Psychotic Pre-Workout Review And Its Better Alternative

Updated on  January 1, 2023

Most gym junkies must have heard of Psychotic pre workout, the name it self sounds crazy for the average joe who visits the gym. But today we thought of doing detailed review of the same. 

Lot of members use psychotic and so have our trainers tried out the same.

Though, there are many pre-workouts available on the market today. Each supplement is made from a different blend of ingredients, which helps fitness enthusiasts to reach their goals quickly. Insane Labz psychotic pre-workout is one example of a supplement with a proprietary blend with secretive on its ingredient mix . This psychotic pre-workout review talks in detail about the product. Read further to learn all about it!

What Is Psychotic Pre-Workout?

Psychotic is a product by Labz, a blend of unique ingredients forming a pre-workout supplement specifically for bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders have claimed psychotic blend as one of their favorite pre-workouts among numerous prop blends available, and some have even said it to be the only thing that fulfills their goals. Therefore, it is a bit different from mainstream pre-training powders.

It is one of the strongest pre-workout proprietary blends of selective ingredients to ensure your strength and endurance are exponentially more than without the supplement. Insane Labz psychotic pre-workout formula can last for 3 hours, providing increased energy to ensure that you enjoy your workout to the maximum. Psychotic pre-workout will allow you to work harder in the gym. 

What Is Included In The Psychotic Pre-Workout?

You should take psychotic pre-workout supplements 20 to 30 minutes before a weight training session. This prop blend is packed with many high-octane ingredients, further explained in this psychotic pre-workout review, with numerous benefits to improve your training session. It improves your focus, increases your endurance, and increases your focus and strength. Some main ingredients are; 


An essential pre-workout ingredient, beta-alanine is found in almost all the essential supplements for weight loss or muscle building. It is an essential protein (a long chain of amino acids) linked with helping the body during anaerobic respiration. (2)

Anaerobic respiration is when the body releases energy without the availability of oxygen (occurs mainly during intensive exercising). Lactic acid is a byproduct of anaerobic respiration, which causes muscle soreness and exhaustion.

Beta-alanine neutralizes this lactic acid and improves your strength, endurance, and overall performance while making you feel great after an intense workout session. (3)

Caffeine Anhydrous: 

Caffeine is the base ingredient of any great pre-workout. It reduces fatigue and alerts you instantly, kicking away any laziness and exhaustion you may be feeling.

It also has fat-burning properties, along with improving your overall focus. Caffeine anhydrous means without water, and it is a high dose of caffeine compared to a regular cup of coffee and hence includes more powerful responses than coffee.

Caffeine anhydrous is also a central nervous system stimulant belonging to the methylxanthine class. It reaches your brain and takes the place of adenosine. On the one hand, adenosine is a depressing agent that makes you feel lethargic and sleepy. Coffee is an opposing agent acting as a vasoconstrictor (constricting blood vessels to adenosine). Then it activates your body by providing energy and making you active. (4)

In psychotic pre-workout, there are 300 milligrams; in psychotic gold, 400 milligrams of caffeine are present, which is more than a mediocre fat burner.

Creatine Monohydrate: 

Another essential ingredient to take before an intense workout session is creatine monohydrate. It is an integral part of most supplements, including psychotic. 

It is broken down into a chemical component called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is the primary energy source for the cell and is often referred to as the cell's energy currency. Therefore, ATPs provide you with more energy. Hence, the better the workout, the more advanced the fat burning.

Fulvic acid is also an essential component in ATP production. Fulvic acid and creatine monohydrate increase the production of ATP for enhanced performance and overall energy.

Muscle building, compared to fat loss, is a goal that requires you to put in more work in the gym when lifting weight and hence need more energy. Insane Labz psychotic is a supplement for muscle building that includes an essential dose of creatine monohydrate, which provides long-lasting energy and decreases muscle soreness after a workout. (5)

Huperzine A: 

Huperzine A belongs to the group of ingredients associated with boosting brain function. It improves your ability to focus while learning and remembering new exercises. 

Moreover, Huperzine A increases acetylcholine production, increasing muscle-to-brain function and improving overall focus during the workout.

What Does Psychotic Pre-Workout Do?

woman sipping on purple tumbler

Pre-workout is a unique blend of ingredients that are the best when you need some support for your goal of gaining and maintaining muscle mass. In order to achieve your goal, intense workout sessions are required, including weight-lifting that targets different muscles in your body. Moreover, you should include these weight-lifting sessions at least 4 times a week.

While you may get all your calories, macro and micro-ingredients, and essential vitamins and minerals through your diet, it is essential to be in the best mental and physical form. A psychotic pre-workout will do that for you. 

All pre-workout supplements are full of the essential ingredients for cognitive functions. 

Psychotic pre-workout has certain hand-picked ingredients needed explicitly for weight training.

The main difference between ingredients included in a simple pre-workout and psychotic pre-workout is clear: the goal. Both are taken before hitting the gym, but the training sessions are different. 

While people looking to build muscle and lose weight can have pre-workout supplements, psychotic pre-workout is created for people looking to further increase their muscle growth. Hence where a usual workout is a blend of weight training and cardio, the muscle-focused workout is more based on weight training. Therefore, it is distinct from a typical pre-workout.

Psychotic pre-workout consists of everything needed to upgrade your gym session and make you feel great afterward. The inclusion of caffeine makes you alert and awake and chases away any laziness. Moreover, the Huperzine A increases the muscle-brain connection helping you focus and improve memory.

Beta-alanine ensures minimum lactic acid build, which puts less strain on your liver and decreases muscle soreness (during workout). The solution to the muscular pain you feel after an intense session is creatine monohydrate because it increases the energy during the session and calms the muscles afterward. 

What Are The Different Flavors Of Psychotic Pre-Workout? 

Natural and artificial flavors are an essential part of any pre-workout. The main reason for adding artificial flavors to pre-workouts is to make them taste good. Similarly, the Insane Labz psychotic can be found in two delicious flavors: grape and fruit punch.

These flavors are another positive aspect of Insane Labz psychotic because you look forward to drinking them and getting a refreshing taste and energy simultaneously.

Diet restrictions do not give much room for artificial sugar and juice, and getting a bit of healthy grape or fruit punch is the best thing possible.

How To Use Psychotic Pre-workout?

black and red tumbler on brown wooden table

Insane Labz psychotic's one serving should be taken in 8 to 10 oz water. It should be consumed at least 30 minutes before activity, and abstain from consumption at least 4 hours before sleeping.

It is a dietary supplement for adults and should not be consumed by children and teenagers (under 18). It would be best to keep in mind that no more than one serving is consumed within 24 hours. 

The Insane Labz psychotic supplement contains more than enough caffeine content to fuel your workout, so do not consume caffeine from other sources like tea or coffee. 

Please read the warning on the packaging before proceeding with the use and consult a doctor regarding any conditions pregnancy and blood pressure as caffeine increases blood pressure.

What Is The Difference Between Insane Labz Psychotic and Psychotic Gold?

Both Insane Labz Psychotic and Psychotic Gold pre-workout are the product of the same company and are made for the same purpose; to provide tremendous energy before heading for an intense workout session—the only difference between the two remains at the base level of ingredients.

They are classified as two of the most potent pre-workout, the common ingredients that both psychotic and psychotic gold share are; beta-alanine, caffeine anhydrous, amp berry, and oxygold. 

The ingredients that psychotic pre-workout contains are creatine monohydrate, DMAE, and Huperzine A. 

On the other hand, psychotic gold contains citrulline malate, caffeine citrate, and agmatine (citrate contains citric acid).

Both psychotic and psychotic gold have the same use, but the intensity differs due to the different ingredients. Pre-workout psychotic is the pre-workout base, and psychotic gold has a few extra ingredients.

Should you buy Psychotic or there are better alternatives?

Alternatives To Pre-Workout Psychotic

Transparent Labs Bulk Pre-workout

Bulk is an exceptional pre-workout supplement produced by a Utah-based company- Transparent Labs. 

This pre-workout is specially created for athletes, bodybuilders, and gymgoers. It is filled with ingredients that will pump you up within 20 minutes of its consumption.

The specific hand-picked ingredients are a great help in boosting your performance, reducing fatigue, and decreasing muscular fatigue. 

Transparent Labs Bulk is a proprietary blend; therefore, you get an idea of the ingredients added and the exact amount of those ingredients. This will help you in deciding the dosage according to your needs.

In addition, TL Bulk has undergone third-party testing that ensures that all the ingredients are safe and highly effective.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pre-workout filled with all the essential ingredients that will help you boost your performance in your athletic journey, Bulk is the one to try.


Transparent Labs Bulk comprises 19 natural ingredients free of additives, sweeteners, and artificial coloring. Additionally, it is vegan-friendly and gluten-free with low calories.

Let us look at the ingredients added in TL Bulk pre-workout and the effect each workout has on booting energy;


The 4000mg of beta-alanine helps increase muscular endurance and decrease muscular fatigue. It is an ingredient that helps fight the onset of lactic acid and increases the amount of exercise.


TL Bulk contains 1300 milligrams of taurine, eliminating chances of muscle damage and decreasing fatigue. (6)

Taurine is one of the natural amino acids found in many foods and is a great supplement for strenuous exercises.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline malate is an ingredient that helps increase blood flow while decreasing blood pressure. Citrulline malate is a vasodilator that helps increase oxygen flow to the muscle cells. (7)

Increasing oxygen helps enhance energy formation and, therefore, gym performance. The 6000 mg of this ingredient is enough to help you through your workout.


BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids that are one of the significant pre-workout ingredients. TL Bulk has 4000 mg of BCAAs, which help improve overall exercise performance by decreasing the onset of muscular fatigue and increasing energy to perform better. (8)

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is coffee without water; 180 mg of this pre-workout ingredient is more than enough to energize and alert you.


The 360 mg of L-theanine helps in muscle growth. L-theanine is an amino acid, and amino acids are essential for increasing muscle. 

So the inclusion of these specific ingredients helps in your goals of bodybuilding. 

Pros Of TL Bulk

  • It has vegan and gluten-free ingredients.
  • This pre-workout has undergone third-party testing, ensuring the effectiveness of its ingredients.
  • It is a great pre-workout that helps in muscular growth.
  • This pre-workout has all the information about its ingredients along with its grammage.

Cons Of TL Bulk

  • It is an expensive supplement.

Kaged Pre-Workout

Here is a comparative analysis between pre-workout psychotic and its alternative supplement, Kaged pre-workout.


Pre-workout Psychotic

Kaged Pre-Workout

Third-Party Testing



Inclusion Of BCAAs



Wide Variety of Flavors



Proprietary Blend






Increasing Muscle




Insane Labz psychotic pre-workout is a unique blend to fulfill all your athletic fantasies. However, you should use it in moderation and not for more than 8 weeks. It is a great supplement to provide that additional energy boost before going to the gym or heading towards a tough day at work or a day full of classes.

No matter what the reason, the effect would be the same. It would keep you sharp and focused on taking the challenging day head-on! We hope you found this psychotic pre-workout review helpful.  



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