Sascha Fitness Fit 9 Review: Is It Really Effective For Weight Loss?

Updated on  March 27, 2023

Published By:  Riddhi Rayekar

Fact Checked by: Bridget MacDonald, RDN

Why do doctors seldom prescribe any weight-loss drug or supplement to their patients? I was curious enough to get an answer, and the response I got from most docs was scary, to say the least. 

"Weight-loss products damage more than they tend to fix" is the standard answer you get for that question. The reason - too many unregulated companies thriving on popular shopping platforms. 

However, there are a handful of supplements that are actually beneficial for burning fat, boosting the metabolism, and improving your overall wellness. Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is in this elite list of weight-loss supplements that really work.

Given all the popularity around the brand, I tried the product myself to present a genuine perspective of the same. Thus, based on my own experience of trying the product, combined with reviews and feedback from other experts, consumers, etc., here's my detailed Sascha Fitness Fit 9 review.

Quick Summary

Sascha Fitness Fit 9

A fat-burning solution that works by boosting the metabolism, Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is a well-known supplement manufactured by Sascha Fitness. 

Its biggest plus-point is its ability to provide all-round benefits. Not just weight loss, it also helps in reducing anxiety, controlling BP, regulating hormone levels, increasing collagen synthesis hu, etc. 

The product derives its name from the company's claim that it has 9 fat-burning ingredients. It also has a proprietary blend called the Fit 9 Powerful Fitness Blend. 

All supplements have their own share of side effects and problems. However, giving rise to chronic problems like allergies can be a little concerning for some. Moreover, the lack of highly researched ingredients like Capsimax, Bioperine, etc., does make Sascha Fitness Fit 9's profile a little weak. If all such shortcomings tend to bother you, you can try viable alternatives like Burn Lab Pro. 

Burn Lab Pro is a stimulant-free weight-loss supplement. It contains all evidence-backed fat-burning ingredients and does not produce any significant ill effects even with long-term use. Their customer service is great, and the price is also quite affordable. 


Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is a weight-loss supplement containing 9 power-packed ingredients that focus on boosting metabolism, inducing relaxation, acting as stimulants, and even increasing the synthesis of collagen tissues. 

Predominated by natural ingredients, the Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is meant to complement your workout and diet regime.

The biggest benefits of taking this supplement are that apart from fat burning, it also helps in removing cellulite from the body by improving collagen synthesis.

Moreover, it has a unique formulation such that it contains adequate amounts of diuretics as well, which keep the blood pressure under control.

Lastly, the supplement is also good enough to strengthen weak connective tissues and for toning the body. 

Sascha Fitness Restore is another popular product by the same brand. It primarily aids in promoting better adrenal health, and also plays a role in boosting metabolism, uplifting the mood, etc. Fitness Fit 9 is a better supplement than Fitness Restore, as it offers better metabolic and equally good cognitive benefits. 

Sascha Fitness is a well-known entity in the fitness supplement industry today. The company has its head office in Hialeah, Florida, United States of America.

It is estimated that Sascha Fitness makes web sales of around $1-5 Million annually. They offer protein powders, adrenal health supplements, etc. alongside the Fitness Fit 9.

The founder, Sascha Barboza, is a fitness trainer herself.


  • Effective in cellulite reduction
  • Contains diuretics that can help in keeping the BP under control. 
  • Reduces anxiety and stress quite effectively
  • Good for women, as it helps in regulating estrogen levels in the body. 


  • Lack of clinically proven weight-loss ingredients like Capsimax, Bioperine, etc.
  • A proprietary blend with ingredients that are not usually present in a fat burner. 
  • Side effects like swelling, itching, chronic allergies, etc. 
  • Contains 10 ingredients instead of 9.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Fat Burner

For people who are dealing with obesity-related issues, losing weight merely through exercising and making dietary changes is quite difficult and time-consuming as well.

There is no doubt that these two are the cornerstones of any weight-loss program, but the fact that a metabolism-boosting supplement can help in expediting things in a safe and secure manner cannot be neglected.

For this reason, if you are facing difficulties in losing weight, you can give reliable fat-burning solutions a try, alongside your exercise and diet regimens. 

Individuals above the age of 18, who have already started exercising and following diet plans to reduce their weight are ideal candidates for a weight-loss supplement. Moreover, even those individuals who have a history of working out regularly, and at higher intensities, can take these supplements to tone their body even further. 

However, it has to be remembered that two categories of consumers should avoid such supplements at all costs. Firstly, pregnant and lactating women should not take any weight loss supplements. Secondly, teens and children below 18 should refrain from taking these supplements as they can produce unwanted side effects.


Before finalizing any weight-loss supplement, you should check its ingredients thoroughly. Clinically proven weight loss ingredients should mandatorily be present in your fat burner.

Moreover, the brand should be reliable and well-known to ensure that you will be consuming a safe and tested product only.

Lastly, while placing an order for purchase online, your first priority should be ordering through the company's official website only. It is because other platforms where one gets these supplements at discounted rates are often seen selling fake products. 

Features, Benefits, and Cons

The Ingredients


Vitamin C

The supplement contains 300 mg of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It is a strong antioxidant, and therefore, its presence in a weight-loss solution like Sascha implies that the supplement helps in controlling the exercise-induced oxidative stress levels adequately. 

Researched studies have concluded that Vitamin C levels are inversely proportional to body mass. [1] Therefore, individuals with lower levels of Vitamin C in their blood will find it harder to lose fat mass even with regular exercise.  



Research conducted by nutrition experts in Israel concluded that better levels of potassium in the blood can reduce Body Mass Index or BMI levels in a significant number of people. [2]

There are two possible explanations for this finding. First, potassium being a metabolism booster can help the body burn and utilize calories faster, thereby contributing in weight-loss.

Secondly, it is a crucial micronutrient with a variety of roles, and thus, enhances the body's ability to workout with better intensity and for a longer time, again leading to an increase in the number of calories burnt. 



L-Theanine, an amino acid analogue, will keep your mood uplifted, help the body strive harder and work out for a prolonged time without feeling the fatigue. Moreover, it is also found to be effective in reducing stress levels and controlling the ill effects of anxiety. Being a natural stimulant, it is not associated with the jitters that one usually expects with artificial stimulants. [3]


Dandelion Root Extract

Dandelion Root Extract is an excellent natural hepatoprotective ingredient that keeps the liver strong and robust. It has strong antioxidant effects and can boost the metabolism quite significantly. Dandelion Root Extract in itself is quite rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the presence of this extract in the Sascha Fitness Fit 9 supplement will ensure that your nourishment does not remain compromised. [4]


Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an ingredient that exclusively promotes the production of collagen in the body. It is quite rarely found in a weight loss supplement. Gotu Kola is a naturally available ingredient that has proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of this ingredient is specifically beneficial for toning the body because it can strengthen weakened muscular tissues by promoting collagen synthesis. In traditional medicine, Gotu Kola has also been considered a remedy for cellulite bumps. [5]



7-keto-DHEA has several different impacts on the body, which collectively help in reducing body weight faster. [6]

Firstly, it is a potent metabolism booster that can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate. Next, it has a stimulating effect on the thyroid gland, which ultimately helps in improving immunity.

Most importantly, it is useful in the production of body heat, which provides a conducive environment for burning more calories.  



An ingredient that is widely available in cruciferous vegetables, DIM is responsible for reducing the unnecessarily increased estrogen levels in the body. It has been seen that with adequate estrogen levels in women, the metabolism rate gets enhanced, and it works more towards fat burning. [7]


Ginkgo biloba extract

An ingredient with powerful antioxidant properties, the Ginkgo biloba extract has been researched and used for its effects on patients with endocrine dysfunctions. Basically, it has shown positive results when it comes to improving sensitivity, which is a possible reason why it may help the body burn more calories. [8]


Uva ursi Extract

Uva ursi is a plant-based herbal extract that is considered useful for tackling infections, especially those related to the urinary tract. It reduces inflammation and promotes general health and wellness. [9]

Notable Features


Working Mechanism

The working mechanism of the weight loss solution as explained by the manufacturer is based on the properties of the ingredients that manipulate the hormonal production in a way that the metabolic rate increases and the body starts burning more fat.


Presence of Diuretics

The presence of diuretics in the mix is a unique feature, considering that Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is a weight loss supplement.

Diuretics are a group of ingredients/elements that help in reducing water retention inside the body. They have a direct influence on the sodium-potassium balance and filtration, allowing them to keep the blood pressure under control. [10]

Some people believe that diuretics are instrumental in reducing body weight, however, the reduction in weight is transient in most cases because the weight adds up once the body gets re-hydrated.

Diuretics work best for bloating-related problems. 


Features for Women's Health 

The presence of Diindolylmethane (DIM) in an absorbable formulation can help indirectly regulating estrogen metabolism in the female consumers of the Sascha Fitness Fit 9 supplement. DIM works by increasing the necessary 2-hydroxy estrogen and decreasing the levels of the unwanted 16-hydroxy estrogen to control estrogen metabolism effectively. Thus, DIM in the supplement prevents estrogen dominance as well. [11]

Besides promoting better estrogen metabolism, it is also helpful in enhancing the activity of some liver enzymes. Moreover, it is beneficial in preventing certain forms of cancer in women. Overall, DIM is a great inclusion in the Sascha Fitness Fit 9 supplement, that enriches the health and wellness of women in multiple ways. 

Benefits of Sascha Fitness Fit 9

Removes Cellulite - Fat Loss Support

Cellulite is a specific form of fat deposition beneath the skin.

Besides belly fat, cellulite is also a major cause of concern for many people as it is associated with anxiety and distress about one's appearance because of the abnormal bumpy look that it gives to the skin.

Having a supplement that naturally boosts the synthesis of collagen in the body is a great way to reduce cellulite.

Moreover, by improving the blood circulation towards the muscles and other parts of the body, Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is capable of reducing cellulite from the body very effectively. 

Blood Pressure Control

Diuretics are considered an integral part of the medical therapy administered to reduce the blood pressure levels in hypertensive patients all across the globe.

The presence of natural diuretics in this blend is an added benefit because while reducing the body weight and fat content is already helpful for cardiovascular health, keeping the blood pressure under control makes things better for the overall well-being of the body.

Moreover, since diuretics work by reducing water retention, therefore, they may also be helpful in reducing some amount of weight which is usually attributed to the water content of the body. 

Mood Upliftment

Comprising stimulants like caffeine and L-theanine, the Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is definitely helpful in the elation of mood and reducing anxiety levels.

The presence of stimulants and other such ingredients makes it an effective solution for boosting cognitive functions as well. Thus, you not only lose weight, but also tend to remain cheerful, and do not feel the ill effects of fatigue easily while working out vigorously.

It is crucial to remain motivated to stay on track with your weight-loss journey. 

Potent fat-burning ingredients like Capsimax and Bioperine are missing.
Swelling, itching, and chronic allergies have been reported by some customers who took Sascha Fitness Fit 9 for a long time.  
A proprietary blend with ingredients that are not usually used in fat burners is a cause of reluctance for some buyers.  
Branding and marketing are below average. Claims 9 ingredients, but actually 10 are present.  

Social Proof & Customer Reviews

To write a genuine Sascha Fitness Fit 9 review, I decided to study the general customer sentiment regarding this supplement online. After reading hundreds of certified reviews on websites like Amazon, one thing that I noticed was that a majority of the users were happy to use this product, and were satisfied with the results they got. 

Some Positive Customer Reviews

Some Dissatisfied Customers

The number of negative reviews was lesser than the positive ones. However, the lack of enough clinically-proven fat burning ingredients and the complaints regarding chronic side effects are a cause of concern.

However, an important thing to note is - while most of the negative reviews were concerns regarding the unavailability of the product on online platforms, it is strongly recommended not to buy health supplements from other than their official websites.

The reason - the consumers end up getting fake products most of the time, and hence, the "Out of Stock" problem which may not be due to the actual manufacturer.

Burn Lab Pro is rated among the best fat-burning solutions available in the market today.

Besides a good track record and abundance of clinical trial data, Burn Lab Pro is prepared with almost all proven weight loss ingredients. The customer service is praiseworthy and long-term usage is not associated with any chronic side effects either.

Thus, if you are looking for these specific benefits in your fat-burning solution, Burn Lab Pro will be a great choice for you. 

How to Take & Dosage

As per the instructions given on the official website, first-time users should begin with 2 capsules per day. Take one capsule in the morning, before breakfast, and the second 5-6 hours later. For those who have been consuming the capsules regularly, 4 capsules are recommended daily.

Guarantee & Returns

Any unit returned within 30 days of purchase is eligible for a refund. Moreover, if there was a fault from the company's end, they also pay for the shipping charges and provide an exchange. 

Where to Buy?

It would be best to purchase the Fitness Fit 9 supplement from Sascha's official website. Besides, this supplement is available on shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. It is recommended that you make a purchase from the official website only, because these shopping platforms may not have a regular supply of the product, and there are chances that you may be given fakes in the name of Sascha Fitness Fit 9.

Is Sascha Fitness Fit 9 Worth It? 

Finding a reliable weight-loss product is not easy. Some products may be safe for consumption, have good efficacy, but are either expensive or associated with too many side effects. Amidst all this ambiguity, Sascha Fitness Fit 9 emerges as a good all-round product, to say the least.

It is safe, decently efficacious, and provides many other benefits besides weight reduction. 

The supplement is packed with beneficial ingredients that improve the functioning of different systems of the body. It works towards boosting collagen synthesis that further helps in strengthening the muscles and other connective tissues.
The formulation has a unique presence of diuretics, that take care of the blood pressure quite well.
With components like L-theanine, the cognitive functioning gets improved, and the ill-effects of stress, anxiety, nervousness, etc., no longer trouble you. Thus, as stated before, Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is a good all-round product.

Like any other weight-loss product, Sascha Fitness Fit 9 has some drawbacks as well. The lack of clinically proven ingredients like Capsimax, the prevalence of complaints regarding chronic allergies, and the difficulty that customers face in ordering the product online are some of the most concerning ones. 

There is no doubt that Sascha Fitness Fit 9 is popular among users, and has shown encouraging results in the past.

However, if you give higher preference to evidence-based formulations, containing ingredients with proven benefits, and are worried about adverse side effects, the Burn Lab Pro weight loss supplement can be a suitable choice depending on your needs. 

Burn Lab Pro is a stimulant-free fat loss supplement, it helps in burning fat while at rest and during workouts, and preserves muscle mass even when you are on a low-calorie diet. Its ingredients have been widely researched, and the side effects are not very pronounced even with long-term use.

Thus, for an efficient, safe, and tested weight-loss supplement, order  Burn Lab Pro today.

Comparison Sascha Fitness Fit 9 Vs Burn Lab Pro

Sascha Fitness Fit 9
Burn Lab Pro

Cognitive benefits



Clinically Proven Fat loss ingredients like Capsimax and Bioperine

Side effects like Chronic allergies

Easy Availability



$45.99/ Unit



Riddhi Rayekar ‧ Nutritionist & Health Coach

Riddhi is a certified nutritionist with more than a decade of experience of changing people's lives with nutrition and diet. She love to help people with clients to achieve their personal goals. 


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