Burn XT Thermogenic Fat Burner Review: Is It Really Effective For Weight Loss?

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When I go around talking to people about fat burners, I notice that most of them are of the opinion that no product actually burns fat, and that everything in this industry is a big farce. 


Honestly, fat burners that contain useless root extracts and low-quality caffeine, are being peddled by scammers throughout the world which brings disrepute to the entire dietary supplement industry. 

With all that in mind, I totally understand how trying even a good fat burner as Burn XT seems like throwing good money after bad. 

So, to help you form an informed opinion of the Burn XT fat burner, let me tell you everything about the product from how it works, what makes it different from others, and what are the risks of consuming it. 

Backed by thorough research and personal experience, here's my detailed Burn XT review. I am sure this review will lead you to an well-informed decision.

Quick Summary

Burn XT

Burn XT is a unisex thermogenic fat burner sold by Jacked Factory. These capsules are formulated to increase fat metabolism and suppress appetite. 

Its greatest possible benefit is that it starts showing results from the first week itself. Even for people who claim to have constant cravings throughout the day, Burn XT managed to reduce appetite significantly. 

A GMP-certified product with reliable fat-burning ingredients like Capsimax, Burn XT also gives the body a sufficient amount of controlled energy to comfortably sail through the day on a reduced calorie intake. 

While it does not produce those jitters that one normally gets with cheap fat burners, Burn XT can have side effects like nausea, sweating, drowsiness, etc. 

Besides having a blend of some clinically proven ingredients, it lacks some of the most potent ones too. It does not have any B Vitamins either and is too caffeine heavy. 

Even with these minor shortcomings, Burn XT performs decently and has a loyal customer base too. However, if you do not wish to compromise on any aspect whatsoever, you can go for some other high-quality thermogenic fat burners like PhenQ that offer the same efficacy (a little better maybe) alongside other components that are missing in Burn XT.

Therefore, for a comprehensive slimming solution that covers all aspects of your weight-loss journey, you need more than just a fat burner. Don't just believe in my words! Go on and read the entire review to know about how an alternative can help you lose weight faster.

Overview Of The Product

Burn XT is a popular thermogenic fat burning product, sold by an equally popular manufacturer. While going through thousands of Burn XT reviews and claims on Amazon, one thing that became clear was that it is among the most trusted products meant for general weight loss. 

Essentially, Burn XT is a natural fat-burning supplement that acts by suppressing the appetite and increasing metabolism. Moreover, the sellers also claim that it helps in boosting energy levels and enhances cognitive function too. 


Compared to some other best-selling thermogenic fat burners like Instant Knockout, Burn XT may probably have some key ingredients missing, but it is cheaper and readily available across different online shopping platforms with worldwide shipping.

Burn XT stands out for its ability to provide controlled energy and keeps the mood uplifted. It is also a fast-acting fat burner, with significant changes seen in the first week itself. 

Burn XT Black is another popular fat burner by Jacked Factory. However, Burn XT offers better cognitive benefits and has lesser stimulants. Thus, it is somewhat safer than Burn XT Black and is more affordable too. 

Talking more about Jacked Factory, it is a trusted name in the dietary supplements market and produces high-quality carb blockers, fat burners, and muscle builders. Started in the year 2006 the company is based in Santa Monica, California. It has total funding of about $9M, with the last one ($2.5M) made in October 2008.


  • Reputable Seller- Jacked Factory
  • Affordable
  • Good Customer Reviews
  • Clinically-proven Ingredients
  • Easy availability and Worldwide shipping
  • Transparent Labels


  • Some key fat burning ingredients missing
  • No B Vitamins
  • Heavy on Caffeine
  • High on stimulants

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fat Burner

Fat-burning pills help in boosting fat metabolism and help you decrease your daily food intake to promote weight loss. These are the best supplements for those who have already started cardio workouts for losing weight. A combination of both can reap excellent results in a short duration. 

Before you decide to buy fat-burning pills, it is important to consider some important factors.


Firstly, you should check the ingredients of the fat burner given on the label. The ingredients that are capable of providing the benefits that are promised should be present. For instance, an appetite suppressant pill should necessarily contain glucomannan.


Next, a consultation from a doctor is necessary and beneficial. It is to understand whether you are an ideal candidate for a particular fat burner or not.  


The ideal candidates for fat burners are adults over the age of 18 and those who do not consume any other stimulants whatsoever.


Moreover, fat burners benefit only those who are willing to make necessary changes to their diet and exercise routine.  


If somehow you are not able to exercise and your health starts deteriorating with dietary changes, it is recommended that you first take consultation for systemic medications and build a healthy digestive system.  

Features, Benefits, and Cons

Burn XT Ingredients

The 5 Burn XT ingredients and their benefits are:

Green Tea Extract

450mg of Green Tea Extract is present in every Burn XT capsule. It is a natural source of caffeine and improves metabolism significantly. Besides, it has proven detox effects also. A strong thermogenic ingredient, Green Tea Leaf Extract is the most widely found component in almost all high-quality fat burners. [1]

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI is considered an effective pre-workout ingredient. 700 mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI is present in Burn XT. While I'm still skeptical about its efficacy for fat burning, it is certainly a good ingredient to improve focus and decrease mental tiredness. [2]

Caffeine Anhydrous

The presence of caffeine as a stimulant is important for any fat burner. Moreover, adding it in the pure anhydrous form improves the effectiveness of Burn XT. However, 270mg is probably too much caffeine in a single capsule, and can potentially have side effects in sensitive users. [3]

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract

Capsimax is a great extract for boosting metabolism and is widely included in sports nutrition programs. [4]

Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract

5mg of Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract is sufficient enough to support the absorption of bioavailable compounds. It also plays a role in boosting metabolism and uplifting mood. [5]

Notable Features

Quality of the Capsules

Being a GMP certified and FDA-approved capsule, quality is not an issue of concern with Burn XT. Moreover, the creators have used clinically proven ingredients, and information about all these components is provided on the label. 

Other Features

Some other noteworthy features of Burn XT are that every package contains veggie capsules that are completely safe for vegetarian diets. 

Moreover, it is recommended that users consume it with a full meal. 

Lastly, all the capsules are produced in the United States itself, and as per company records, over 30 million servings have been sold till now. 

Key Benefits of Using Burn XT - Thermogenic Fat Burner

Better Cognitive Function

Ingredients like caffeine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI allow Burn XT to improve focus, sharpen memory, and enhance mental awareness as well. 

Controlled Increase in Energy

Being a stimulant-heavy fat burner, Burn XT keeps the energy levels high even with a low-calorie diet. Green Tea Extracts provide epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) which keeps the stimulant effects under control. 

Boosted Calorie Burning

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract is instrumental in extracting more and more fat from the body reserves for burning. Its action is complimented by Bioperine which amplifies its efficacy. 

Burn XT can have adverse side effects.
Some people have reported that the pills made them sick with severe nausea, dizziness, and stomach discomfort.
Even though it has a lot of stimulants in it, Burn XT still produces a very weak and mild stimulant effect.
Burn XT can lead to hospitalization if combined with mental health medications like SSRIs.

Social Proof & Customer Reviews

Burn XT, the thermogenic fat burner, is a fairly popular product with thousands of users sharing their views about it online. After searching the internet extensively, I could gather that most people were satisfied with the working of these fat-burning pills. Most of them got results as promised by the sellers. Take a look at Burn XT reviews from Amazon customers.

Some highly satisfied users:

Some extremely concerning feedback regarding the side effects of Burn XT:

The social sentiment regarding Burn XT indicates that it's an efficient fat burner. However, looking at the obnoxious and terrifying instances of the ill effects of Burn XT, it seems that it would be better to go for a supplement that guarantees safety with results. 

PhenQ has a proven record for showing miraculous results without any significant negative impact. Reviews for PhenQ are equally, if not more, praiseworthy, and you rarely spot a frightening experience among them. Thus, if you prioritize safety and efficacy alike, PhenQ is the fat burner you need to lose weight. 

How to Take & Dosage

How to Take & Dosage

If you're just about to start taking the capsules, it is recommended to begin with only 1 pill a day. The best time to take it is around 30 minutes after you wake up in the morning. 

Avoid taking the capsules at night, as caffeine and other stimulants can disrupt your sleep. 

After consuming the capsules regularly for a while, you can start taking 2 in a day if you do not notice any side effects. Combining a regular exercise routine and dietary changes will go a long way in producing pronounced weight loss changes. 

Guarantee & Returns

If ordering the capsules from the official website of Jacked Factory, you will not get any product warranty. However, ordering from websites like Amazon may make you eligible for returns, refunds, etc. 

Where to Buy?

A great thing about Burn XT is that it is readily available on all major shopping platforms like Amazon. People can also buy Burn XT from Jacked Factory's official website. 

Is Burn XT Worth It? 

Is Burn XT Worth It

Burn XT claims to uproot the excess fat adding up on your body. Many of you might still question yourself - "Why on the earth do I need to burn fat? I look chubby and cute!" Well, the problem is not with the looks but in the functioning of your internal system which gets affected with excess fat deposition. It's not just the fat cells that start malfunctioning, but you may experience high blood pressure, hardening of arteries, heart problems like strokes, diabetes, and even death due to severe impact on your heart. I bet you cannot ignore this fact. Period.


Authenticity and effectiveness are two major concerns in the dietary supplement industry. Coming from the house of Jacked Factory, a reliable brand operating since 2006, Burn XT is a highly efficacious fat burner that produces noticeable changes in the first week itself. 

Burn XT capsules are a blend of 5 strategic and clinically proven ingredients that are increasingly becoming a part of sports nutrition programs these days. On top of everything, Burn XT is an affordable weight loss solution compared to other high-quality thermogenic fat burners on the market. 

However, affordability of products is not the only factor you should consider when you trying to burn fat. Two major shortcomings of Burn XT are the lack of some highly potent fat-burning ingredients and the increasing concerns about its side effects. 

The bottom line is that anything that you plan to ingest should be reliable, safe, and effective. Any compromise with either of these requirements can have very adverse repercussions. To ensure that you embark on an all-round weight-loss journey with significant results and no negative health impacts, choosing a fat burner like PhenQ will be the wisest decision. 

PhenQ capsules are prepared after extensive research and are known to produce fast results. Moreover, they are not associated with any major side effects, and the customer reviews are also extremely positive. Thus, if you want to shed those extra kilos, do it the right way with PhenQ. 

Comparison- Burn XT VS PhenQ

Let's just make the decision-making process a bit easier for you!

Burn XT

Faster Results

Cognitive Benefits

Pronounced Side Effects

Increase energy

Boosts mood

Reduce appetite

B- Vitamins


PhenQ is more available in market than Burn XT

Product Guarantee

 60-day guarantee for PhenQ. No official product gurantee for Burn XT


$29.99 for 60 capsules

$69.95 for 1 bottle


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