Why Is Your Pre-Workout Not Working?

Updated on  February 25, 2023
William Toro

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The pre-workout supplement industry has become a booming industry in recent years. A lot of people want the benefits that these supplements offer; they want their muscles to get bigger and stronger, or they want to be able to continue working out more intensely.

They often hear about how pre-workouts will help them achieve these goals, but unfortunately, this isn't always true.

There are so many different types of pre-workouts on the market that it can sometimes be hard for new users to know which one is best for them. It's understandable if you've never tried a pre-workout before, and you're just looking for some guidance on what might work best.

The thing is, not all pre-workouts are created equal. Some work better than others, and some even come with some major side effects.

In this article, we will break down why is your pre-workout not working. There are many reasons for this, and they happen in different ways. We will go over them all in order to help you get the most out of your workout.

The 8 Reasons Why Are Pre-Workouts Not Working



You need to stay hydrated when you are planning on exercising or just working out in general. [1]

However, it is also really important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you are not getting enough water in your body, then this can result in a poor performance with pre-workout supplements as well.

You should drink at least eight glasses of water every day to ensure that you are staying hydrated all of the time with optimal results from your products. [2]


The timing

Another reason for your pre-workout supplements not working as well as they should is that they are not being used properly. You might be taking them at the wrong time of the day, or you may be taking too little for it to work properly with your body.

You must also take into account that if you are taking the pre-workout supplement too late at night, then it probably will not work well for you either. This can lead to the side effects when taking the pre-workout.

It is best if you take your pre-workout supplement about 30 minutes to an hour before you plan on exercising. This will give it enough time to kick in and start working before performing physical activity.


You Don't Have the Recommended Dosage

Too little, too much, or the wrong dosage of a pre-workout supplement can cause it to not work. Sometimes, there are people who take more than the recommended dosage of an ingredient in their pre-workout and this can result in unwanted side effects.

Each pre-workout is different from the next when it comes to dosage. You need to follow the manufacturer's recommended dosage, or you won't get the results that you want from your pre-workout. Most of them will tell you how much to take per day, and this is usually going to be in terms of servings.


Pre-Workout Overuse

Some people assume that they will continue to take more and more of a supplement or pill because they believe they need more and more of it until they start getting better results. However, this is not the best way to go about using a supplement because in some cases it can give you a temporary boost in energy and then result in you crashing later on in the day.


Pre-Workout is Expired

First and foremost, you need to check the expiration date on the bottle. Just because it's still there, doesn't mean that it will work effectively any more. If it's expired, then there is a very good chance that your pre-workout won't be working as effectively as it could.

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Your Pre-Workout Supplement Has Poor Quality

Another reason why pre-workouts might not be working well is because the product you are using has poor quality. The quality of your pre-workout will affect how well it works for you and the results that you will get.

You should only buy pre-workout supplements that are manufactured by reputable supplement companies that have been in business for many years. This will ensure that they have had enough time to perfect their products by providing high quality products with high dosage formulas.


Vitamin Deficiencies

It is also possible to use your pre-workout supplement without having the proper vitamins or nutrients it needs to work properly with your body.

Some people use these pre-workout supplements because they believe it will help them get the nutrients they need. However, since their body does not have enough of the vitamins or nutrients needed to make it work, your body will not be able to properly use the pre-workout supplement either.


A Chemical Imbalance

Sometimes, people’s bodies react poorly to certain components in their pre-workout supplement. This is especially the case with some of the more expensive pre-workout supplements. A chemical imbalance can cause a variety of symptoms, including headaches, nausea, and upset stomachs.

What to Do When Pre-Workout Supplements Stop Working

If you are taking pre-workout supplements that are not working for you, then there are some things that you can do to increase the amount of results that you will get.

If you are faced with the fact that your supplement does not work, try one of the following:

Add Other Ingredients

If your pre-workout does not seem to be working through many other means, then other ingredients in the product might be causing this problem instead.

Adding other ingredients such as caffeine, L-Citrulline, and others will make your pre-workout supplement work more effectively. [3] However, you should follow the recommended dosages to avoid side effects.

Buy Another Pre-Workout

There are tons of different pre-workout supplements on the market today. Many are very popular, but some aren't so popular. If one doesn't work for you, then it's time to try the next one. It doesn't hurt to try out some of the less well known brands to find something that works better for your body.

We have already compiled lists of pre-workouts that work. You can check them here:


Pre-workout supplements are some of the most popular supplements on the market today. They are packed full of different ingredients that are designed to give you energy, build muscle, and increase your endurance so that you can crush every workout session that you have with them.

There are differences between all of these products, but they're all built to achieve the same thing which is to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you're not getting results then it may just be because this supplement isn't working for you or maybe because your body doesn't require this product to reach its full potential.

It's important that you follow all of the directions that come with your pre-workout, drink plenty of water when using it, and always use an apple or orange with it. There are tons of different brands available on the market today. Some are better than others, so you want to make sure to do your research before buying something. You can get really good results from these supplements if you use them properly.

William Toro

William Toro ‧ CPT & Nutritionist

William is a certified personal trainer from NASM, he has also been a rehab physiologist for sports persons. He has more than 15 years of experience training people. And has featured in multiple publications like FoxNews, CNBC, Bustle, and other. 


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