No health club combines high touch and high tech like Welcyon, Fitness For Life. While you’ll always find a fitness coach on duty to help with your workout, using our strength-building equipment is like having a second coach. Here’s why:

Our “smart” computerized equipment is programmed with your prescribed workout. Each machine greets you by name, sets your resistance, counts reps and adjusts your workouts, making them progressively more challenging as you improve.

Every workout is recorded, so you’ll be able to see precisely how much you’ve progressed over time. That’s why we know the average Welcyon member improves strength by 50% within three months of joining and doubles it within a year!

What’s more, our equipment uses air resistance, not clunky weight stacks. The result is a challenging yet safer workout, with less stress and strain on joints and ligaments.

We also feature low-impact cardio machines with helpful displays that make them easy to operate. Our lineup includes a full-range of seated and stand-up options with beginner to advance exercises. Our machines not only will get your heart pumping, but also will be easier on joints, reducing your risk of injury.

If you’re looking for a health club that makes exercise safer and simpler yet effective enough for you to see real results within weeks – Welcyon is what you’ve been waiting for. Contact us to join or for more information.

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