Relacore Review: Is It Really Effective For Weight Loss?

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I've never believed in quick fixes when it comes to health. Losing weight and burning fat requires a dedicated effort and a lot of determination. Regular exercise and mindful eating are the only concrete ways to lose weight.

As the name suggests, supplements are add-ons that support your weight-loss journey and give it a boost. If you've ever tried to shed some extra kilos off your body, you must have felt the need for a similar boost that could simply help you expedite the results. 

I can say this with complete responsibility, that a reliable weight-loss product can surely help you extract better results from your workout. But the irony is, that finding that 'reliable' fat burner is sometimes the biggest roadblock. 


This does not mean that there are no trustworthy fat burners in the market today. Relacore is emerging as a comprehensive weight-loss solution that even takes care of your nourishment quite well. 

If you've heard a lot of buzz about Relacore lately, and want to know what it's all about, here's my detailed Relacore review to make things clear. A complete assessment of its composition, benefits, and shortcomings based on thorough market research and personal experiences. Read till the end for everything you need to know about the Relacore fat burner. 

Quick Summary


Relacore is a slimming product containing weight-loss pills manufactured by The Carter-Reed Company. The main objective of these tablets is to tackle stress-related obesity. 

The biggest benefit of the Relacore weight-loss supplement is that it has a brilliant nutrient profile (Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, etc.), and reduces stress levels effectively. 

It relies heavily on B-Vitamins for regulating the synthesis of serotonin and nor-epinephrine.[1] Moreover, the proprietary blend is a highlight of the Relacore weight-loss supplement which is dominated by herbs used in traditional medicine. 

The research data and evidence in support of the proprietary blend's effectiveness in weight reduction are scanty. Moreover, the background and details of the manufacturer are also not available easily. 

The product does not contain any caffeine, and no major side effects are reported. However, few of the most potent weight-loss ingredients like Capsimax are missing. 

There is no doubt that the kind of nourishment, immunity-boosting, and stress-reduction benefits that Relacore provides are unparalleled. Still, if you feel that some qualities of an all-round weight-loss product are missing, you can try other reliable products like PhenQ. 

The most trusted fat burner in the market today, PhenQ is rated as the best overall weight-loss solution which takes care of both fat burning and nourishment, and has tonnes of clinical evidence to support its efficacy.



Relacore is a popular over-the-counter supplement sold by US-based manufacturer Carter and Reed. Any Relacore review that you read online will be incomplete without the mention of its effects on reducing anxiety and fatigue. What is worth noting is that it provides these benefits even though there are no stimulants like caffeine added in the core mix.

The product is based on the ideology that stress leads to rising levels of cortisol in the blood, and a consequence of stress is the accumulation of fat in different areas of the body, especially in females.[2] Therefore, having ingredients that reduce stress and manage its ill effects very effectively, Relacore promotes weight loss and fat burning.

A comparison with other fat-burning products, including the top caffeine-free fat burners like BurnLab Pro reveals that Relacore has a much better nutritional profile with judicious Vitamin B and vitamin C quantities. Besides, it is probably the best fat burner out there when it comes to dealing with stress-related issues.

The Relacore Fat burner is owned and manufactured by the Carter-Reed company which operates from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America. Information and details about the company available in the public domain are very scarce. 


  • Excellent Nutrients Profile
  • Boosts immunity
  • Targeted removal of belly fat
  • Promotes relaxation
  • All-natural ingredients are used in making the proprietary blend.


  • Satisfactory research data in support of the proprietary blend is not available. 
  • Not much is known about the company- Carter-Reed
  • Herbs in the proprietary blend are not commonly used in fat burning products, and produce varied side effects. 
  • Patients already on antidepressants have reported serious complications after consuming the Relacore weight-loss solution. 
  • The official website mentions the presence of titanium dioxide in the mix under the 'Other Ingredients' section. It is considered a carcinogen by some. 

What to Check Before Buying a Fat Burner? 

A significant percentage of the world's population is now under the obese category. As per WHO estimates, in 2016 more than 39% of the adult world population was overweight.[3] In addition, 13% of the world's adults were obese in 2016. The fact that obesity is a direct determinant and influencer for lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, and many others is a reason big enough for you to lose fat, and lose it fast enough. However, you know it as well as I do, that exercising and making dietary changes alone can reap results, but they might take quite a lot of time to become evident. All these point towards the fact that we really need supplements that can boost our metabolism, so that we burn more calories and lose weight faster. 


Clinical Evidence and Data

Since things have gone online and people check and buy products through these means more often than not, it has somewhat become a compulsion for the manufacturers of fat-burning products to provide conclusive data from clinical trials on their websites. As a potential customer, you must check the research data provided by the manufacturers. 

There might be cases where you will not find sufficient or relevant clinical evidence that supports the claims made by the manufacturer. It is therefore a clear red flag, and you should identify it straight away. 



Sufficient research has been conducted by experts across the globe to identify ingredients that certainly have the potential to boost metabolism, help you burn more calories, and eventually reduce body weight. The absence of any such ingredients or the presence of newer ingredients for which the research data or evidence is not provided should make you reconsider the option. 


Customer Reviews

If you choose to buy a fat loss product online, it would be better to go through the customer reviews once before placing the order. Customers who have tried the product can provide insights about the real-time usage and benefits and difficulties of consuming the product. Moreover, the customer is the real judge of the efficacy of a product, and such authentic data can be accessed through genuine customer reviews on online shopping platforms like Amazon. 

The ideal customers for fat loss products are those adults who have entered the obese category as per their BMI and need to lose weight faster so that they can bring their health parameters under control. Besides this, women who are pregnant or lactating mothers should mandatorily avoid consuming weight-loss products. Moreover, kids and teens below the age of 18 should not opt for such supplements, and focus on exercising and making dietary changes to reduce weight. 

Features, Benefits, and Cons

The Ingredients

One of the most attractive features of this mixture is the presence of a wide range of ingredients with separate utilities and functions.

Vitamin C

You will seldom find a fat-burning product that also focuses on improving the vitamin C levels of the body. With a judicious amount of Vitamin C in every tablet, the mixture helps in boosting immunity and keep the cortisol levels under control to help you manage stress efficiently. [4]

Thiamine Hydrochloride

The presence of thiamine hydrochloride in a fat burner like Relacore is primarily because it is responsible for increasing the usage of carbohydrates inside the body to liberate energy. This way, the body tends to burn more calories with thiamine vitamin supplementation and therefore, the mixture is able to produce significant weight loss effects in the long run. 

The presence of ingredients like thiamine hydrochloride helps in reducing stress-related depression and keeps the consumer motivated, besides fulfilling the main objective of losing weight faster. [5]


Biotin is yet another impactful B vitamin that is also responsible for increasing the utilization of carbohydrates and breaking them down to release energy. Not just by making carbohydrates available for burning calories, biotin is quite helpful in controlling blood sugar levels as well in Diabetic patients. 

Moreover, Biotin is considered a structural nutrient for the hair, and therefore Relacore can be a great supplement for those who are suffering from hair loss alongside obesity. [6]

Other B Vitamins

Other vitamins from the crucial Vitamin B complex that is present in the Relacore weight loss solution are Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and Folate. All these ingredients are present in smaller amounts, but their role in stimulating the nervous system and reducing the effects of stress are highly potent. Moreover, their action on the systemic utilization of carbohydrates for releasing more energy is also quite significant. In all, the vitamin B ingredients of Relacore help in improving cognition, burning more calories to lose weight and keeping the overall body state healthy. 

Relacore Proprietary Blend

The following ingredients have been mixed and added to boost the Relacore weight loss solution:

Ginseng Root

Ginseng is a traditional Asian herb, which is considered a natural fat burner. The manufacturers claim that quantifiable results in research analysis have been obtained that support the role of ginseng in weight loss. Apart from this, Ginseng has an active role to play in lowering blood sugar levels. The functions of ginseng in boosting metabolism are widely recognized in ayurvedic practices.

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia Bark is a common antioxidant that also provides benefits of reducing inflammation, preventing cancer, and can also be used as an adjunct in treating postmenopausal problems in middle-aged women. Like all other natural ingredients present in this proprietary blend, the evidence to support the claim that Magnolia Bark is helpful in weight loss is still very scanty. 

Poria Extract

In Chinese medicine, the use of Poria Extract in treating anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, and headaches is quite evident. Moreover, it is believed that Poria is a natural weight-loss ingredient that acts by decreasing the absorption of ingested fat. Most experts believe that it is a plant extract that is more useful in improving the overall wellness of the body, as it keeps almost all body systems healthy. 

Chinese Skullcap Root

The Chinese Skullcap Root is another traditional ingredient that has been used in Chinese medicine for the last 1000 years. Its main purpose is to calm the nerves and reduce stress in all parts of the body. In the weight loss solution, the purpose of including the Chinese Skullcap Root is that it is also responsible for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels by increasing the burning rate of carbohydrates in the body.  

Other ingredients of the proprietary blend include:

Jujube Fruit Extract: date-like fruit, traditionally used in Chinese medicine as an antidepressant. 

Perilla leaf extract: Antidepressant leaf extracts with some antioxidant properties. 

Phosphatidylserine: Excellent traditional remedy for kids with ADHD. Reduces stress levels as well. 

Notable Features of Relacore

Belly Bulge Targeting

Since the Relacore weight-loss solution works towards reducing stress levels through almost all its core ingredients, the cortisol levels in the blood are controlled adequately. Therefore, the solution helps reduce stress-related belly-bulging and also provides higher energy levels so that the body is ready to work and push harder for burning more calories. 

Relaxant Actions

All the traditional ingredients that have been used in this mixture have anti-anxiety effects. They are antioxidants and are responsible for triggering the release of serotonin and dopamine in higher amounts. This way, these ingredients act as a stimulant for the mental processes thereby keeping the cognition better at all times. Moreover, with such stimulation, the effects of stress-related depression are diminished, and therefore, the body feels elated and no longer suffers from the consequences of mental fatigue. 

Other Features

These pills are considered the best when it comes to controlling anxiety and elevating the mood. Moreover, they are the number one choice for people who are suffering from stress-related obesity issues. 

The ingredients, labeling, and allergen warnings are as per the standards laid down by the United States government. However, they are not evaluated by the FDA for effectiveness, safety, etc., and are not meant for any diagnosis, treatment, or prevention-related functions. 

Benefits of Relacore

Reduces Stress Levels

Calling the Relacore a breakthrough anti-stress pill will not be wrong. The availability and production of the Vitamin B complex inside our bodies are not enough to regulate the synthesis of serotonin and norepinephrine very efficiently. With Relacore, we get a boosted mixture of all the Vitamin B complex ingredients which function by different mechanisms to improve the mood and reduce the effects of stress on the body. Particularly in women, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is associated with a lot of stress and the Relacore supplement is very important in managing that as well. 

Strong Nourishment

As stated before, our lifestyle and eating habits today have made our bodies somewhat deficient in Vitamin B complex. Importantly, most people can suffice by taking adequate amounts of supplements. However, the Vitamin B complex is not just important for the nervous system, it has a variety of other impacts on the digestive, musculoskeletal system, and even the excretory system, respectively. 

Lastly, good Vitamin B levels are associated with better levels of energy as well. So, complimenting the fat-burning ingredients with adequate amounts of vitamin B means that the body will gain a lot of energy with which it can work out or exercise for a longer time and burn more calories. 

Significant Reduction in Belly Fat

Studies have shown that increased stress levels ultimately lead to fat deposition in the abdominal area even in slender women. Research results suggest that non-overweight women who are subjected to highly stressful conditions have more fat deposition in their abdominal region compared to either men or even other women of the same age group. 

In such situations, the Relacore weight-loss solution can be helpful because it contains a rich vitamin and natural ingredients profile, all of which have excellent stress reduction functions. Since one of the consequences of stress is fat accumulation in the core area of the body, you will notice a reduction in belly fat after consuming the pills for the prescribed duration. 

Immunity Booster

The presence of 1000 mg of Vitamin C in the Relacore weight-loss product is definitely helpful in boosting immunity levels. Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient for the body, as it plays a vital role in the synthesis of Lymphocytes and neutrophils. These White Blood Cells are the first line of defense and attack and neutralize every pathogen that enters the body. 

The presence of Vitamin C makes Relacore a good supplement to consume, especially in times where boosting immunity has become imperative for protection against the deadly coronavirus. 

The lack of clinical evidence is a major concern with Relacore. The proprietary blend contains ingredients for which the scientific evidence to prove that they have a direct or indirect effect on weight reduction is still not available.  
The concerns of Relacore producing prolonged hormone-like effects are concerning because it may disturb the biological processes of the body.
Many experts believe that it can possibly be unsafe to consume Relacore for longer durations because it does not have due FDA approval, which means that its compliance with safety regulations cannot be ascertained.

Social Proof & Customer Reviews

Finding and reading a Relacore review on platforms like Amazon will make you realize how popular this product has become. From my own assessment, most of the customers were satisfied with their experience and shared positive insights about their weight-loss journey with Relacore. 

Some Highly Satisfied Customers

Some Dissatisfied Customers

Even with the positive reviews dominating social forums, one can't ignore the fact that Relacore is short of enough clinical evidence to support its claims. Moreover, with the major fat burning ingredients missing, the customer complaints regarding its inefficiency are quite understandable. 

PhenQ is considered a good all-round weight-loss product by many. Its formulation has been widely researched, and the results have always been positive and encouraging. It is safe for consumption and no prominent side effects are associated with it. Hence, if clinical data, evidence-backed ingredients, and better safety are your biggest expectations from a fat burner, PhenQ will be the best choice. 

How to Take & Dosage

The usage guidelines and instructions for Relacore are simple. The manufacturers suggest taking 3 tablets every morning, without eating anything and with plain water only. 

Guarantee & Returns

Relacore comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you decide to return the product within 30 days.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Relacore weight-loss solution from their official website. It is also available on shopping platforms like Amazon. Buying from the official website is a safer option to ensure that you receive the genuine product. Other platforms that offer Relacore at generous discounts might deliver fakes as well.

Is Relacore Worth It? 

The lean, toned, and shredded bodies of models look appealing, but gaining such a body shape is extremely difficult, and requires several different kinds of approaches towards fitness and wellbeing. If you aim to have a lean body with a lesser percentage of fat and a healthy weight, exercising and following a healthy diet plan is important for you. However, in most cases, doing this much doesn't seem to provide any tangible results. Thus, using weight-loss supplements emerges as a practical solution. 


Finding the perfect blend of organic ingredients, backed by the presence of a balanced nutrient profile is a combination that is extremely difficult to find in the dietary supplement industry. With Relacore, both these problems are solved, along with an added benefit of stress reduction. 

However, a major shortcoming in Relacore is that its ingredients are not backed by enough clinical evidence, and the information and details about the company are not readily available in the public domain. 

As a seasoned analyst myself, I have observed that customers today do not settle for average products. In such a scenario, not having a reliable name behind the product, and using ingredients with very scanty clinical evidence may obliterate the utility of the Relacore weight-loss product in some customers' minds. Thus, most people search for a product like PhenQ which offers an all-around solution for weight loss and is trusted by thousands. 

It takes immense research and extensive clinical trials to bring every unit of PhenQ tablets to the market. They are the first preference of many customers, and it is highly safe and efficacious too. Thus, if you are apprehensive about solutions like Relacore, PhenQ can be a great alternative for you. 

Comparison- Relacore VS PhenQ


Tackling stress-related obesity

Cognitive Benefits

B vitamin profile

Clinical evidence

Safety standards

Reliable Manufacturer

Dominated by fat burning ingredients


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