Slimvance Review: Is It Really Effective For Weight Loss?

Updated on  February 26, 2023

Published By:  Riddhi Rayekar

Fact Checked by: Bridget MacDonald, RDN

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Human nutrition and metabolism are unbelievably complicated.

As a result, dietary supplement companies are able to fool buyers like you and me with non-relevant research data and promises of 'exclusive' and 'effective' formulas. 

The weight loss supplement market is full of rip-offs like these. 

Finding a reliable product in an industry with so many different brands is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Only after thorough market research and considering multiple important factors can one expect to find a good fat burner.

It's too much work,  to be honest. 

But what if I tell you that I've put in that draining effort on your behalf, and researched each and everything about these products to let you know about some of the best fat burners?

If that strikes a chord with you, here's a great all-round weight loss solution that I want you to consider- Slimvance Core Slimming Complex by GNC. 

Of course, there's no point in buying any fat-burning product blindly.

Thus, let this post be a guide for you to know and understand every detail about the Slimvance Core Slimming Complex.

From its ingredients to its exclusive benefits, and even the downsides of buying it, you'll get enough on everything here. 

Completely based on clinical evidence, research data, and my personal experiences, here is a detailed Slimvance review to help you make the right choice. 

Quick Summary

Slimvance Product Photo

Slimvance is a natural fat-burning solution manufactured by GNC.

It contains a mix of several natural ingredients that boost metabolism, control the appetite, and even lower blood cholesterol and sugar levels. 

The biggest advantage of consuming the Slimvance fat-burning capsules is that they can even help remove fat from stubborn areas like the belly, hips, legs, etc.

Besides, a 100% organic composition with a promise of 6 times greater weight loss is also praiseworthy. 

The entire buzz around Slimvance is because of the exclusive Slimvance Patented Blend used in making these capsules.

It is a mix of several natural ingredients, which the company claims help reduce weight comprehensively.

However, the research-based evidence to support this claim is still not satisfactory. 

No severe side effects have been reported so far. However, instances of abdominal cramps, anxiety, nervousness, and upper intestinal pain are common. 

While Slimvance has several key fat-burning ingredients, it lacks some potent weight loss ingredients like Glucomannan.

Some useful co-ingredients like green tea extract, zinc, etc., are also missing. 

In an industry where continuous research keeps bringing new and more effective ingredients forward, disparities related to ingredients are bound to exist between different brands.

However, if ingredients like Glucomannan are important from your perspective, or if you are hesitant to try a new proprietary fat-burning formula, you can go for other leading weight loss products like Instant Knockout. 

Instant Knockout is a highly rated weight loss product that contains all essential fat-burning ingredients, is backed by reliable evidence, and is affordable as well.

Thus, to obtain a complete weight loss solution, try Instant Knockout today. 


Slimvance is a popular weight loss supplement, manufactured by BodyDynamix. It basically makes the uphill task of burning fat and losing weight a lot easier. I first came to know about Slimvance through a friend, who high-spiritedly informed me how miraculously it had helped her shed the extra kilos. After I received her extremely positive Slimvance review, I decided to try it myself, and fortunately, I wasn't disappointed. 

It is a blend of multiple weight loss ingredients derived from natural sources, mostly herbs. All these herbs have separate benefits and functions in different phases of weight loss. 


When compared to some of the best fat burners in the market such as PhenQ, Slimvance performs quite well. It offers a targeted weight loss solution, focussing on fatty areas like hips, belly, etc., something that is missing in the top fat burners like PhenQ. Besides, with ingredients like Capsimax and a completely vegan-friendly composition, Slimvance Core Slimming Complex is nothing short of PhenQ and is giving it a run for its money at the moment. 

Slimvance is gaining popularity primarily due to its organic composition. It contains ingredients that have proven medical benefits and are derived from 100% natural sources. These ingredients not only play an active role in burning fat but also provide other benefits like reducing inflammation, serving as antioxidants, etc. 

Compared to Burn 60, another trusted supplement manufactured by GNC, Slimvance has emerged as a more popular choice among users. Burn 60 was only a simple calorie burner. Slimvance takes this formula a step further, as it contains natural elements that control insulin sensitivity, cholesterol production, and facilitate lipolysis at the same time. Thus, Slimvance allows the body to lose fat and burn more calories together. 

GNC is probably the oldest diet supplement manufacturing company which started in 1935 in Pittsburgh. Over the years, the operations and products made by GNC changed their form significantly, and today, it is the leading retailer in the health and wellness category. Their value-added nutrition products are trusted by people across the globe and are backed by research and excellent quality. The company was acquired by Apollo in 2003, for a whopping $750M.


  • Prepared and sold by an old and reputable brand (GMC). 
  • Contains herbal and organic ingredients with superior quality and grown without any pesticides, germicides, etc. 
  • All ingredients have multiple health benefits ranging from fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, burning calories, improving energy levels, and enhancing cognition. 
  • Provides a targeted weight loss solution, removing extra fat from areas like hips, legs, belly, etc. 
  • A unisex weight loss solution
  • High transparency in terms of clinical trial data and ingredients. 


  • Scanty evidence to support the weight-reducing and fat-burning effects of the proprietary Slimvance Patented Blend. 
  • Glucomannan, an ingredient with well-researched effects on reducing weight, is absent in Slimvance. Even other important ingredients like zinc, green tea, green coffee, etc., are missing. 
  • Complaints of abdominal cramps, increased nervousness, upper intestinal pain, etc., have been reported. 
  • Although not very expensive, its price is higher than some of its notable competitors. 
  • Recommended eating and exercise plans have to be followed to see results. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Fat Burner

After a certain age, our metabolic rate starts to decline. [1] This makes it hard for the body to break down fats and sugars effectively, leading to problems like obesity, diabetes, etc. Consuming products with special ingredients that are capable of boosting the rate of metabolism helps in dealing with this problem effectively. Thus, a reliable fat burner made with a research-backed fat-burning formula and safe ingredients can help you lose weight, burn calories, and stay healthy. 

Having said that, before you start taking a weight loss supplement you should be aware of the general contraindications of these supplements. Firstly, women who are either pregnant or lactating mothers should not be taking a fat burner because under these conditions the body is already under tremendous physiological stress. [2]

Secondly, people whose body mass index lies below the normal or healthy range should avoid taking any fat-burning products or metabolism boosters. [3] For any person suffering from an underlying health condition and taking drugs or medications for the same, it is advised not to start the course of a fat-burning product without consulting their doctor. Lastly, kids and teens should refrain from using these products. They should always focus on increasing their levels of activity and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. 

In the haste and pursuit of losing weight fast, do not overlook the following factors, especially when ordering a fat-burning product online:

Don't Just Fall For the Price

There are hundreds of weight loss pills available these days, with several dubious brands entering the industry as well. Moreover, all such pills have varying prices starting from $20 and extending up to $100 as well. It is crucial to note that buying a fat burner only based on its price can be a disastrous idea. 

Going for a cheap product can actually turn out to be a big compromise with the quality of the weight loss formula. Similarly, just because a weight loss product is highly expensive and very well advertised does not mean that it will serve the purpose efficiently. 

Reliable Manufacturers

As I mentioned before, many new and unworthy players have entered the dietary supplement industry. Therefore, choosing a product that is researched, designed, and manufactured by a trusted and reliable manufacturer is a very important aspect of selecting a fat burner. 

Several brands have operated in this industry for several decades now. Moreover, even if you find a relevant fat burner manufactured by a fairly old manufacturer, you can think of buying it just because over the years, continuous scrutiny and reviewing must have tested and refined the product. 

The Ingredients

It is needless to say that any fat burner is as good as its ingredients. Buying a weight loss product that has ingredients with high clinical value, and sufficient research-based evidence to support the claims of metabolism-boosting, lipolysis, etc., would be the wisest decision. Transparency is an important aspect of this market, and therefore, details about all the ingredients and the quantities in which they are present should mandatorily be present on the product label. 

Mode of Purchase

If you are planning to buy a fat burner online, it becomes all the more important to conduct a diligent fact check about the brand, seller, delivery, etc. Customer reviews are extremely important in this case because they let you know what you will be in for when finalizing a particular weight loss product. 

Similarly, if you want to purchase it from a store, ensure that you do not just pick it up from any random discount store, whose trade quality and reputation you either do not know or cannot ascertain.

Knowing the Ingredients

The major scientifically-backed organic ingredients in Slimvance fat burner are:


Niacin or vitamin B3 is an important micronutrient for the body that has an imperative role to play in cholesterol regulation and can even help in reducing insulin sensitivity in a controlled manner. Thus, Niacin helps in regulating bad cholesterol accumulation in the body and contributes towards improving cardiovascular health. However, it does not have any direct role in fat loss. [4]

Caffeine Anhydrous 

200 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous provides a decent stimulant strength to Slimvance. The intake of caffeine anhydrous pushes the body towards exercising more vigorously and burning more calories. Even though the caffeine content of each Slimvance capsule is towards the higher side, it is still quite reasonable and within safety, limits compared to other popular brands. [5]

Garcinia Cambogia

100 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract or 60% Hydroxycitric Acid is used to prepare the Slimvance weight-loss capsules. Garcinia Cambogia is a popular citrus fruit grown widely in Southwest Asia. The natural action of Hydroxycitric Acid inside our body causes the release of serotonin in higher amounts. This helps Slimvance in delivering significant cognitive benefits as well. [6]

Serotonin does not just help in uplifting the mood and providing better cognition, it is theorized that it is also instrumental in appetite suppression. Thus, the presence of Garcinia Cambogia in Slimvance provides multidimensional benefits to the consumers. 

Capsimax® Fruit Extract 

A modified form of Cayenne pepper, Capsimax® has become a must-have ingredient for fat burners. Cayenne pepper has active extracts called capsaicinoids that increase the rate of fat-burning. [7] Capsimax® works by increasing metabolism while we are exercising, and even in a resting state, it triggers the release of lipase enzymes. 

Piperine Black Pepper Extract

5mg of Piperine Black Pepper Extract in every Slimvance capsule helps in better absorption of other ingredients inside the body. This way, fat-burning starts quickly and the efficiency of the process improves significantly. It essentially inhibits the enzymes responsible for breaking down other bioactive materials inside cells. [8]

Slimvance Patented Blend

5mg of Bioperine Black Pepper Fruit Extract is sufficient enough to support the absorption of bioavailable compounds. It also plays a role in boosting metabolism and uplifting mood.

Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract 

Moringa Oleifera leaf extract is an organic plant extract. It has prominent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also helpful in lowering blood pressure and maintaining good heart health. [9]

Murraya Koenigii Leaf Extract

Murraya Koenigii leaf extract is widely used as traditional medicine and Ayurveda, as it enhances the overall well-being and even helps the body combat illness. [10]

Curcuma Longa Root Extract

It is basically turmeric root, containing an active ingredient called curcumin that has proven anti-inflammatory benefits. It is a good antioxidant too. [11]

Notable Features

Research Data for Slimvance

GNC has emerged as one of the very few dietary supplement companies that have cared to put out research and clinical trial data of its product on the official website. A randomized trial was conducted on 140 healthy overweight people some of whom were on a placebo while others were given Slimvance alongside an 1800-calorie diet and a walking plan. 

The results showed that those who consumed Slimvance lost 10 more pounds of body weight and more percent body fat compared to those who were on a placebo. Details of another similar double-blind randomized trial conducted on 25 participants are also available on the official website. 

Other Features

It is a suitable product for vegetarians and does not produce any significant jittering as seen with many other fat burners. The manufacturers promise a 6-times fat loss and 12-times greater burning of calories after consuming this product. 

Benefits of Slimvance

Good Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health and fitness are a major concern considering the prevalence of modern sedentary lifestyles. Slimvance is a unique solution in that context because it has ingredients that naturally lower bad cholesterol and regulate cholesterol synthesis. Similarly, it fastens sugar breakdown too, again contributing to better cardiovascular health. 

Targeted Weight loss 

It offers a targeted weight loss solution that reduces the fat content from around the hips, legs, and belly, respectively. Moreover, it promotes a slimmer core by increasing lipolysis directly. Slimvance also offers a clinically proven six times better weight loss effect compared to some of its competitors. 

Organic Ingredients

All ingredients used in making the Slimvance Core Slimming Complex have been sourced from organic farms, where strict regulations and compliance rules prevent usage of any pesticides, germicides, etc. Thus, the quality of ingredients is reliable and safe. 


Upper intestinal pain and abdominal cramps are two common complaints among users of Slimvance.  
Some users have complaints against the seller rather than the product itself. A common complaint is that the picture of the product shown in advertisements or on the box is very different from the actual product which is somewhat misleading.  
The Slimvance Patented Blend is yet to be researched well, and thus, GNC does not have much evidence to support its patent blend.  

Social Proof & Customer Reviews

In just a short span, Slimvance has emerged as one of the most popular fat-burning products by GMC. Thousands of users have left a Slimvance review on different shopping and social media platforms. After reading plenty of comments and views about Slimvance online, I could conclude that it really works, and is a reliable product. 

Customer Reviews

Some Dissatisfied Customer Feedback

In all, the social sentiment regarding Slimvance is positive. People are buying it in large numbers, and it does show good results in the long run. However, the efficiency of the product is questioned by a large number of users, which cannot be ignored. Some have pointed out the lack of potent fat loss ingredients in it, while others have given feedback regarding the adverse side effects. 

Instant Knockout is hailed as the number one fat-burning product in the market today. It provides excellent efficiency when it comes to weight reduction, and contains all clinically proven weight loss ingredients. Customer reviews for Instant Knockout are flooded with praise and admiration, suggesting that it is the best choice if you don't wish to compromise on any aspect of your slimming journey. 

How to Take & Dosage

All instructions regarding consumption are clearly stated on the Slimvance core slimming complex pack. It is recommended to start with a single dose a day, and after a few days increase it to two capsules every day. 

Moreover, it is suggested that you take it half an hour before breakfast. With each dose, carefully observe if the capsules produce any adverse effects or not. 

Guarantee & Returns

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the company through email or phone, details of which are provided on GNC's website. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns. 

Where to Buy?

If you have made up your mind about buying Slimvance, it would be better to purchase through the official website. Otherwise, it is also available on common shopping platforms like eBay and Amazon. 

Is Slimvance Worth It? 

When you know that you have put on a lot of weight, and your obesity starts showing negative effects on your health, it is time to get started with your weight loss journey immediately. However, even though exercising regularly is important, it takes quite some time to deliver the desired results. Thus, you require supplements that can boost your metabolism and push you towards burning more calories every day. It is here that fat-burning products like Slimvance come in handy. 

Lack of transparency and the inability to deliver results is a common case with most fat burners. Slimvance, on the other hand, is manufactured by GNC, a highly respected name in the health and wellness industry. Moreover, it has high efficacy and facilitates weight loss quite effectively. 

Slimvance has quite a few clinically proven ingredients that boost metabolism and help in burning fat. The exclusive Slimvance Patented Blend is a completely new concept that introduces the users to some more under-researched natural fat-burning ingredients. 

However, Slimvance has its own share of problems too. The lack of clinical evidence to support the Slimvance Patented Blend, and the absence of some very useful weight-loss ingredients like glucomannan roots, zinc, chromium, green tea, green coffee extracts, etc., are some grey areas. 

Any claim that a company makes should necessarily be backed by adequate research data. Moreover, for a fat burner to not have proven ingredients like glucomannan is another shortcoming that is difficult to ignore. To make sure that your fat burner has all the necessary ingredients, is supported by sufficient amounts of relevant research data, and is affordable too, go for an all-inclusive fat burning product like Instant Knockout. 

Instant Knockout is considered the best weight loss product worldwide and has a loyal customer base with thousands of favorable reviews available online. Since everything seems to go in favor of Instant Knockout, order it today and get started with your weight loss journey right away. 

Comparison- Slimvance Vs Instant Knockout

Slimvance Product Photo
Instant Knockout

High Efficiency

Essential fat-burning Ingredients

No Serious Side effects

Reliable fat-burning activity

Appetite control

Green Tea and Green Coffee Extracts

Sufficient research data and evidence

Crucial co-ingredients like glucomannan, zinc, chromium, etc.

Price per bottle




Riddhi Rayekar ‧ Nutritionist & Health Coach

Riddhi is a certified nutritionist with more than a decade of experience of changing people's lives with nutrition and diet. She love to help people with clients to achieve their personal goals. 


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