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During adolescence, the human body grows rapidly, and for this it needs vitamins and minerals.

Deficiencies in essential nutrients can lead to health problems such as chronic fatigue, anemia, blurred vision, and more.


Taking the correct multivitamin helps teenagers' bodies to develop as they should. Multivitamins support skin health, metabolism, mental focus, and immunity.

In order to compile a list of the best multivitamins for teens, it was important for us to understand teens' nutritional needs. To do this, we consulted our nutritionist. We identified a list of vitamins that teenagers need, and at what doses.

Then we spent many hours researching products from different manufacturers to find the multivitamins that will help your child get all the nutrients they need to grow properly.

Let's take a look.

Best Overall

Future Kind + Essential For Vegans Multivitamin

Future Kind + Essential For Vegans Multivitamin

Versatile multivitamin suitable for both teenage boys and girls because it contains essential nutrients: B12, D3, and Omega 3.

• Supports healthy immunity

• Helps energy and concentration

• High dose of vitamin B12 for a healthy nervous system and combating fatigue

 Best  for Teenage Girls

Ritual Essential for Teens

Ritual Essential for Teens

Specially created for teen girls aged 13-17.

• Contains iron and a daily dose of folic acid—essential for the nervous system and reproductive function

• Chelated zinc and vitamins A & D3 support immunity

• Contains nutrients for energy, good metabolism, and bone health

Best Multivitamin for Teen Boys

Maxi Teen Supreme His

Best Multivitamin for Teen Boys

Specially formulated for teenage boys and contains important vitamins and minerals that are needed for proper growth and development.

• Vitamin B complex for high energy levels and overall health

• Vitamins C and D for good immunity

• Zinc for growth and development

Best Personalized Multivitamin

Persona Nutrition


Personal vitamins that are selected by taking into account the physiological characteristics and lifestyle of a teenager.

• Online assessment helps with selection of a vitamin complex

• Offers over 80 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients

• Free consultations with the company's nutritionists

Best Test-Based Multivitamin

Rootine Personalized Daily Multivitamin

Rootine Personalized Daily Multivitamin

Selected by taking into account the genetic and biological needs of the teenager.

• Optional: DNA nutrient test, blood vitamin test, lifestyle quiz

• Custom complex contains up to 18 nutrients in the optimal dosages for your teen

• Taken once a day

The Best Multivitamins for Teenagers

1. Best Overall — Future Kind + Essential For Vegans Multivitamin

Future Kind + Essential For Vegans Multivitamin


Form: Softgels
Number of capsules:
How to use:
2 per day
Price per month: 
Diet type:

This multivitamins for teenage boys and girls combines the essential nutrients B12, D3 and Omega 3.

Those nutrients are important for a teen's immune system and help maintain energy, concentration, and mood. Essential for Vegans is an excellent complex for boosting study, sports, and other areas of life.

It contains a high dose of vitamin B12, which is good for fighting fatigue and maintaining a healthy nervous system. [1]


FDA-approved ingredients
Contains 2000 IU vitamin D3 to strengthen bones

Small softgels are easy to swallow

Pleasant citrus aroma
Suitable for vegans


Contains only 3 specific nutrients
Additional vitamins may be required

2. Best Multivitamins for Teenage Girls — Ritual Essential for Teens

Ritual Essential for Teens


Form: Smart Capsules
Number of capsules:
How to use:
2 per day
Price per month: 
Diet type:
Vegan, gluten- and major allergen-free, non-GMO

Ritual's Essential for Teens Multivitamin for Her is specially designed for teen girls aged 13-17. The multivitamin includes iron, which teen girls have a greater need for than do teen boys. [2]

It also includes a daily dose of folic acid, which is important for the nervous system and reproductive function. [3, 4]

This product contains chelated zinc, vitamin D3, and bioavailable vitamin A to support normal immune function.


Lots of nutrients
Great for teen girls
Contains vitamins D3 and K2 and minerals magnesium and boron for bone health


Doesn't have calcium or vitamin C

3. Best Multivitamin for Teen Boys — Maxi Teen Supreme His

Best Multivitamin for Teen Boys


Form: Capsules 

Number of capsules: 60 or 120 

How to use: 2 capsules per day

Price per month: $16.76 

Diet type: Vegetarian, kosher, gluten free

This is a multivitamin designed by Maxi Health to support the overall health and performance of teen boys.

It includes vitamins C and D, which help maintain bone health and immunity in teenagers.

Thanks to the B-complex vitamins, your teen will have healthy muscles, energy to study, and good eyesight, digestion, and cardiovascular health. [5]

In addition, Maxi Teen Supreme His contains Enzymax, a digestive enzyme that helps the body to better absorb nutrients.


Helps maintain healthy immunity
Good dose of zinc for growth and development
Contains digestive enzymes for better absorption


Provides only 50% of the daily dose of vitamin D; more may be required in winter

4. Best Personalized Multivitamin — Persona Nutrition



Form: Pack of supplements
Number of packs:
How to use:
1 pack per day
Price per month:
Personalized calculation

Persona Nutrition allows you to customize a vitamin pack for your teen based on their physiological characteristics and lifestyle.

To do this, you need to have your teenager take the assessment on the company's website. It includes questions about age, height, weight, nutrition, activities, and health problems. This takes about 5 minutes.

Next, you'll be given a list with recommendations for supplements that are suitable for your teen. You can choose the vitamins and minerals you want to include, and you can consult with a Persona nutritionist.


Offers over 80 nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
Online assessment for a personalized vitamin complex
Free consultations with the company's nutritionists


High price per pack

5. Best Test-Based Multivitamin — Rootine Personalized Daily Multivitamin

Rootine Personalized Daily Multivitamin


Form: Pack of supplements
Number of packs:
30 per month (commitment for 3 months)
How to use:
1 pack per day
Price per month: 

These multivitamins are formulated with your teen's genetic and biological needs in mind so he or she can get the most out of them.

The ingredients are selected on the basis of a DNA nutrient test or a blood vitamin test. If you want, you can use both tests, and also supplement with a lifestyle quiz.

Each individually tailored formula contains up to 18 nutrients. The dosage of each ingredient is personalized in milligrams or micrograms so that the multivitamin is both effective and safe.


Can include these essential vitamins: B2, B6, B9 (folate), B12, D3, C, E
Can include these essential minerals: magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, selenium
Free shipping


High price
You must commit for 3 months

Buyer’s Guide

For your teen to get the most out of their multivitamins, the vitamins need to be matched to your teen's nutritional needs.

Here are the main factors to look out for.

Important Vitamins for Teens

Vitamin A is essential for adolescents for good vision, immunity, and proper functioning of the heart, lungs, and kidneys. [6]

Vitamin B Complex is necessary for brain and nervous system function, as well as for red blood cell production, heart function, muscle function, and skin health. [7]

In addition, B vitamins help people get energy from food, which is important for adolescents for study, sports, and other important life tasks.

Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen, which is essential for wound healing.

It also helps the body absorb iron from plant foods and protects teens' bodies from disease by helping the immune system work properly. [8]

Vitamin D  the "sunshine vitamin" is essential for adolescents for many body processes to function properly. [9]

It aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which are important for healthy bones and teeth.

This vitamin is important for maintaining good immunity so your teen's body can effectively fight infections.

It also helps the muscles to function normally, which is very important for regular exercise.

Vitamin E is necessary to strengthen adolescents' immunity. It also helps dilate blood vessels and prevents blood clots. [10]

Vitamin K promotes blood clotting and assists in the absorption of calcium, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth in adolescents. [11]

Important Minerals for Teens


Calcium helps the body build strong bones. [12]

This is very important. During adolescence the bones grow very quickly, and if the teen doesn't receive the required amount of calcium, this can lead to bone loss, an increased risk of fractures, and more later on.

In addition, calcium is essential for muscle contraction and hormone release.


Iron helps the blood carry oxygen throughout the body. This is important for brain function and strong immunity. [13]


Potassium  Maintaining potassium levels is important for teens as it helps many functions in the body, mainly the work of the heart and kidneys as well as muscle contraction and nerve transmission. [14]


Zinc is indispensable for the proper functioning of adolescent's reproductive, immune, endocrine, and neurological systems.

Getting enough zinc reduces the risk of neurological problems, heart disease, and cancer in the future. [15]

Consider Gender-Specific Needs

Teen boys and teen girls require different amounts of vitamins and minerals per day.

Basically, young men need higher dosages of nutrients, since they grow faster and have a higher rate of muscle gain.

But teenage girls need more iron and folic acid. These elements are important for reproductive function and help the body recover from menstruation. [16]

And teenage boys need more zinc, as it helps the production of testosterone. [17]

Our list includes Essential for Teens by Ritual for teenage girls and Maxi Teen Supreme His for boys.

Making Sure Teenagers Take Vitamins Daily

Adolescence is associated with important physiological and emotional changes.

For example, about half of the bone mass of an adult is formed during this period. [18]

Adequate nutrition and getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals helps to maintain the growth and development of teens.

And since teenagers should receive nutrients daily at the required dosages, it is important to control this process.

To make it easier for yourself and your child, look for a multivitamin or vitamin pack that only needs to be taken once a day.

On this list, Persona Nutrition's personalized vitamins and Rootine Personalized Daily Multivitamins for teens are good choices. Both contain a set of custom vitamins that give essential nutrients, only need to be taken once daily, and come in a convenient pack so your teen can take them before school and not worry the rest of the day.



What vitamins should you take as a teenager?

Calcium, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, and iron are basic nutrients for adolescents. If the body receives them in sufficient quantities, it will be able to develop properly and have good immunity.


What vitamin is good for teenage girls?

For teenage girls, B vitamins are important. They help the production of red blood cells, which are needed to restore the body after the menstrual cycle.


What is the best vitamin for teenage boys?

Teenage boys grow rapidly during this period of life, so it is important for them to get the required amount of vitamin D. It helps the body's absorption of calcium, which is indispensable for strong bones, and also contributes to normal muscle function.


Do vitamins help puberty?

Yes, they do. During puberty, teens' bodies develop very quickly. Teens' future health depends on whether they receives all the necessary nutrients at this age. And because teens, due to their lifestyle or irregular nutrition, may face a deficiency of important vitamins and minerals, multivitamins can fill these gaps.

Which Multivitamin Is the Best for Teenagers?

The Future Kind + Essential for Vegans Multivitamin is the best for teens because it is versatile and allows both boys and girls to get the essential nutrients B12, D3, and Omega 3.

These nutrients are included at good dosages to provide teenagers with the immunity, energy, and concentration necessary to do well in school, sports, and other activities.

If you're looking for a gender-specific multivitamin complex, check out our second place choices: Essential for Teens by Ritual for girls and Maxi Teen Supreme His for teen boys.


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