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Member Reviews - Yes, Fitness After 50 is possible!

Don't just take our word for it, here's what members from various clubs in our system have to say about their Welcyon experience.
*Reviews based on individual experience. Results may vary.

(Ratings are based on how likely a member is to recommend Welcyon to a friend or family member on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being extremely likely. )

I love the personalized treatment I have gotten at Welcyon. I feel like the training program is tailor made to meet my needs. I like the gentle encouragement to move ahead to a higher level. I was impressed with how careful the trainers were with me when I came back after an injury.

Lois J.*

I am convinced that the program scheduled for me by the Welcyon trainers is helping me gain strength and lose inches.

Anne M.*

Welcyon might be right depending on what you're looking for in a health club and what you would expect to pay. I would certainly recommend it for anyone who is rehabbing, looking to build strength and stamina or get away from traditional establishments.

Steve G.*

I feel stronger, more flexible and have good energy. Most joint achiness has diminished or gone away. Also, I’ve made a few new friends.

Richard L.*

I have never been a person who liked going to a gym before and I love this gym. I love the types of equipment that make it easy on the joints and the variety of the workout equipment. I really enjoy chatting with the other members and the trainers are so nice and easy to approach. I can’t say enough about how much I love working out at Welcyon. It is not intimidating and I am making time for me when I go. It takes away stress which everyone needs.

Brenda B.*

I am comfortable exercising here whereas I wouldn’t be at Lifetime or other similar gyms. The staff is friendly and helpful. I like the balanced approach to our exercise regimen.

Noreen L.*

I love this gym! First time I have felt comfortable with an exercise program and keep wanting to come back.

Margaret S.*

I believe the workouts at Welcyon are superior to those I got at Curves. The machines are top quality, and having assorted bicycles for cardio activity is a plus. Your coaches are very well trained, keep an eye on what is happening with members and train members well. They are also personable and approachable. I have referred others to Welcyon - they have all been pleased with your facilities as well.

Laurie E.*

Friendly atmosphere without all the testosterone flying around. Once you have completed your initial training, your strength workouts are customized to your specific needs and staff is readily available to assist you one-on-one if needed unlike the big ticket places where you’re just another body in the room. The cardio equipment is easy to work with and you have the freedom to choose your machine and work on it for as long as you want.

Bruce D.*

Welcyon works well for me, but I don’t think it is a fit for everyone.

Mitzi W.*

You feel so welcomed here. There is good training on the machines, encouragement is given freely with suggestions on how to increase strength and do things better. Always a joy to go and I just plain enjoy it all!

Kathy V.*

After over 300 visits myself, I can't think of another club I would have rather spent that kind of time at. Welcyon is perfect for me.

Karen M.*

I joined on a special. The duration of time for the amount of money I spent was a great deal. So far I have been very pleased with my 3 visits with the coach.

Claudia S.*

Originally, I joined to tone up the body, but now there is a whole lot more in store for me! The equipment is the best, the introduction to each machine was thorough and understandable. There is always someone ready and willing to answer any questions. When you walk in the door and someone greets you with a smile and calls you by name, how can you not like it? It’s like going into CHEERS. Love the place!

Pili M.*

Welcyon has great exercise, great trainers and great members. Hard to beat a combination like that. Plus, my doctor was blown away when I showed him the print-out report of progress, after a few months!

Elaine B.*

The trainers are always very attentive and helpful when I visit. They offer help when they see I may need assistance setting up a machine. The biggest hang-up I have is when a new person comes to set up their personal program, it takes extra time on each station. There are times I have had to wait a bit for the use of the machine.

Claudia D.*

I sincerely enjoy the concept, atmosphere, friendliness, and overall feeling of belonging. I enjoy the machines as they are user friendly and one does not have to be a rocket scientist to use them. I look forward to my visits to the gym as one is always greeted with a smile and a cheery greeting. Overall, I have had much fun, enjoyed the feeling of feeling good, and have recommended the gym to some of my friends.

Deb M.*

We enjoy Welcyon so much. We like the equipment, the people who work there, the convenient location, the price - we like it all! I especially enjoy the smallness of the club, rather than the giant health club atmosphere that drove me crazy.

Eva L.*

The club isn't open on Sundays. We'd really like it if you were open even for a few hours on Sunday.

Earl C.*

I convinced my husband to join too - and he is even more enthusiastic than I am. It works well for folks at our age and stage of life.

Kathe K.*

I have learned that it is important for people over 50 to use correct weight lifting machines so they don’t injure themselves, rather they can improve their muscle strength. As we get older we lose muscle strength and this has really helped me get some of that strength back and feel better about myself.

Ann F.*

I really think the program offered by Welcyon has been beneficial to me. I have made considerable progress slowly but at a rate that is tolerable to my body. They have taken into consideration doctor comments that pertain to my health and have helped me in every way they could to meet my needs. The staff is very supportive, friendly, and helpful. I have gone to Curves and to the Sanford Wellness Center and Welcyon has topped them both for meeting my needs.

Marsha M.*

I like the atmosphere including the music, the people I meet, and especially the very nice people who work there including the owners. I was hesitant to go but once my wife convinced me to go, I was hooked.

Al S.*

The strengthening exercises are so important. With a membership, I do them regularly and they are geared to my ability. The facility is a fun place to come to, with amenities like drinks, companionship and always a good coach on staff. The classes offered and the parties are also great.

Cathy C.*

It's the Cheers of health clubs. You are always greeted with a welcome no matter who is working and the members get to know each other as friends too.

Debbie P.*
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