcyon almost seven years ago, I have found the program to be a huge help for me.
Now I like the new improvements, the larger size and the new programs that are even more inviting. The coaches have always been very good ( super) and I feel safe to be in the environment where there is always someone who can help if I need it.
You offer a wonderful social environment along with the physical. 
I have encouraged many friends to join.
The parties and snacks have been fun also."



"Welcyon is a very nice place to workout. The owners Ed and Adriana are very helpful and encouraging in helping us workout and the staff is friendly especially Bob and Andrea. 
Here are many different classes including balance. stretch, dancing and movement. These classes are helpful in keeping different body parts to get more exercise besides the aerobic cycles and weight machines. 
So if you are looking for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, Welcyon is the place."



"I’ve belonged to Welcyon since 2011.  I have been faithfully working out and making new friends. 

 My numbers at the doctor are good and I’ve lost 20 lbs...I feel good ( mentally  and physically)...talking with others they say the same.  If you are working, there is an early morning group that comes around 7:00 or so and people that come around 4 or 5 pm...I’m in the middle.  I go 12 times a month for sure and any more is great.  There is always a puzzle going and I color when I come (I’m the only one) always, it’s up to you how hard you want to work.


People wear’s not a fashion show...There is no pressure there, parking is so convenient plus all the classes are included and they really make it fun.  I would highly recommend the place.  I know you can come in for a free try out 7 days, if you have any friends that are interested come together to check it out.  A trainer will be with you for the first week.

If you have UCare or Blue Cross Gold and maybe others they will pay $20.00 a month toward your bill.  The big gyms are not for me...this has weight machines, bikes and stand up equipment and is very attractive.  The owners are Ed and Adriana Noonan, she is from Colombia and very sharp...Ed is a building contractor semi retired and loves exercise...really fun guy...the other trainers are great can work with one or not or...they’ll give you a program to do." 



"My husband and I started coming to Welcyon almost 4 years ago. We were moderately active "over 50-year-olds" before, but neither of us had ever belonged to or been to a gym or health club. Welcyon really works for us. The location and hours are ideal, and the staff and ownership are involved and pleasant and helpful. I have gained much in the way of strength, flexibility and endurance from our time at Welcyon and we are very grateful!"

For Welcyon_edited.jpg


"We love Welcyon for its community atmosphere.  It’s easy to get to know other members, and the staff is so friendly and personable.  Everyone knows your name!  We also like the personalized weight training equipment that tracks your progress and makes adjustments automatically as you build your strength."

2 welcyon final.jpg


"I have been a member for almost a year – and this neighborhood gym has been EXACTLY what I needed!


It’s nearby and convenient: a simple and effective workout that does not take a huge time investment – but gives me results!


I have been in many different types of gyms throughout my life – this is perfect balance of everything I need.


Thank you, WELCYON!"



"My experience with Welcyon has been outstanding. I have met many wonderful people. My strength has increased dramatically, as well as my balance. The fitness coaches are always willing and able to assist with questions/concerns. Admittedly, there are days when I´d rather not come, but I do and when I leave I feel completely invigorated. I would recommend Welcyon to anyone. It is a total fitness club. 
DB, member for 8+ years and darn proud of it."

Anne Portrait.JPG


"I love the welcoming, friendly feeling of community at Welcyon, and the fact that when I walk in the door, all of the staff and many of the members know my name. Adriana’s wonderful Latin dance class gets my body moving in ways I didn’t think it could move anymore! And Ed’s great Saturday morning 360 Stretch class wakes up my body and keeps me energized all day! I can’t wait to retire so I can make morning 360 Stretch class part of my daily routine!"



"It is easy to exercise at Welcyon because they are so friendly and helpful.

Everyone needs to take care of oneself by exercising."



"We've been members at Edina for about 3 years. It really is making a difference in our "golden years." We've found that 3 workouts a week is just right for us."



"For me Welcyon is a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for my exercising.

With consistency I see changes in my weight and my shape.

No place I´d rather be for my exercise routine!"



"What a wonderful vacations we had! However, I must admit that during the six (6) weeks of being out of town, I missed Welcyon! I missed the staff, the people, the classes and everything, 

Welcome back to me!"



"I´ve been a member of Welcyon for 5 years, It has been my "go-to" place to maintain strength and get the kinks out. A variety of great machines for bodies that have had more, wear and tear. 

Good friends coming into Walcyon makes me feel good!"



"I come to Welcyon to help me stay active, specially with the weight machines. It´s great not having to remember the pound for each machine. The classes provided are very helpful, fun and challenging, especially the dance classes. 
The atmosphere here is very friendly and welcoming, like family!"



"I have felt very welcomed here since the first day I came. Every coach greets me by name and with a smile when I enter. 
I have belonged to others fitness centers, but this one felts like home."



"A great place to go and get moving.

After a workout I feel ready to face the day and tackle whatever tasks a wait me.

Friendly and worm people also."



"Love this place! Getting stronger and pants are fitting better already! Lost 18 lbs so far trying to make it back to 200! The old fashion way! Work and eat better!"



"I just joined Welcyon about a month ago, I had been looking for a place to try to feel better about myself.
I tried the "free week"special, I met Andrea who helped me with the machines, she was very encouraging and patient.

I like coming because I could do a little cardio and a little strength, I also tried Zumba, I liked it. So now I am changing my life.
Thank you."



"I like to workout on the machines three times a week. I also bike a half hour while I catch up on reading novels and keep my knees healthy. Since joining Welcyon, over four years ago, I've slimmed off fifteen pounds! I've also met some really neat people at this cool club."

Linda Stevenson.jpg


"Fitness was never high on my priority list until I became older.  Fortunately, I found Welcyon seven years ago and have enjoyed the benefits ever since. I'm especially grateful for the addition of dance and balance classes which are very skillfully and compassionately taught by Adriana and Andrea.  Thank goodness for them, for the Welcyon community, and for all it has to offer!"



"I have been a Welcyon member for almost 10 years. I joined because the location is convenient and the atmosphere is friendly. 


Using the weight and cardio machines prepared me for several trips with hiking components.

I enjoy the dance and stretch classes added in the las year."



"We joined Welcyon Fitness for our new year’s resolution in January of 2019.  The staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome.   They strive to get to know you without making you feel uncomfortable. The facilities are neat and clean and the members are all very nice.   

We hesitate  to tell everyone how nice it is.  We want to keep it our little secret or it will become too busy.   Seriously a nice place to do what none of us want to do, but all of us should do, to ensure enjoying our golden years."

©2019 by Welcyon, Fitness for life.