Dark Energy Pre-Workout Review

Updated on  January 1, 2023

The intense pre-workout formula, Dark Energy pre-workout, has returned to the market once again. Fitness freaks are already behind it to fuel their workouts, get in shape and increase their stamina. However, most people do not know this energy drink got banned by the FDA due to the presence of some powerful stimulants that are too strong for the human body system, causing adverse effects.

If you plan to try Dark Energy pre-workout to achieve the best workouts, you may have many questions. Whether it is safe or not? How much should you consume in a day? How did it get banned?

This article is the right spot for all your answers. We have compiled all the necessary information about the Dark Energy pre-workout, including how it works, its ingredients, and more. So keep on reading to know more.  

What Is Dark Energy Pre-Workout, And How Does It Work?

Dark Energy Pre-workout is a formula rich in protein-stimulating ingredients. It contains 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA), an amphetamine derivative that increases stamina [1]. The Dark Energy pre-workout claims to enhance athletic performance by providing an extra boost, increasing muscle oxygenation, and improving mental clarity.

Magnitude Life Sciences produced Dark Energy by adding different nootropics, amphetamine derivatives, stimulants, and amino acids. These work together to boost physical performance by delivering an extra dose of energy. It provides high energy stimulation, but it is too strong for average athletes who take light supplements.

The main action site of Dark Energy pre-workout is the central nervous system. As it enters the body, it sends an energy burst to the CNS, increasing your workout stamina, enhancing focus, and bringing positivity to your mood. Therefore, with Dark Energy, you can enjoy your workout without getting fatigued.

Dark Energy Ingredients

The product has already been controversial over the past few years; still, we are here with a list of ingredients for you that Magnitude Life has listed on the container ingredient label.

For 1 scoop (1 serving) of the DMAA pre-workout, the amounts of ingredients are mentioned in the table:



L Citrulline Malate

6000 mg


 3200 mg


 2000 mg

DMHA (2-Aminoisoheptane)  

 200 mg

DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine)  

 60 mg


 750 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous    

 400 mg


 50 mg

Let's dive deeper into the main components on the ingredient label:


According to the label, a scoop of Dark Energy contains 750mg of DMAE, a popular pre-workout ingredient and precursor of a choline molecule. This ingredient has profound cognitive effects on the brain [2] and allows you to focus on your workout during gym sessions.


200 mg of DMHA is included in one scoop, roughly equal to one serving. It helps deliver an energy boost and increases stamina for the workout [3].


One serving of Dark Energy pre-workout gives you 60mg of DMAA, a sister chemical of DMHA. It gives you a sudden dose of energy to fuel up your workout at the gym and enhances focus [4].


GABA is unique to this pre-workout and not usually found in other energy drinks. It targets your happy hormones and releases them to give you a sudden mood elevation [5]. Hence, it relaxes your mind and creates positive feelings to motivate you during challenging workouts.


A single serving of Dark Energy offers 3.2 grams of the amino acid Beta-Alanine. It produces a tingling feeling in your body. Alone, this ingredient has a minimal effect, but when combined with others, it delivers maximum performance and helps reduce muscle fatigue for prolonged workout sessions [6].

Other ingredients

The 400 mg of caffeine and 6 grams of L-Citrulline Malate [7] in the Dark Energy pre-workout supplement provide ample energy and keep you active during high-intensity workouts.

Benefits of Dark Energy Pre-Workout

Dark Energy pre-workout is specially made for fitness enthusiasts because it contains significant amounts of powerful stimulants. This pre-workout supplement contains various protein derivatives that are not found in common pre-workouts by various supplement companies. It has pure DMAA, which enhances stamina and keeps the body fueled during workouts.

Dark Energy pre-workout is rich in caffeine that keeps the mind focused and body engaged. The best thing about this product is the GABA ingredient that acts on GABA receptors to release happy hormones to keep your body relaxed and mental stress away. Though there are large amounts of potent compounds in this product, it is still one of the best workout supplements for gaining muscles rapidly.

Why was Dark Energy banned?

Dark Energy pre-workout was banned in November 2021 because it contained DMAA and DMHA, potent stimulants that increase energy. DMAA is thought to be beneficial for muscle building, but in reality, it is not. It is a dangerous, powerful stimulant for consumption when taken in high doses. It has significant adverse effects like hypertension, shortness of breath, chest pains, cardiac arrest, etc. when taken in high doses [8].

Moreover, Dark Energy pre-workout caffeine content is enough to declare it unsafe for use. Too much caffeine anhydrous is not suitable for human consumption as it can lead to addiction and anxiety [9]. Therefore, due to the high amounts of potent stimulants in this Magnitude Life Sciences product, Dark Energy pre-workout became a banned substance.

How did Dark Energy return to the market?

For a long time, Dark Energy remained invisible from the market. However, now it is available with the same formula but with different packaging. Dark Matter pre-workout was this product's old name that returned to the market with the new name Dark Energy.

This pre-workout supplement by Magnitude Life Sciences product is not being sold openly because of the health hazards associated with human consumption. It stands out from the rest of the pre-workout supplements for being a research product with a high dosage of potent stimulants. That is why fitness enthusiasts take it as a supplement for hardcore pre-workout.

Dark Energy Pre-Workout for Gym Goers

Gym goers can include Dark Energy in the list of their pre-workout supplements if they have had experience with potent compounds previously. The powder starts working after 15 minutes and provides a boost kick of energy and mood elevation. It is excellent for people who go for high-intensity training and weight lifting. So, for a solid pre-workout routine Dark Energy is the best choice for gymgoers who want more reps of their hardcore exercises.

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How to Use Dark Energy Pre-Workout?

Though, at first, the Dark Energy pre-workout was introduced just for research purposes, people have started consuming it as a dietary supplement. According to professional dosing guidance, the correct way to use this energy supplement is to take one serving (1 scoop full is the standard dose) 20 minutes before the workout.

Dark Energy comes in six flavors: Blast Research, Purple Research, Rocket Research, Tropical Research, Gummy Research, and Orange Research.

Dark Energy pre-workout is not for beginners because it can cause serious side effects, but they can try starting with half a scoop.

Pros and Cons of Dark Energy Pre-Workout


  • Provide significant energy with potent stimulants.
  • Citrulline malate maintains energy and reduces fatigue.
  • Potent stimulant DMAA provides stamina for workouts.
  • Boosts workout intensity.
  • Provides laser focus.
  • Excellent choice for fat burners.


  • This Pre-workout supplement is not ideal for beginners.
  • It has adverse effects on cardiac and respiratory health.
  • Powerful stimulants pass the blood-brain barrier and affect CNS functioning.

Side Effects of Dark Energy Pre-Workout

Dark Energy is one of the most potent DMAA pre-workouts that combat mood swings and give a massive dose of energy. Still, the FDA issued warning letters to the company in the past. This research product is not fit for consumption considering the number of adverse symptoms it can cause [10].

DMAA is the main ingredient, but consuming it orally in small doses does not affect heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism [11]. However, some studies have reported that consuming it before wrecked extreme workouts can cause cerebral hemorrhage [11]. Other complications include hypertension, respiratory insufficiency, angina, and cardiac arrest.

Moreover, the caffeine anhydrous present in this supplement can lead to addiction and extreme jitters. While DMAA in Dark Energy pre-workout boosts energy levels, it can also lead to a massive crash. However, the personal experience of trainers declares it unfit for people with low tolerance as it can cause severe health complications.

Alternative Pre-Workout Supplements For Dark Energy Pre-Workout

Soon after the launch of Dark Energy, many pre-workout supplements started making their way to market. Supplement companies used the formula of this DMAA pre-workout by Magnitude Life Sciences to produce various dietary supplements. However, the main difference is the amount of DMAA being used.

Some alternatives that you can use instead of the Dark Energy pre-workout supplement include:

  • Stim junkie pre-workout
  • Pre phase pre-workout
  • El Jefe pre-workout
  • Red bull

But are these alternatives to the Dark Energy supplement effective or not? Well, the answer is no. Since they contain very low or no DMAA, they can provide energy but not for intense workouts.

Though these supplements like Dark Energy pre-workout help you get a shaped body, they are not safe for your body. Long time use of these stimulants can lead to various nervous issues and increase the chances of getting a stroke and heart attack. Therefore, it is recommended to seek medical advice before adding them to your pre-workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Dark Energy?

The answer to this question is yet controversial because not every consumer has the same tolerance levels. Long-term use of Dark Energy is not recommended because it interferes with the body's normal functioning.

Beginners should stay away from it; however, people who take powerful supplements can use a single scoop before starting exercise.

What is the price of DMAA pre-workout Dark Energy?

The best price at which Dark Energy is being sold is $50 per container. One serving of this supplement is equal to a single scoop, and the container has 30 scoops in total. That means you would get 30 servings when you buy it once.

Are alternatives to Dark Energy safe to use?

Not all alternatives to Dark Energy are safe to use as most of them contain harmful DMAA that results in health complications while delivering energy. The difference between them is the number of ingredients used in their manufacturing. They all provide exercise stimulation but should not be consumed for long times.

Final Verdict

The manufacturer of Dark Energy has declared it a research product because DMAA is illegal to use in dietary supplements and is not suitable for human health. So, if you are planning to try this pre-workout, it is better to consult a health-specialist first to rule out any side effects you might face.


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