Does Pre-Workout Go Bad?

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Do you buy pre-workout supplements? If so, do you know if they expire? It might be hard to remember the last time you took your supplements, but it is important. Sometimes pre-workouts can go bad and you or your gym bag could be in for a nasty surprise.

In this article, we will cover how to tell if your pre-workout supplement has gone bad and how to avoid it. Tips and tricks for keeping your pre-workouts safe from going bad. How to take care of your supplements so they last longer.

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Does Pre-Workout Expire?

Are pre-workout supplements can expire like protein powders or other dietary supplements? Yes, they are like any supplement your take.

The chances of your pre-workout going bad are not very high, but it can happen if you don't use them in time. There is no set time limit for how long it takes to go bad, so if there is a use-by date on the tub you should use the product before that date. It's not worth taking a chance of getting sick by taking expired supplements.

The main reason why your pre-workout can go bad is because of how the product was stored. Did you leave it in your hot car? Did you leave it somewhere humid and muggy? This can cause bacteria and other bad stuff to grow and contaminate the product.

How to Tell If Your Pre-Workout Is Expired?

It is easy to tell when a pre-workout supplement has gone bad. The main way is to look at the date on the tub, but other clues can indicate this as well.

The expiration date on the tub is an indication that your product may have been opened and/or used. The expiration date could be anywhere from 6 months to 5 years in the future.

The signs of pre-workout supplement expiration are:

Color change: The color of your supplements may fade/change over time. This color change could either be caused by exposure to heat or humidity or by contamination with bacteria or mold.

Taste change: Your supplements may have a different taste throughout the expiration date. An ingredient may have oxidized, gone rancid, or otherwise changed in product quality.

Irritability/sensation: Some ingredients may start to irritate your throat or stomach, causing you to experience nausea or other sensations. This could also be caused by bacterial growth in your old pre-workout.

Athletic performance decrease: You may experience decreased energy or strength during your workouts, which could cause you to not reach your weight loss or muscle gain goals. The product may also leave you less focused than usual.

Clumpy: A clumpy pre-workout supplement is a sign of bacteria growth. Your water-based pre-workout supplement might have gone bad if it is clumpy, dries too quickly, or forms into a solid mass.

Is It Safe To Drink Expired Pre-Workout Supplements?

The short answer is "no" for two reasons.

One, the potency of the ingredients may start to diminish over time, which will alter your body's natural processes and alter the way your workout goes. [1]

Two, you could experience health risks that can be very serious. Some ingredients may contain a chemical compound that is toxic to humans if consumed in large amounts. [1]

We will discuss some possible side effects of pre-workouts in this article, but it is important to note that these symptoms could also be caused by other factors, such as eating toxic food or contaminants in general.

To summarize, you should never consume a pre-workout if it has gone bad because its quality has decreased.

Does Pre-Workout Will Expire Faster Once the Package Is Opened?

Yes, it will expire faster once the package has been opened. Anything that has been previously used will expire faster than if it were unopened. Leaving your supplements unopened is the best way to keep them fresh.

You should also avoid keeping your pre-workout in places where it could come into direct contact with sunlight or moisture. Avoid keeping these supplements in your bathroom cabinet near hot showers, for example.

How to Keep Your Pre-Workouts From Going Bad?

There are two ways to keep your products from going bad: labeling and storage.


Labeling: Some pre-workout supplement manufacturers do labels on their products, but others do not. If you buy a pre-workout supplement from a store, make sure it is labeled appropriately. This is a must according to FDA standards. [2]


Storage: Always keep your pre-workout supplements in airtight containers away from heat, light, moisture, or direct sunlight. Do not leave them in your gym bag or throw them into the back of the car with the rest of your gym supplies after using them. Store them in their original packaging in a cool, dry location. [3]

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Your product mustn't be expired so you can get the most out of it. Your product's potency will decrease over time and will eventually become harmful to your body if it has gone bad. Most manufacturers will print expiration dates on their products, but some do not. Based on this date, you should always assume it's expired.

Pre-workout supplements should be stored in a dark, cool place to maintain freshness. Don't store them in direct sunlight or close to a heating source. If you accidentally mix a product that has expired, you should discard it as soon as possible and avoid drinking it.

If you have any questions about which products to purchase or if your products have gone bad, feel free to leave a comment below.


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