Best Vegan Multivitamin Supplements: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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To get all the nutrients they need from food, vegans need to constantly focus on their diet and make sure it meets their body's needs.

But focusing on your daily diet is a difficult task. Moreover, vitamins such as B12 and D, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, are difficult to obtain from just vegetables and fruits.

Therefore, multivitamin supplement can be a great ensure that you get important vitamins and minerals for your health.

Choosing the best vegan multivitamin can be tricky because there are many options on the market. It can take long hours of searching, studying, and evaluating options.

But don't worry—our nutritionist and I have done this job for you. We've compiled a list of multivitamins that help provide vegans with all the nutrients they need to maintain physical and mental health.

Essentials for Vegans

The best vegan multivitamin is specifically designed to meet the nutrition need of vegans, which they otherwise might lack from diet. Made from complete plant based nutrients. 

Key features:

• Vitamin B12 and D and Omega3 those critical for vegans 

Helps fight fatigue, improve concentration and mood

• Good dose of B vitamins for proper functioning of the heart and nervous system

Performance Lab NutriGenesis® Multi for Men

The best vegan multivitamin complex, which contains over 17 essential vitamins and minerals in the right gender-specific doses for maximum performance.

Key features:

• Vitamins C and D and zinc and selenium support immunity and overall health

• Contains daily iodine dose for proper thyroid function

• Good dose of B vitamins for proper functioning of the heart, nervous system, and more

#2nd Best Choice

Elderberry Hill Organics

Liquid multivitamins allow for better absorption of nutrients, as well as control over the serving size.

Key features:

• Recommended daily doses of vitamins A, C, D, and E for immunity

• Suitable for the whole family

• Strawberry-flavored but sugar-free

#3rd Best Choice


This is a plant-based multivitamin that contains 8 vitamins and minerals derived from algae, chickpeas, rice, and quinoa.

Key features:

• High dose of vitamin B12 for energy

• Has Omega-3 fatty acids for good sleep and fighting anxiety

• Iodine and selenium for good metabolism

Essentials for Vegans


Form: Capsules

Number of capsules: 60

How to use: 2 capsules a day

Price per month: $29

Diet type: Vegan, Caffeine-free, gluten- and allergen-free, non-GMO, soy-free

If you eat your greens then you don’t have to worry about being deficient in most vitamins.

However, as vegans, we’re more susceptible to certain types of deficiencies than non vegans or those on vegetarian diet.

This essential vegan multivitamin from future kind essential takes into account the most necessary nutrients needed by complete vegans. All ingredients are derived from plant sources.

Alpha linolenic acid is a type of omega3 found in plants and some nuts like walnut. (13)

The omega 3s fatty acids DHA & EPA helps in preserving the brain size as on ages.  


Doesn't contain soy or other allergic products
Cater to actual vegan and plant based diet deficiencies 

Exact amount of Omega3, vitamin d3, b12, etc

Comes in Softgel capsule format


Only available on official website

Performance Lab NutriGenesis® Multi for Men


Form: Capsules

Number of capsules: 120

How to use: 4 capsules a day

Price per month: $49

Diet type: Caffeine-free, gluten- and allergen-free, non-GMO, soy-free

Men and women require different amounts of various nutrients.

Performance Lab has taken this into account and created a special multivitamin for each gender, which not only helps to support overall health but also provides the necessary energy for maximum performance.

It has two separate products which cater to multivitamin for men as well as best vegan multivitamins for women to take care of their dietary requirements.

The supplements contain over 17 important vitamins and minerals in the right doses.

Vitamins C and D, as well as minerals such as zinc zinc and selenium, have been added to boost immune health.

B vitamins support the nervous system, heart, circulation, and metabolism of fats and proteins in the body, and also have a positive effect on nails, hair, and skin. [1]


A good dose of vitamins and minerals for immunity

Contains daily iodine dose for proper thyroid function

Helps you maintain a high level of performance


A bit expensive, but bargain price available when buying 3 Month Supply + 1 Box Free
Elderberry Hill Organics


Form: Liquid

Bottle volume: 32oz

How to use: 1 Fluid oz (2 Tbsp)

Price per month: $35.95

Diet type: Sugar-free, nut-free, gluten-free

Liquid multivitamins have certain advantages over other forms. Not only are they better absorbed, but they also give you more control over the dosing.

This allows this liquid morning multivitamin to be used by the entire family—just adjust the dose for yourself, your children, and other family members.

Elderberry Hill Organics is formulated with vitamins A, C, D, and E to help support immunity.

In addition, vitamin D is also important for the health of bones and teeth. [2]

The multivitamin has a delicious strawberry flavor and does not contain sugar or artificial colors.


Can be used by the whole family
Meets many daily vitamin and mineral requirements
Has Vitamin B complex for energy, heart, nervous system, skin & hair health
Free of sugar and artificial colors


Not everyone loves liquid vitamins


Form: Capsules

Number of capsules: 60

How to use: 2 capsules daily

Price per month: $34

Diet type: Gluten-free, soy-free, carrageenan-free, non-GMO

This is a plant-based multivitamin that contains 8 vitamins and minerals derived from algae, chickpeas, rice, and quinoa.

A high dose of Vitamin B12 is included to keep you proactive and energized. [3]

Whole Food multivitamin also includes Omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve sleep and fight anxiety and depression. [45] This has a positive effect on your mental state and, as a result, improves exercise performance.


Daily doses of vitamin D3 and zinc to support immunity
Iodine and selenium for good metabolism
Natural citrus scent; free of synthetic fillers and colors


Vegans may need additional iron supplement
Nature's Dynamics Vegan Garden Gummy


Form: Gummies

Number of gummies: 60

How to use: 2 gummies daily

Price per month: $18.95

Diet type: Gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO

Gummy multivitamins are loved for their delicious taste, but many can be nutrient-deficient and high in sugar, artificial colors, and fillers.

After a lot of searching, we were able to include Nature's Dynamics on this list.

Almost all the nutrients in this gummy meet the recommended daily dose.

Each serving contains only 3 grams of sugar, and only natural flavors are used. The bottle contains a mix of cherry, strawberry, and orange flavored gummies.

Pectin is used to create the gel base, and elderberry and grape juice are used to color the gummies.


Has vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth
Contains B vitamins for eye, liver, and nervous system health
Has vitamin C for heart, joints, cartilage, and immune health
Made from organic fruits


Sugar content should be considered by people with diabetes or special diets
Deva Tuba Prime Vegan Multivitamin


Form: Tablet

Number of tablets: 90

How to use: 2 tablets daily

Price per month: $10

Diet type: Gluten-free, sugar-free

Deva's vegan multivitamins are packed with essential vitamins and mineral supplements at a budget price. And most nutrients are included at the recommended daily dose.

The nutrients in the multivitamin help maintain immunity, energy, and overall health

The multivitamins also contain good doses of prebiotics and probiotics, which are important for healthy digestion.


A complete complex of essential vitamins and minerals
Suitable for both men and women
Contains prebiotics and probiotics for good digestion


Contains spirulina, which may cause an allergic reaction
High dose of vitamin E, which some people limit in intake from supplements

Do Vegans Need to Take a Daily Multivitamin?

If your vegan diet is well planned, then it will give you most of the vitamins and minerals you need.

But some nutrients are difficult to obtain from a plant-based diet.

These include vitamin B12, vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, and zinc.

Therefore, taking multivitamin supplements can help provide your body with all the elements it needs to function properly.

But choose carefully. In addition to consulting with your doctor, I recommend studying labels carefully. Not all vegan multivitamins contain a good range of nutrients at the correct doses.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Multivitamin?

If you want to make sure you're getting all the nutrients your body needs, then supplementing a balanced vegan diet with a multivitamin can provide you with several benefits.

With a multivitamin complex, you can fill nutritional gaps by getting your daily intake of important vitamins and minerals.

The nutrients in a multivitamin can help reduce the risk of chronic disease, support immunity, improve muscle recovery and memory, and more.

They can also improve concentration and mood and positively affect your energy levels.

What Vitamins Do Vegans Need?

Let's take a look at what vitamins and minerals you should look for in vegan multivitamins.


Vitamin B12

This is an important vitamin for your body. It takes part in the creation of DNA and the formation of red blood cells. [6]

It is not produced by the body and can only be obtained from animal products or supplements. And in the case of people on a vegan diet, only the second option is suitable.

You need to take B12 supplements regularly since this vitamin is not stored for a long time by the body.



This mineral, along with vitamin D, is important for building strong, healthy bones during human growth and development, and for maintaining them as we age. [7]

In addition, it is involved in processes such as blood clotting and muscle contraction.

Calcium is also not produced by the body, so it is important to ensure that it is obtained through food or special supplements.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed by the body for the absorption of calcium. It also supports the muscles needed to prevent falls. [7]

If you don't get enough of this vitamin, you greatly increase your risk of having bone fractures in the future.



Omega-3 fatty acids are a source of energy and are important for the proper functioning of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system. [8]

Some of these fatty acids are found in fish, while others can be obtained, for example, from nuts or seeds.



This mineral is essential for the body to function. It is part of hemoglobin as well as many other proteins and enzymes. Iron content is also responsible for the storage and use of oxygen by the muscles. [9]

A deficiency in this mineral can lead to anemia. But you should be careful with iron supplements and it is best to use them only on the recommendation of a doctor since excess iron can harm the body.



This mineral is important for cell metabolism and a healthy immune system. It promotes wound healing, reduces inflammation, and more. [10]

Since zinc is not stored by the body, it must be taken daily.

In addition to being found in special vegan supplements, it can be obtained from cabbage, mushrooms, asparagus, pumpkin seeds, cashews, chickpeas, lentils, beans, and several other foods.



Iodine is not produced by the body, but it is an essential component of thyroid hormones, which regulate important biochemical processes in the body. [11]

It is difficult to obtain iodine from food unless it was specially added during processing.

Iodine deficiency can have a very negative impact on your health—infertility in women, the risk of thyroid cancer, and the risk of some other types of cancer.

During pregnancy, a lack of this trace element can lead to the child having an intellectual disability. [12]


Do vegans need multivitamins?

Yes, vegans need multivitamins, but only if they are experiencing nutrient deficiencies. Some vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, and Omega-3s, are difficult to obtain from a plant-based diet.

Can children take vegan multivitamins?

Yes, a child on a vegan diet can take multivitamins to get important nutrients for growth and proper development. Before adding such supplements to your child's diet, check with your pediatrician.

Can you be a vegan without taking supplements?

With the right vegan diet, you can get the nutrients you need without the addition of a multivitamin. But regularly maintaining the correct balance of vitamins and minerals in your diet can be challenging, and multivitamin supplements can help you stay healthy.


When looking for the best vegan multivitamins, the nutritionist and I kept the details of this diet in mind. Because it excludes some sources of essential nutrients, it was important to find supplements that contain key nutrients in good doses.

The top pick from our research is Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi. Performance Lab took into account the fact that men and women need nutrients in different doses and created vitamins that were gender-sensitive.

They contain over 17 essential vitamins and minerals that help boost energy levels and support healthy immune function and overall health.

We put the Elderberry Hill Organics liquid multivitamin in second place. This supplement has a good mix of vitamins and minerals at daily recommended doses.

It is also possible to regulate the dose yourself due to the liquid form, which makes this multivitamin a good option for the whole family.


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